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Gotham – S3E4 – Mad City: New Day Rising

Previously on Gotham, “Mad City: Look Into My Eyes”

Penguin continues his power grab as he closes in on the nomination for mayor, while Gordon turns in Tetch’s sister Alice for the bounty on her head. Bruce and Alfred attempt to track down faux-Bruce after learning he has assumed the real Bruce’s identity.

Images: FOX

Images: FOX

Dr. Thompkins investigates what makes Alice’s blood “poison” and she explains that her brother believed they are two sides of the same coin; her the blood and him the mind. Tetch wants to get his sister back and goes to some wrestling brothers for help.

Unfortunately, Gordon has Tetch on the mind and still is having the urge to kill himself. Gordon is now desperate and goes to Barbara for help. She didn’t offer much, but she is always one of the best things about the show and does a great job with her version of crazy.

Gordon goes to see Alice for answers. She tells him the reason her brother still has influence over his mind is because Gordon is avoiding dealing with something. She also discloses a little Jaime and Cersei shenanigans. Tetch decides to employ the Tweed Brothers wrestling troupe to break out his sister and destroy the GCPD, as it usually happens on this show.

Gordon tries to kill himself again before Barnes saves him and now he is on a 48-hour suicide watch with Thompkins as his watcher, but of course she lets Bullock know where he is. Meanwhile, Tetch shows his sister how important she is to him by taking some of her blood as an incentive. Gordon and Bullock break up the family reunion and Gordon has to come to grips with his past and breaks Tetch’s spell over him. Tetch tries to explain himself to Alice, who winds up impaling herself on a stake… but she leaves a little bit of herself in Barnes’ eye.

Penguin and Nygma are playing nice together, but Butch is feeling like the third wheel. And Butch does not like being the odd man out. Nygma sees that his friend wants to be the real mayor with no funny business and tries to convince him that he can do it without paying people off. Nygma goes behind Butch’s and Penguin’s backs and un-fixes the mayoral race. Penguin, of course, was deadly angry until he sees he won honestly, as much as a villain can anyway. And now thanks to Nygma, Penguin gets to know what it feels like to be loved.


Bruce and Alfred begin to track down faux-Bruce. Real Bruce realizes he is trying to find Selina and that she has got him involved in her criminal schemes, which unfortunately she is not very good at, at least not quite yet. Good thing she has faux-Bruce to help her, and I think Selina likes the new and improved version. Faux-Bruce wants a friend and Selina is letting him in with a kiss. Not sure if that emotion is confusion, but it caused faux-Bruce to realize he does not belong in Gotham. Before he goes, he leaves Bruce with a little something to think about. Aw, young love.

Best Scene  

Barbara and Gordon go back and forth with Barbara being as crazily perfect as she wants to be. And she even talks about marriage and blows him a kiss in the end… so sweet.

Honorable Mention: Faux-Bruce doing his best Underworld Selene impression jumping from the roof, but first leaving real Bruce something to think as it pertains to Selina. I am sure it will drive him crazy.


Craziest Scene  

Tetch plays hit the ball up the scale to hit the bell with the fair owner’s head! Yikes!

Worst/Best Line(s)

Barbara: “Its Gotham baby, we’ve all got flare!”

Most Ridiculously Funny Scene

“Vote for Oswald Cobblepot; progress is his middle name.” For those who did not get the reference that is from Back to the Future.

Best Nerd Moment  

Penguin and Riddler create a new, trusting, and loving relationship.

Honorable Mention: Faux-Bruce gets to meet his new parents: The Court.

Gotham S3E4
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    Action - 6/10
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    Performances - 8/10


This episode was actually good. I would say it was my favorite episode yet this season, which is not saying much but it really was. I liked the story of the sadistic hatter coming for his sister/lover and employing a bunch of crazy siblings to help him in his quest. I liked the play of Gordon and his ladies, each having a different play on his emotions. I liked the friendship of Penguin and Nygma and how they are becoming the best of friends – sorry, Butch. And the surprise of the night: I liked Faux-Bruce’s interaction with Selina and real Bruce. I have never been a fan of the actor who plays Bruce (David Mazouz) but he did a good job playing his doppelganger and the show is starting to tease a version of the “New 52” version of Lincoln March. It still had plenty of “cheese” but also had some strong character development between a few of the characters namely, Gordon and Thompkins, Bruce and Selina, and Penguin and Nygma. Good job, Gotham writers.

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