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Gotham – S2E20 – Unleashed

Previously on Gotham, “Azrael”

Azrael is loose in Gotham City. Bruce enlists Selina’s help to bring down Professor Strange as he dodges attempts to discover more about his experiments. Meanwhile, Gordon and Bullock attempt to capture Azrael using both family and former henchmen to do so.

Time to shake things up a bit. Detective Bullock and civilian Gordon are serving a search warrant to look through Professor Strange’s stuff. But alas, most of the good stuff got shredded with the spring-cleaning. The funny part is, the shedder Strange used was not even the good industrial kind. Now all you have to be is good at puzzles and Bullock and Gordon would have nothing to worry about. Anyway, Nygma has his own puzzles to solve and Azrael has not come home from his failed attempt at killing Gordon. Instead, he is praying for some guidance from a higher up. And finally, Penguin needs to do his own spring-cleaning with Grace still face down in Sasha and Charles. Looks like we have all the makings of a typical episode of Gotham.

Bruce is tired of trusting Gordon and decides to take matters into his own hands. He goes to Selina for help. The plan is to break into Arkham. Not a very good plan. Well, Selina will be breaking into Arkham while Bruce goes back to the house and waits for her to do her thing. Wait, isn’t waiting what Bruce had been doing with Gordon since the series began?

Meanwhile, after Bullock gives a really good impression of Captain Barnes, he and Gordon find their way to Tabitha’s place. Once there, we find out Butch kicked out Barbara and Tabitha is on her way out. Gordon and Bullock are at the door wanting answers. She educates them on who Azrael is and what he wants to do with Gordon. Love how Bullock threatens her with the “if the cops finds him, they are going to kill him” line. Did we mention that he was already dead once? And the GCPD did not do a very good job trying to kill him the first time around when he came a calling?

Images: FOX

Images: FOX

Tabitha thinks her brother is going to try to dig up their dead grandfather to get the “real” magic sword that broke last week. So the newly formed threesome find the sword and Azrael quickly takes it from them. Oh, and Azrael stabs his sister after she attempts to remind him of who he really is and who he is supposed to kill – death to the son of Gotham. Gordon attempts to find Bruce, but he is out and about.   Bruce makes it home, but Azrael finds his way to Wayne Manor and attempts to kill him. Gordon has something to say about that. All while this is going on, Tabitha is in the hospital trying to heal up and Penguin pays her a visit. He says Galavan has to pay. Butch is on board for that. Penguin and he decide to show up at Wayne Manor just when Gordon runs out of bullets. And good thing, too; never bring a sword to a RPG fight! Boom.

Best Scene: Always bring the right tool for the job. Boom goes the dynamite and boom goes Galavan. You’re welcome. Too funny!

Best Line(s): “Must be weird to see your brother show up dressed like a ninja from medieval times.” – Bullock talking to Tabitha about finding out her brother was alive. 

Most Ridiculous Scene: Penguin has to promise to leave Butch and Tabitha alone after Galavan pays for what he has done. The fact that Butch asked Penguin to promise and that he actually would believe him is just plain silly.

Honorable Mention: Alfred being the Special Forces type and the fact that he missed the head shot and gets taken down by Galavan. He had a clean shot and missed.


Gotham S2E20
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This episode had one great moment: the blowing up of Galavan! It was perfect as was the music that accompanied it. It was an amazingly crazy, mic-dropping moment. Nygma trying to escape and thinking he had gotten away only to find that he had not was just icing. At the end of the episode, Selina meets her former friend Firefly and may rue the day she decided to be nosy. Kind of a nothing cliffhanger because I don’t think anyone really believes Selina is about to become the “unburnt.”

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