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Gotham – S2E3 – The Last Laugh

Previously on Gotham, ‘Knock, Knock’

Gordon and Bullock hunt for Jerome after his attack on the GCPD, which left many officers dead including Commissioner Essen. Barbara has found herself a new lady friend in Tabitha while she also plots with her brother Theo to destroy Gordon. Theo talks about how the Galavan family has an extensive history with Gotham City from its founding (Court of Owls anyone?). Both Jerome and Gordon are attempting to track down Jerome’s dad, Paul Cicero (Mark Margolis), each for a different purpose.

Meanwhile, Bruce, Alfred, and what appears to be most of the popular kids in Gotham are attending the Children’s Hospital gala and Bruce meets Dr. Thompkins. Alfred looks a bit dumbstruck when talking to Dr. Thompkins and Bruce sees a little kitty he has not seen in a while.

At the gala, the original magician is all boxed up so Jerome is happy to fill in with his lovely assistant, Barbara. And for his first trick he needs a volunteer: Bruce Wayne, if you please. Dr. Thompkins sees Barbara, but it is too late? Jerome and his Uzi hitmen unit have take over the gala. Gordon is able to get into the hospital with the help of Selina and a standoff ensues.

Then came the twist… the hero comes onto the stage and saves the day! Who saw that coming? No really…who did?

Images: FOX

Images: FOX

Most Terrifying Villain(s):

This one is a tie between Jerome and Tabitha. I wanted to pick Tabitha with her cool, fine self but could not just leave Jerome’s performance out in the cold. Tabitha played really well as the accomplice in the murder of Paul Cicero. As far as Jerome is concerned, he killed his abusive father and played a magician; that was fun!

Holy One Liner(s), Batman:

“He is a monster in the sack…” A line which, if not for it coming from the “monster” in question’s sister as she speaks to the deputy mayor, would sound like sexy banter but instead it comes off as awkwardly funny. This was hilarious and right out of Jaime’s and Cersei’s playbook.  

Most Ridiculous Scene(s):

It is short, but every individual who has ever worn a badge and watches this show cringed at the thought of not backing up the guy next to you. Which is exactly what happened as Gordon wants to go into the building and the other police officer says he and his men are not equipped to take on the likes of Jerome. Say what you will about police, they tend to have each other’s back and this cop saying no is ridiculous, but then it just gets plain silly. Gordon, with the help of Selina, gets into the hospital and gives Bruce a gun. Yes, he gave a gun to the boy he swore to protect and let him go back into harm’s way to pass the gun to Alfred right before Jerome grabs him and puts a knife to his throat. Way to go, Gordon!       

Gotham S2E3 - Alfred and Bruce

Best Scene:

Dr. Thompkins attempts to be the supportive girlfriend and cheer Gordon up after a rant he delivers to his fellow GCPD officers. Gordon tells her that he appreciates what she has to say and that it is coming from a good place, but he cannot hear it right now. She relents, but asks if he is going to go with her to a children’s hospital gala. Gordon says he can’t go. She says that she had to tell him something and she did not want him to be pissed if he heard it elsewhere.

“There is going to be a magician” at the gala.

Of course this line does its job and makes him smile. This was a very warm and genuine moment for these two characters. So much more than what Gordon and Barbara had. The chemistry is apparent in this scene, hence probably one of the reasons they are dating in real life.

Honorable Mention:

The magic show! A villain is killed and a hero is born. Enough said!

Iconic Scene:

The Joker smile on Jerome has to be the most in your face iconic scene, but another which may have slipped by is the scene where Bruce meets Dr. Thompkins. In the comics, Dr. Leslie Thompkins, outside of Alfred, was the one who helped Bruce through this difficult time right after his parents died. She had a medical clinic on Park Row in Gotham which is also known as Crime Alley. She kind of had the role Gordon is playing as young Bruce’s mentor and confidant.

Best Performance (You Know There Has To Be One):

I wanted to pick a different person for this category other than Jerome, but he killed it again this episode. He has some of the best lines and comebacks: “You son of a bitch… true but not the point.” And, “Look at this. Oh, wait. You can’t,” as he talks to his blind father. He just steals the show with every scene that he is in. It’s gold, Jerry!

Gotham S2E3 - Gordon

Worst Performance:

The worst this episode is…no one. I was tempted to give it to Barbara, but decided she was not that bad and her playing both sister and brother for some unknown motive as the love interest was interesting. So everyone gets a pass this week. 

Other Goings On:

Bullock goes to see Penguin and threatens to go all Michael Corleone on him in the street. Penguin does not seem amused, but Bullock warns him that if he comes at Gordon he will have to go through him and he still owes him for Fish. Almost forgot Jada was part of the show last season. Doesn’t that feel like a lifetime ago? 


Jerome is killed by Theo! What? But isn’t he The Joker? Theo wants to be the hero of the story and Jerome wants to be the star. Can’t believe they killed the best part of the new season. I hope they have something up their collective sleeves.

And WTF is up with the end of the show with kids and delinquents alike laughing at Jerome’s news footage on the television and then committing homicides? To be continued, I hope. The show runner, Bruno Heller, has said in interviews that the show is trying to honor the legacy of the Joker without really having the Joker on the show quite yet. So everyone on laughing gas at the end of the episode was to show how Jerome has influenced the city and how his influence will continue to inspire a cult of Joker personalities. Think of the Jokerz in the Batman Beyond cartoon series. Heller alluded to the fact that the actual Joker will rise from the events that took place during Jerome’s reign of terror. So keep your eyes peeled for the real Crown Prince of Crime!

Gotham S2E3 - Bruce

Wrapping Up:

This week was another good episode with all kinds of twists and crazy. It was all over the place, which is Game-score-8when the show is at its best. The show is so much more fun this season. And the iconic comic scenes and storylines were also really good. The show has to keep up the momentum with its best character now deceased. Let’s hope they can fill his shoes with something other than wet cement and dump us viewers in the Gotham harbor!

With that, let us say farewell to Jerome. You were the best character on the show and you will truly be missed, “Laugh on laugh on my friend/Hee laugheth best that laugheth to the end.” – proverb from the “Christmas Prince” by Thomas Tucker

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