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Gotham – S2E7- Mommy’s Little Monster

Previously on Gotham, ‘By Fire’

You know the Dr. Seuss book about the baby bird running around and looking for his mother? That’s Penguin at the Gotham pier, searching for his mother, Gertrude Kapelput (Carol Kane), who Galavan kidnapped. He finds her in a cell no worse for wear, but they also find Galavan and Tabitha waiting in the shadows. Penguin instructs Butch to shoot them, but Butch shoots the two men Penguin brought with them. Looks like Butch is fixed. Tabitha has that way with people. And Penguin is left begging for both his and his mother’s life.

Tabitha stabs momma in the back with a knife. Galavan tells Butch to kill Penguin, but Penguin calls him a coward for not doing the deed himself. When Galavan bends down to ask if Penguin has any last words, Penguin says, “I am going to kill you!” And with that, he takes the knife out of his mother’s back and slashes Galavan’s neck and runs towards a window as Tabitha shoots at him but misses. He makes it to the window and jumps through it for his escape. And why don’t they run after the limping man?

Nygma is having dreams of killing Ms. Kringle. When he wakes, his other half is in the room making dead bodies of women disappear. The evil, more interesting Nygma leaves a riddle in a purple envelope with a question mark on the front for him to follow and find the body. Interesting how the other Nygma is dressed in a green suit with a question mark tiepin. Looks like the Riddler is in the building!

Galavan shows up at the GCPD to report that Penguin tried to kill him. Harvey Dent is also present and says he has an arrest warrant for Penguin. Gordon does not seem sold on the idea of Penguin as a killer gone wild. Dent also relays that the governor has issued a state of emergency for the city and the mayor’s office has been given special powers, one of which is when Galavan is sworn into office he will implement a curfew and marshal law.

Selina decides to pay Bruce a visit, but it he already has company: Silver St. Cloud. Selina doesn’t like being introduced as Bruce’s friend, like she was expecting a more intimate label to describe their relationship. Interesting. Silver tells Bruce to tell Alfred to set another place at the table. After she shoos him away, the real Silver comes out the play. At dinner, Selina accuses Silver of being a liar, which sends her running. Bruce instructs Selina to leave, unhappy with her behavior.

Images: FOX

Images: FOX

Nygma goes on a scavenger hunt in the police department and finds Ms. Kringle’s hand in a vending machine. How creepy is that? He then finds a little note embedded into Ms. Kringle’s hand. More riddles.

Dr. Thompkins comes into the GCPD with Gordon’s keys. She leaves him an extra key to her place on the key ring. He seems a little nervous with this new facet of their relationship. She pokes fun saying he is squirming. He does not think he is, but she certainly does.


Nygma continues to follow the clues to Thompkins’ office, and she walks in on him just as he finds Ms. Kringle’s body in the freezer. He covers by asking her for advice, saying he and Kringle had a fight. How do you get a body out of a police department?

Penguin is walking right into Galavan’s trap at his mayoral party. Penguin wants to be the one to kill Galavan. A large crowd of people start to converge outside of the party when Penguin is shot by Tabitha who is on the roof with the GCPD sniper, Officer Martinez (Lucas Salvagno). But it seems like everyone in the crowd looks like Penguin…a Penguin zombie horde! Gordon tells the GCPD to engage in taking down the horde, but the Penguins start bursting through the windows. Penguins are now everywhere, armed and shooting at anything that moves. Officer Martinez thinks he gets the drop on Tabitha however, nobody really gets the drop on our female Galavan. She quickly puts down Martinez with a heel in the throat. Ouch!

Chaos continues as the real Penguin overhears that Gordon has Galavan and is heading towards his car in the back. Penguin meets them there and tells Gordon to turn him over. Penguin tells Gordon that Galavan killed his mother in front of him. He says that changes a man. Gordon tell him he knows Galavan killed his mother. Galavan in turn tells Gordon to kill him as Bullock also comes onto the scene. As Penguin says he is at peace with death and someone is going to die tonight, Tabitha comes back and shoots Penguin in the chest. Does she not know what a head shot is? This is twice she has shot at him and missed killing him. If did not know any better…

In the end, he manages to escape again! Gordon confronts Galavan telling him that he is coming after him. Galavan does not seem all that nervous.


Holily One Liner(s) Batman

As Selina, Silver, and Bruce are having tea, Selina smells her tea and says, “That smell certainly slaps you in the face, doesn’t it, Alfred?” Referring to the slap he put on her in episode 4. Selina seemed to get a little pleasure out of that.

Best Scene

The Riddler is born! As Nygma goes back to the M.E.’s office and begins to talk to himself while looking at Ms. Kringle’s body, there was this really cool sequence in which the “evil” Nygma blurs in and out of the frame as he talks to his alter ego. At the end, both Nygmas merge into one person with Nygma saying that it was beautiful how he killed Ms. Kringle. He seems to enjoy the thrill of killing as he smiles and picks up a bone saw to cut up Ms. Kringle’s body. To be in the mind of a killer! 


Can no one shoot on this show? In The Walking Dead we get head shots all over the place from people who just a second ago picked up a gun for the first time. Here, assassins can’t hit a crippled man to save their lives! You would think Tabitha, as Galavan’s muscle, would be able to put a bullet on the mark. But alas she had two opportunities and missed. Could she be doing this on purpose?  


Mr. Freeze will be introduced sometime this season , and the actor cast in the role is House Of Cards alum Nathan Darrow. Before he becomes Mr. Freeze, though, he will go by the name of Victor Fries. He will be a recurring character as we witness his change into the famous Batman villain. Deadline offers the following details on the character:

Victor begins as one of Gotham’s preeminent cryogenics engineers. Though ferociously smart and eminently capable in his work, Victor struggles to make meaningful connections with others. The one exception is his wife, Nora, who has tragically fallen ill with a terminal disease. Victor’s love for Nora knows no bounds, and as her condition worsens, he goes to extreme measures to figure out a way to freeze her before she dies. This harrowing journey leads to his transformation into the legendary DC villain Mr. Freeze.

Sounds good to me!

Gotham S2E7
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This was a good episode with some cool plot developments. The highlight was Nygma transforming into The Riddler. I liked that they tried to put us into his schizophrenic mind; the effects were very creative. The Selina and Silver battle royale over Bruce’s affections should be interesting. The Penguin stuff was probably the most boring. I did not feel anything when his mother was killed and even though the Penguin horde was kind of cool, all his scenes were pretty forgetful.    

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