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Gracepoint – S1E10 – Episode 10

Previously on Gracepoint, ‘Episode 9’

So here we are. Series finale, one hour from finding out who the killer is. Is it Vince? I don’t think so. For two reasons. A) Danny’s smart phone has been found and since they can track it now and Vince is in jail… I’m sure it would be easy to put two and two together. B) Also, since every finger was pointing at him last week, it would be very anticlimactic for it to end up being him and kind of disappointed. Even without last week’s episode, that would have been a dissappointing ending. If you had told me weeks ago it was him, I’d have been like, “Yeah, I can see that. He’s kind of unhinged.”

I’m expecting this to have a surprise twist. Cause if not, what’s the point? And speaking of points, what’s the point of Carver being sick? What’s the point of his daughter showing up for 10 minutes never to be seen from again? With one episode left they can’t wrap that all up and have it mean anything. And why are they so obsessed with Carver’s past and how his last case got fucked? The journalists are all over that shit and…. OMG OWEN! Owen is the killer! I mean, you think? Cause again, what’s the point of him? He’s never looked guilty and his only role thus far has been to dig into the past of Carver, which, as I said, was kind of pointless. And I’ve been saying I’m sure the killer will end up being in the Miller family. The killer is a Miller!! Let’s get on with this.

We start with Carver in a doctor’s office getting some tests done. I assume this is an evaluation of his health to decide whether or not he should continue working. The result is immediate suspension. But he asks for a few more hours. He thinks he can have it solved.

Ellie grills Vince some more, but he’s worried about his mom who needs to be cared for. He either wants them to let him leave or send somebody over to check on her. He refuses to talk until they do. Carver tells her to make it so, and then to find out every movement Vince has made in the last few days. He says if it wasn’t Vince that Ellie’s sister saw in the van that night, then who was it. She mutters, “bam, bam, bam” under her breath. Which is so weird. I suggested on Facebook the other day that maybe she was the killer. However, no motive I can see and also, didn’t they decide the killer was male?

Carver has Tom and Joe in his office where Tom claims his laptop got stolen at school. Then Carver pulls the broken laptop out reveals he knows about Tom’s threat to the priest. Carver sets up a camera to record as he asks further questions about whether or not the priest actually hit Danny and why he smashed his computer. Tom says the priest didn’t hit Danny and that he never saw anyone else hit him. He smashed the computer to get rid of the emails between him and Danny. Carver pulls out printed copies of the email exchanges between Danny and Tom. Both Tom and Joe appear to shit themselves. The killer is a Miller! Anyway, in the emails, Tom and Danny had been fighting. Danny’s emails accuse Tom of being a “follower” and that his dad is probably bored by him and disappointed in him. Tom admits that he was hurt by these emails, but Joe ends the interview quickly when Carver asks if he was angry enough to hurt him back. As they leave, Carver takes down Tom and Joe’s show sizes. 6 and 10. The 10 from Joe didn’t sound very confident, but we’ll see.

Gracepoint - Episode 10 - Joe and Tom Interview

Vince claims he was hunting the night of Danny’s death and the object seen wrapped in a tarp was a deer. I don’t know why you’d wrap a deer in a tarp. But then again, I don’t know why Danny would have been wrapped in a tarp and then dumped on the beach sans tarp. As Ellie is filling Carver in on this, they get a call that Danny’s smartphone is on again and they’re tracking its movements. The GPS coordinates are being sent to Carver, but he lies to Ellie about the nature of the phone call and doesn’t tell her about the smartphone. He thinks it too! That the killer is a Miller! As she’s walking away he tells her she’s done good work on this case, which we all know is a damn lie. Once she’s gone, he follows the GPS coordinates he’s been sent which lead him to… The Miller house!! THE MILLER HOUSE!! He walks into the garage, where Joe is standing, holding a phone. He says, “I’ll tell you everything.”

Gracepoint - Episode 10 - Joe with SmartPhone


Fucking commercial break!

Carver is in the intergation room with Joe, who tells the story of what happened. We see it in flashback mode, which is cool. Joe and Danny are at the hut. Joe tells Danny he misses him. Then says again, “I really did miss you, ya know.” He’s looking at him like creepy priest looks at Beth. Then he runs his hand along Danny’s face. Danny says, “Don’t.”

Cut back to interrogation room and Joe explains this was their first time at the house together, just talking. It went on for about three months, he says, just this talking – but usually in the afternoons at the Miller house when Tom wasn’t home and the baby was sleeping.

FLASHBACK: “I can’t do this.” Danny wants to leave, but Joe keeps trying to get him to stay. He chases him out to the edge of the cliff.

Back to interogation room. Joe says they were both scared and confused and Danny had run to the edge of the cliff and threatened to jump. Joe tells him that he should go home and everything will be okay. Danny says no, that Joe’s not normal, that he’s sick. Joe says go home and they’ll forget everything that happened. Danny seems upset that Joe wants to forget about him. But then he says he wants to tell his parents what happened. He tries to run and Joe grabs him and “accidentally” he trips and slams Danny’s head into a rock. We know what happened next. He dumps his body on the beach and cleans up the hut of all evidence.

Gracepoint - Episode 10 - Danny and Joe

Didn’t I call this, bitches? Didn’t I?! I said it was Joe! I said it was sexually motivated! I said that THE KILLER IS A MILLER!”

Back in the interogation room he again calls it an accident and admits he was “sexually attracted” to Danny. The money found in Danny’s room was given to him by Joe to pay for the cell phone. Joe was the one who called them to the hut two episodes ago. He wanted it just to be Carver who showed up so he could confess. Or maybe he wanted to make out with him too, I don’t know. He doesn’t want to confess to Ellie. He wants Carver to do it. I can’t wait to see the look on her face.

Carver interrupts her interogatio with Vince to break the news to her. First he asks her where she was the night Danny was murdered. She gets pissed because she thinks she’s being accused. She says she was in bed that night, by 9. She never saw Joe come to bed because she took a sleeping pill. He finally breaks it to her… oh man, I thought I wanted to see the look on her face, but now that I see it, I don’t. That’s some serious shit. She pukes, which I did not want to see either. She says Carver is wrong, but she knows. She must know. She enters the room where Joe is and says, “What are you?” He tries to explain that he’s a good man, but she kicks his ass anyway, and the cops take their sweet time coming in to break it up.

Carver tells her to take the kids, go to a hotel, stay there, and not answer the phone for anyone but him. She’s too distraught to really make sense of anything. The police take her home to pack up some shit; from her house that is now a crime scene. She takes the kids to a hotel, where Tom wants to know what is going on.

Meanwhile, Carver goes to the Solano house to tell them that Joe had confessed. He assures them that Ellie didn’t know, which I believe. But I think once she heard, she knew it was true. Maybe in the back of her mind, she had her suspicions.

Ellie breaks it to Tom in the hotel bathroom, which is so sad. Tom doesn’t believe it. She asks Tom if Joe had ever touched him or his brother. Tom says no. She pushes the issue and he gets very defensive, very quickly. Not sure if that means anything or not. This is a very sad scene. He says she doesn’t understand and then she stares at his feet and remembers kids footprints at the crime scene. Size 6. She remembers the crossword puzzle book and the broken laptop. “What are you not saying?” she asks Tom. OMG… is this a twist?

Gracepoint - Episode 10 - Tom in Bathroom

FLASHBACK: Tom is in his bedroom at night. He sees his dad leaves and follows him. He spies on everything from outside the hut. The scene unfolds just as Joe told it until… Tom tries to stop Joe from chasing Danny by swinging a bat of some kind at him. He misses and hits Danny. Danny is dead. The scene continues as Joe told it, except that he sends Tom home and says this is his fault, he’ll take care of it.

Back in the bathroom, Tom keeps asking Ellie what they’re gonna do. She just looks at him like she might murder him next. So, I had never suspected Tom as the killer, even with all his shifty behavior, simply because of his age. I never really considered it might have been an accident though. I should have thought more.

While this is going on, Mark Solano goes to talk to Joe. “You were our friend. You were in our home.” All Joe can say is that he’s sorry. He says that Danny came to him in the first place because Mark had hit him. Mark is angry. Joe just looks sad. Also, kind of creepy. But sad.

Gracepoint - Episode 10 - Sad Joe Owen, who I falsely accused earlier (my bad) tonight, shows up at the hotel to watch the kids while Ellie goes over to the Solano’s. Beth looks ready to fight her. “How could you not know?” she asks and then walks away. Meanwhile, Carver calls his daughter to tell her he’s thinking of having surgery. It appears to be some sort of heart surgery. He wants to see her and spend more time with her. And then there’s another funeral? What? How many funerals are they gonna have?

Ellie goes to talk to Joe. She tells him she knows the truth.

Joe: “I never touched Danny.”

Ellie: ” But you were going to.”

She wants to know everything, but we don’t see anything. The next scene is Carver and Ellie on the beach. She wants to know how he knew, when she didn’t even know. He said he knew it wasn’t Vince and that Danny’s email account only had to contacts, Tom and Joe. She doesn’t tell him the truth about Tom. She just wants to take her kids and move away. So, her husband is gonna sit in jail for something he didn’t do. But what Tom did was an accident. I’m not sure what I’d do in this situation either.

The show goes out with the town gathered around a bonfire, probably some final farewell to Danny.

While this is going on, Carver watches the video he took on his phone of the interview with Tom and Joe where Tom says “I never saw anyone else hit Danny.” He realizes what that means and calls Ellie. She does not answer the call and… the end. What? They’re just leaving it at that? That kind of sucks, but okay. Maybe they’re leaving it open for a second season.

OMG, this series was heavy. I loved it. I apologize to Owen and Ellie for ever accusing them. And I apologize on behalf of anyone who accused that poor priest. I never doubted you!

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