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Gotham – S2E16 – Prisoners

Previously on Gotham, ‘Mad Grey Dawn’

Gordon is in prison and facing a new threat because of old deeds. He must rely on a new friend as well as Bullock to survive. Penguin grows closer to his father while his stepmother and step-siblings move forward with their own plans for the family.

Poor Mr. Gordon! No longer detective – not to mention anywhere near commissioner – Jim Gordon is now an inmate at Black Gate prison getting three squares a day with all the fixings. Now that Gordon has been transferred to “gen pop” or as the warden calls it, “world’s end,” he has to play by the rules or…who knows… anything can happen in prison. I just keep thinking of the worst episode of Oz. Not good.

We find out that Dr. Thompkins lost the baby, which puts a new spin on an unpredictable Jim Gordon. He could go a couple of different ways with this news: be the determined cop or allow it to pull him deeper down in the muck. Gordon decides to go the way of good and does not allow his sorrow to become a detriment, but a motivator. Gordon has some help on the inside in the way of a guardian angel/prison guard Wilson Bishop (Marc Johnson), and a new friend Puck (Peter Kendall) who’s a fan due to Gordon helping his sister when he was a cop.

Images: FOX

Images: FOX

Meanwhile, Bullock is looking for help in the most surprising of places with someone we have not seen since season one: Mr. Falcone himself. The plan is to get Gordon out under the guise of a fake prison murder. Both Gordon and Puck get out (although Puck dies in the end). But now Gordon has to find the person that set him up and clear his name – which is funny because he did kill Galavan.

Penguin is loving life as an upper crust wannabe and all that it entails. And he is getting close to his new dad to boot. However, other members of the family don’t seem to be cozying up to the idea of a new brother/son. We find out that Mrs. Van Dahl (Melinda Clarke) was a waitress before she met and married Penguin’s dad so all I hear is “gold digger” echoing in the back of my mind. I know. I am a pessimist.

Also, it seems like Mr. Van Dahl really feels bad for not being there for little Penguin when he was growing up, which could be the first real, non-codependent feeling Oswald has ever had focused his way. And that is a good thing, but, unfortunately, Mrs. Van Dahl wants none of this fatherly love nonsense and is putting mints in Mr. Van Dahl’s heart medication bottle. Penguin being the only blood relative may put a damper on the original plan of getting all of Mr. Van Dahl’s money. Now they are willing to use everything, body (either kind), mind, and soul trying to discredit Penguin. When all is said and done, Mr. Van Dahl dies and now Penguin is left with a new fight to avenge his father. 

Gotham S2E16 - Penguin

Best Line: Bullock is frustrated about Gordon in “world’s end” and decides to confide in Nygma. He says, “Jim is wasting away in that place while the real killer is out there eatin’ doughnuts and getting laid!” Only a cop would come up with a line like that putting their stereotypical favorite pastimes together! Oh, and I can say that as a former badge wearer.

Most Ridiculous Scene: Penguin and his new family are having dinner. His stepsister is having some anxiety and breaks a glass with her tensed up fist. And without missing a beat, the family decides to give a toast essentially ignoring what just happened. No one cares about cleaning up the mess like it happens every meal. Just silly.

Honorable Mentions: Mr. Van Dahl in his sleeping cap. Enough said. And Puck gets 6 years for stealing a car? But I guess in Gotham, serial killers get released and car thieves get the real time.

Gotham S2E16 = 6.7/10
  • 7/10
    Plot - 7/10
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    Dialogue - 6/10
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    Performances - 7/10
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