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Gracepoint – S1E2 – Episode Two

Previously on Gracepoint, ‘Episode One’

I like how this show either isn’t clever enough or just doesn’t give enough fucks to give each episode an actual title.

Ellie and her husband tell their son he had a nightmare and that he was saying Danny’s name in his sleep. He drinks orange juice with a guilty look on his face. This kid knows something. He knows, or he saw, or he did. Maybe he did murder. Also, his dad looks suspicious. I think I’m on to something. But then again, throughout the episode everybody acts shady as fuck because it would be impossible for the viewer to guess who the killer is when clearly everybody is acting like the killer… hmmm. Well played, Gracepoint. Annoying, but well played.


Gracepoint - S1E2 - Tom Suspicious


Ellie heads over to Danny’s house to fingerprint his entire family. She asks stupid questions like, “So did any of you get any sleep last night?” Giiiiirl. Step off. There is some suspicious stuff found in the Solano house though. Money taped under Danny’s bed and some cocaine under his sister’s floorboards. Danny’s mom is doing that guilty, shady act too. I still feel like there’s no emotion from these people toward their son. Like they’re pod people. Or… Is this like The Others? Is it gonna turn out that everybody is dead except for Danny? Oh my god… Is everybody dead but me? Do I see dead people? Did the entire family team up to have him murdered beacause he knew too much about something?

Detective Carver spills his coffee all over his desk and then hides in the bathroom and jams a needle in his leg. Wait, what? Were there peanuts in his coffee? This guy has secrets. He moved to this small town because of his secrets. I know it. This is like a mystery wrapped in a mystery.

While Carver is in the bathroom, a telephone repair man stumbles upon the crime scene photos of Danny on the desk and stares at them oddly. Almost like he likes it, ya know? Like I said, they’re making everybody act shady so you can’t even begin to guess.

Danny’s mom goes to the grocery store for potato chips, but then freaks out because everyone is staring at her, and loses her shit in the parking lot. Finally, somebody expressed some emotion. The town priest comes along and they sit and talk and he’s very creepy. He says, “I’ve been praying for you.” but in this tone of voice like he left off, “with my penis.” Then he asks if he can hug her. The hug is creepy too, but she doesn’t seem to notice. At least I think that guy is a priest. Next scene he’s in a bar drinking. Priests can’t go into bars, can they?

Gracepoint - S1E2 - Creepy Priest


Miller and Carver fight about beans in his burrito and other things. They can’t get along. She calls him “assoholic” which is awesome, but I still don’t like her. She starts yelling at him and again mentions the promotion she lost. This is why they hired someone else, Ellie. Cause you can’t handle yourself. You ain’t no Olivia Benson. Have a seat so someone else can solve this case. Better yet, go make us all some sammiches.

Carver goes homes and drinks and takes pills and there’s a picture of a young girl in his wallet. Why so many secrets?!! Why must we convolute the storyline? Anyway, the next day he investigates some security footage that shows Mark Solano’s car being near the crime scene the night of the murder. And that creepy priest is creepy some more. This guy ain’t the killer. If I’ve learned anything from mysteries, it’s that they never shove the real killer in your face. Whoever is acting the least suspicious and the least shady… that’s our guy.

That weirdo telephone repair guy from earlier says that Danny has sent him messages, telepathically I guess, that his death involved water. Boats and water. I don’t care about this guy. He needs to go away. Who also needs to go away? This journalist who has conveniently come to town. Oh wait a minute… she knows something of Carver’s past. She can stay. She says he fumbled a case where three little girls had gone missing. That’s sad. I’d probably stab myself in the thigh with needles in the bathroom, too.

The detectives find Danny’s diary which states that something weird was going on, but not what. Then they cut immediately to the priest. Stop pushing the priest! It wasn’t the priest! I mean, maybe it was, but it probably wasn’t. Either way, Mark Solano tries to kick his ass.

Gracepoint - S1E2 - Mark and Priest


So, that journalist from earlier. She tries to befriend Chloe and then puts her number in her phone so Chloe can call her if she needs to. I don’t trust her.

Carver confronts Mark about his car being seen on security footage and catches him in a lie about where he was that night. He was having some sort of affair, it seems. Though he’s vague about it. He doesn’t remember the name of the friend he was with that night or what they even did. While Carver is flushing out his alibi, crime scene techs tell Ellie that Danny was murdered two miles away from where his body was found, in what she calls a “hut”, which was scrubbed clean except for a pair of fingerprints found on a sink… which belong to… Mr. Solano. Damn. I still don’t think it was him, but damn. I’ve been wrong before.

Gracepoint - S1E2 - Crime Scene Hut


Overall, this was a much better episode than episode one. Things have smoothed out a little and we’re getting to know the characters more. I’m glad I stuck around another episode. Things are getting interesting. I’m not saying good. I’m saying interesting. Maybe bordering on good. Next week looks exciting.

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