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Gotham – S2E8 – Tonight’s the Night

Previously on Gotham, ‘Mommy’s Little Monster’

Galavan plans to get Bruce to turn over his family fortune for something that he wants more than anything in the world. Wonder what that could be? Galavan also tells Barbara she gets to kill Gordon. Gordon provides Captain Barnes with damning information against Galavan.

Barbara shows up at the GCPD with hands raised. Gordon questions her with Thompkins, Barnes and Bullock looking on. She taunts him. They talk. Gordon kisses her and thinks he is playing her, but is he? The new Strike Force members are ready to follow Gordon on his little adventure with Barbara. But before he goes, Thompkins has some choice words for him. She thinks Barbara has sucked Gordon back into her crazy. Gordon just sees it as his job.


Nygma drives into the woods and takes a big trunk and shovel out of his car. I guess this is Ms. Kringle’s final resting place. This is, of course, the perfect time for a picnic! And a hunter becomes the third wheel. Great… now he has to improvise.

Galavan tells Bruce that his company is corrupt and he cannot do anything about it. He offers to find who killed Bruce’s parents and he wants Bruce’s company. Bruce says the company is all he has left of them and it is his responsibility. Galavan then tells him the story of what happened the night his parents were killed. No one else knew the whole story but Galavan does, all in a nice brown envelope.

Images: FOX

Images: FOX

Barbara leads Gordon and Bullock all over downtown Gotham, all the while pouring her heart out to Gordon. A semi truck collides with the car and Gordon gets drugged.

At the church, Barbara has both Thompkins and Gordon tied up. She’s about to kill her competition when Gordon breaks free. The GCPD breaks up the festivities, but not before Barbara gives up the location of the Mayor James, which the Strike Force later finds, still in his box. Barbara doesn’t do so well either. She ends up falling to her death – but survives because the bushes broke her fall.

Bruce is about to sign away his company to Galavan, but changes his mind. Just then Gordon comes in and lays down some police brutality on Galavan just like his Captain, who is standing right next to him, says he would not tolerate in episode 2.2. But before he is handcuffed, Galavan throws the folder with the Wayne’s killer in the fireplace. Sorry, Bruce.


Best Scene

Seems like Gordon has been playing a game he did not know he was playing. And Barbara tells him it has been a game he has been losing. She goes on to say…”It must be killing you…all that righteous indignation with no place to go…” The dance between them ends in a kiss and it was hard to tell who was playing who.

Best Performance/Writing

Barbara plays crazy well. I love her crazy eyes and smile. This was definitely her episode.

Gotham S2E8
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    Plot - 7/10
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    Dialogue - 7/10
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    Performances - 6/10


This was a crazy episode that was also kind of slow. It was Barbara’s episode. She had all the great dialogue, but the best parts were her face! She can really sell it with those craze-filled eyes and turned up mouth. This was not the best episode this season, but it also was not the worst. The end with Nygma finding Penguin could lead to interesting things next week.

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