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Gotham – S2E6 – By Fire

Previously on Gotham, ‘Scarification’

At the end of last week’s episode, Penguin went crazy and cut off Butch’s left hand. Butch convinces Galavan and Tabitha that he barely got away with his life and now he wants to work for them to get revenge.  They finally except him after playing a game of Pin the Little Instrument of Death on Butch’s Stump.

Gordon has gone rogue again and is still upset about the burning of one of GCPD’s finest by Bridgit a.k.a. “Firefly.” Members of the Strike Force relay that they are supposed to report any infraction of the law to Captain Barnes. Gordon, of course, tells them to do what they have to do.

Gotham S2E6 - Gordon

Selina tells Bridgit she has to get out of town and her plan to do so involves holding up an auction of girls. They actually get away with it, too. Well, until Gordon recognizes Selina from the surveillance footage at the scene.

Bruce is starting his fight training. The beginning of a long road, Batman. And I am starting to believe Alfred gets his kicks off of hitting little kids. Not cool, man, even if he is Batman.

Nygma eavesdrops on a conversation between Ms. Kringle and Dr. Thompkins. They are discussing the men in Ms. Kringle’s life and she admits she likes Nygma, but says he may be too nice. She likes a little danger. Be careful what you wish for, Ms. Kringle.

Images: FOX

Images: FOX

Bullock, who hasn’t had much to do this season, is questioning Ivy (Clare Foley) as to the whereabouts of Selina. This is the first time we have seen her since last season. He bribes her with chocolate and she spills on Selina’s location. And as Selina tells Bridgit goodbye, the Pike brothers show up and kidnap their sister.

Salina goes back to her lair to get weapons, but Gordon show ups and offers to help. They arrive to find is Bridgit is done being the whipping post- Gordon and Bullock find the brothers hot and crispy!

Butch goes to see Penguin, who’s frustrated that Butch hasn’t found his mother yet. Butch does some snooping, but is caught by Galavan. Butch tells him he has to do what the Penguin asks. Galavant offers to help and Tabitha seems all too happy to do undo the brainwashing to free Butch’s mind.

Bridgit goes back to the auction to bring some justice. but what she gets is GCPD all in her face. She winds up torching herself. She is not dead, though, and ends up in some sort of Frankenstein Nazi experimental hospital. Not good, girl!

Gotham S2E6 - Bridgit

Butch returns to Penguin tired and bloody and tell him he has found his mother. But they have to go now to get to her in time. I wonder what will happen to our poor, unsuspecting Penguin. Nothing good, I hope. We will see next week.

Holy One Liner(s) Batman

“This is a business yo!” – Butch after Barbara chimes in telling Galavan that Butch was mean to her once: he kidnapped her. I could not stop laughing at Butch talking like he belongs on the streets of The Wire. You can take the man off the streets, but you can’t take the streets out of the man.

Most Ridiculous Scene(s)

So who do we have kidnaped this week at the Galavan lair? A congressman (Dino Antoniou). While Butch is pleading his case to Galavan, Tabitha, and Barbara, the congressman is attempting to not be hanged by a rope around his neck with only several books to stand on. The conversation about what to put on Butch’s stump was bad enough, but to do all this as the congressman is in the background balancing for his life was just too over the top. And all of it just to get the congressman’s support. I am sure he will wear that campaign button with pride.

Best Scene

Selina acts like she does not care about anyone. We all know that is just the hard Arya Stark outside, but she is all Sam Tarly inside. She tells Bridgit she will go after all the other bad people that prey on people like them. Bridgit says it was nice to know someone cares for her. Salina says she does not and walks away, only to come back abruptly to give Bridgit a hung goodbye and tell her to stay safe. Very sweet and unexpected. Best overall scene of the episode.

Gotham S2E6 - Selina

Best Performance/Writing

Another Selina scene – when she finds out from Gordon that Bridgit has died. I could not take my eyes off the screen, which is huge for Gotham.

Other Goings On 

Galavan’s plan is still going as planned with using Silver to seduce Bruce. Over a family dinner, Silver and Galavant gush all over Bruce. Tabatha says they are cute and they know it. Then she says…”so cute I just want to eat them.” I halfway believe she actually wants to eat them, too!


Nygma confesses to killing Dougherty? Why, man? Get your head out of Kringle’s skirt. And get your hands from around her throat! Ms. Kringle, of course, is not into the killing game and freaks out. Nygma attempts to calm her down, but instead kills her as he professes his everlasting love. And all he wanted was for her to be safe. Too bad Nygma is a psychopath and does not realize his own strength, apparently. And she really liked him, too! 

Gotham S2E6
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    Plot - 7/10
  • 8/10
    Dialogue - 8/10
  • 8/10
    Performances - 8/10


This was a very good episode when grading on the Gotham scale. It had all the kookiness we’ve come to expect, but also had good acting. Selina was very good in her dramatic scenes and she even made Gordon watchable when playing opposite her. Galavan is growing on me and Butch twitching Pookie-style was hysterical.

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