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Gotham – S1E8 – The Mask

Previously on Gotham, ‘Penguin’s Umbrella’

Gordon and Bullock investigate a brutal fight club in which participants are contenders applying for a job at his financial firm. Also, Bruce returns to school and gets a visit from a special friend.

Office Space Gone Wrong:
  • In an office that looked like it got hit by a sharknado, two masked men in ties start swinging at each other. Five minutes and a thumb later, one guy has a paper cutter in the head and the other raises his fist in victory as a mystery man watches with great interest.
  • Gordon and Bullock arrive at a crime scene where a guy with suspenders has been killed. We of course know he is a finance guy because of his suspenders. Nygma finds a finger in the murdered guys throat, which could be a clue.
  • Tonight on CSI: Gotham, Nygma conducts an autopsy of the man with the thumb in his mouth as well as plays dead man quiz show. Just as he is about to find something the real coroner comes in and tells him to leave. Guess we will have to wait to find out what other random things the guy stashed away in or on his person.    
Stand Off:
  • Mooney and Oswald have a nice little sit down with her new umbrella holder present. And Oswald even brought her a present. What to get a girl who has everything…a little dagger to stab you with. Which Mooney does and taking a note out of the Terminus cook book she tastes her meal before she cooks it. You know`, to make sure it is not tainted meat…guess Penguin is sweet. They leave on good terms though. Mooney even says they are friends. Not sure if I believe her though.
  • Later, Mooney meets with her “weapon” and plans to steal some information off of a ledger in Falcone’s office. They come up with a plan to slip him a mickey and let him sleep through the betrayal.
  • The “weapon” decides she wants out. Mooney gives her a pep talk telling her a story about how her prostitute mother was killed by one of Falcone’s men after getting served. The moral of the story is Mooney vowed never to be a victim to ANY man. And she is not about to break her promise. Good thing the “weapon” got the information she was supposed to get from Falcone while he was sleeping.
  • Oswald decides that he needs to question his replacement at Mooney’s side but first things first, fist to the face. After some questioning Oswald finds out that Mooney has someone close to Falcone. I wonder who he is talking about?
Chop Shops and Cop Shops:
  • Gordon and Bullock show up at an underground hospital—for those who don’t have Obama-care, attempting to track down the owner of the thumb they have in custody. After some probing, they got a lead on a company called Sionis Investments. To thank the doctor for his help, Gordon promptly arrests him.
  • Back at the GCPD, Gordon puts the doctor in a cell. The department sees this as another action by Gordon viewed as not towing the company line. Bullock attempts to get Gordon to back off and let the doctor go, who is a source for another detective, but we all know Mr. Self-righteous was not having that. And can I say that everyone in this police department needs volume control and needs to stop yelling at each other. Saying pass the donut just doesn’t sound as nice.

Gotham S1E8 Gordon & Harvey

Warrior Accountants:
  • Look children these are the rare white educated out-of-work males…oh, and the token minority. Look how they wait patently as the nice man in the green fu manchu mask readies them for their daily exercise.
  • Gordon and Bullock find themselves interviewing a man named, Richard Sionis (Todd Stashwick) who runs Sionis Investments, a finance company, and he likes to play with sharp things. As he opines about his business philosophy, kill or be killed, juvenile play acting of course, Gordon proceeds to have a stare down with him. One killer to another, hypothetically of course. It does get a little creepy as Sionis starts to use his sex phone sexy voice and tell Gordon how much he must miss the battlefield. Gordon does not like this and turns on his not so phone sex voice and tells him he was a killer to wit Sionis tells him to prove it. Game on.
  • Before leaving Sionis Investments Gordon sees a blood trail going into the bathroom. Gun drawn he goes in without Bullock and sees a man at the sink with a bloody nose. As Gordon yells at the man, another man comes out of a stall with a noticeable missing appendage. Mr. Thumb-less puts Gordon on his derriere as he attempts to make his escape. Too bad for him, Bullock does not like to be left behind.
  • Gordon and Bullock question Mr. Thumb-less who talks by Gordon just saying “talk.” At least he did not yell. I guess part of the hiring process was for prospective employees of Sionis Investments were to fight it out. Guess Mr. Thumb-less does not care about the first rule of fight club.
  • Gordon finds the fight clubs location but is Tased by Sionis before he can free the guys in the cage. After Gordon wakes up, he finds himself in the office ring with four would be accountants who have been given instructions. Kill Gordon and get a job. Oh and a million dollar signing bonus. Gordon of course wins and now for the main event. The Mask vs. Gordon. Gordon wins and decides to let him live.
What did you say about my mama?
  • Bruce heads back to school, reluctantly, as he attempts to talk his way out of going. The girls are happy to welcome him back, but the guys at school act a little too interested in the details of his parent’s murder. Creepy!
  • A group kid makes fun of Bruce and begins to say something derogatory about Mrs. Wayne. As we all know, those are fighting words. Does he not know who he is messing with? This is Batman! And of course he dispatches the kid without a breaking a sweat, well not exactly. Bruce slaps the guy, very un-Batman like, to which he was thrashed.
  • Alfred decides the best thing for Bruce after getting beat is to confront his attacker face to face. So he drives Bruce over to the guy’s house. Bruce is of course anxious but Alfred gives him is fathers watch for support and it made a great make shift brass knuckles as he uses it to teach the guy a lesson.

Gotham S1E8 Bruce fights

Wrapping Up:
  • Gordon tells Bullock that he is not going to stop and will go after the mob, the mayor, and dirty cops. Bullock tells him to go home.
  • Barbara is tired of being scared in her own home after being kidnaped last episode and decides it is time to take a vacation. Without telling Gordon.
  • And just so we know she is still in the show even if she has nothing to do, Selina is caught stealing furs from a store and asks for Gordon.
  • Bruce is patching up his wounds and confesses to have enjoyed hurting the kid who hurt him. And then asks Alfred if he can teach him how to fight…and a hero’s journey begins.
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