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Gotham – S3E3 – Mad City: Look Into My Eyes

Previously on Gotham, “Burn the Witch”

New to Gotham, Hypnotist Jervis Tetch/Mad Hatter is searching for his sister, Alice, and hires Gordon to help find her. Meanwhile, Penguin decides to run for mayor and Bruce’s doppelganger begins to “single White female” him, as he goes looking for a certain young girl.

Images: Jeff Neumann/FOX.

Images: Jeff Neumann/FOX.

Wonderland is in Gotham and everyone had better watch themselves because their minds may not be their own.  This episode we get the Mad Hatter, and even Alice – no white rabbit, though. We also get faux-Bruce getting all hot and bothered for Selina. And Penguin is playing off of current events by running for mayor and he needs his running mate. Nygma is confused as to whether he is sane or insane.

“Hello, old friend.”

We open with the Mad Hatter himself, Jervis Tetch (Benedict Samuel), who is preforming his hypnotic routine in the Siren Club with Barbara and Tabitha looking on. He is new to Gotham from up North and likes to squat in other people’s houses right after he insults their wives.  Then he makes them kill their insulted wives and then themselves. And it turns out Tetch is here looking for his sister Alice (Naian Gonzalez Norvind), who happens to be down on her luck and has a very bad thing going on in her blood that drive men mad… literally.


Bruce’s twin is squatting at the Wayne house while Alfred and Bruce try to think of what to do with him. We find out his name is Five. Anyone else think of Johnny 5 or going with the number thing 11 or even Six? Oh, and he is a Targaryen, too! And he can fight. There is more to Five than meets the eye and he has his eyes on one Selina Kyle. He goes looking for the thing he desires most and who know what he will do once he gets her.

Gordon and Vale are done doing what grownups do as Vale does her best Bond girl impersonation.  But just when you think things are going one way, it’s flipped on its head.  Gordon is left wanting and there is no walk of shame for that girl! Too bad Gordon is about to walk into a buzzsaw because guess who is back in Gotham? Dr. Thompkins is talking to Barnes when Gordon comes into the precinct and boom!  The love triangle is born.


To make some of these story lines connect: Tetch wants to hire Gordon to find his sister, and it looks like she does not want to be found. After Gordon comes looking for answers, Tetch tries to kill Gordon by making him jump off a building, but Alice comes in just in time to stop him. Tetch is shot by his sister, but gets away. Faux-Bruce picks up Selina in Alfred’s car, which he stole, so they can go for a ride.

Best Scene  

Former Mayor James asks Penguin for a sit down with just three men to show how prepared he is.  Too bad he did not realize he was dealing with an entire restaurant of loyal Penguin supporters with guns. 

Honorable Mention

Tetch overestimates his power and underestimates Barbara’s crazy. Never underestimate crazy…especially when she has access to a champagne glass.

Worst Line(s) 

Tetch says to the Caucasian man in the crowd, “Beautiful suit. A lawyer?”  The man corrects him saying, “No, a doctor.” Tetch to the woman of color on his arm, “You the mistress?” The man says, “No my wife…” Huh? All kinds of racial issues going on with this exchange; a sociologist would have a field day!  Very bad.

Most Ridiculously Funny Scene 

Alfred getting schooled by the superior Bruce Wayne.  “Bloody hell…”

Most Ridiculous Scene

Penguin running for mayor.  This is the “Mad City” season. 

Best “What?” Moment   

Thompkins new man, Mario (James Carpinello) is Carmine Falcone’s little boy! Oh, this is going to be interesting.

Gotham S3E3
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This episode was not all bad. It had a few good lines and I understand what the show was attempting to do: make Tetch a scary villain as opposed to some of the others we have in the Gotham universe, who have been more crazy and unpredictable instead of scary. Not sure if they got the scary part right, but he was definitely creepy/sleazy. We will have to see where his character goes in the overall story. Everything else was same old Gotham drama.  Thompkins is back with her new man to give Gordon headaches. Although, it was good to see the actor who plays Falcone back on the show. I actually liked his character in season one. 

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