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Gotham – S2E11 – Worse Than a Crime

Previously on Gotham, ‘The Son of Gotham’

Alfred is in the dumps – literally – with Tabitha hot on his heels. Galavan and his monk friends kidnap Bruce. Gordon is dreaming all Silence of the Lambs like with Barbara as the star of the show and with the newly formed duo of Nygma and Penguin singing the score in the background.

Gordon has to thank Penguin, again, for saving his life. How many times does that make, Jim? Meanwhile, Captain Barnes has put an APB out on Gordon saying he is working with Penguin. Dr. Thompkins doesn’t believe this. While in the background, Nygma has some mysterious instructions for her to follow to find Gordon. Thompkins follows Nygma’s instructions and finds Gordon with Penguin and friends looking like they are about to go regulate. Thompkins tries to get Gordon to leave town with her, but he refuses until she tells him she is pregnant. They are both about to leave town when Bullock, Fox, and Alfred intercept them and tell Gordon that Galavan has Bruce. Thompkins knows that she will be leaving alone and tells Gordon to contact her when it is all over.


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Galavan tests the loyalty and cunning of Silver by telling her that if she is worthy of the family name, the family Duma, then she will beguile Bruce again making him fall in love with her, and then watch him die. Tablitha does not agree with her brother and warns Silver to be careful. So Silver puts on something pretty and goes to do her beguiling thing. However, Bruce is not fooled… he is Batman, after all. He tells her that he does not love her, but instead he pities her. But in the end, Bruce gives Silver what she wants as he marches off to his apparent death.

Gordon and crew break into Galavan’s hideout as the monks chant “death to the son of Gotham.” Silver redeems herself, kind of, and stops the monks from killing Bruce at the moment Gordon arrives. Monks with knives verses cops and bad guys with guns: We know who wins this fight.


Galavan is betrayed by Tabitha (who gets away with Silver by base jumping off the building) and Gordon is about to be arrested with Galavan like a common criminal. But Penguin has other plans. He wants Galavan for himself, to kill of course, and proposes to Gordon that the greater good is served by having Galavan dead and not standing trial. Gordon kills Galavan after Penguin beats him almost to death, and then goes to meet Thompkins to play house.

Most Hilarious Scene(s)

Penguin rolling his eyes while holding a shotgun as Thompkins tells Gordon she is about to be his baby mama! This is too much and was set up perfectly. Penguin was all ready to put the smack down on Galavan with Gordon’s help when Thompkins lays this little piece of information on Gordon. It was perfect! Not to mention Thompkins calling people names and said person being able to hear her… hilarious!

Best Scene

All of the heroes and the ambiguous villains march on Galavan’s hideout to rescue Bruce. It is reminiscent of the monks coming into Gotham to cleanse the city. It was set up very nice and watching them all walk to a common enemy was kinda cool.   


Most Ridiculous Scene(s)

Silver seducing Bruce. This was laughable. To think that Batman would buy her routine is ridiculous, but this is Gotham and they had to try.

Honorable Mention – The monks chanting, “Death to the son of Gotham…” Do we even know why the monks have taken up the Duma’s cause? This is just a little too over the top. And then we have knife wielding monks coming at a bunch of cops and villains with guns. Need I say more?

Honorable Mention 2 – “Bite me!” These are Tabatha’s last words to Galavan before she betrays him. Just shaking my head.

Gotham S2E11
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    Performances - 6/10


The show ends with the name dropping of Professor Strange and Galavan’s body being wheeled into the secret Arkham laboratory – and to top it off he has an umbrella shoved down his throat! And almost like an after credit stinger Marvel loves so much, we get a scene with a man running from someone and that someone is… Mr. Freeze! One can only assume these two will be the villains for the second half of season 2, which should be interesting. As for this episode, it was okay. For a season to start off as good as it did to end on such a “blah” note was disappointing. There were no real exciting moments and no stand-out performances, outside of the Gordon, Thompkins and Penguin scene. It was an average episode, which is not a positive for a mid-season finale. Let’s hope when the show returns in February we get a little more chill and thrill with Mr. Freeze being in the mix. Happy Holidays, everyone!

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