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Gracepoint – S1E6 – Episode Six

Sorry for the last two episode recaps being missing. I got married one week and then the following week we lost a team member and needed some grieving time.

But now we are back. In our absence, Mark Solano was arrested and then released. But I knew he hadn’t killed Danny before they even arrested him. I knew from episode 2 that his shifty ass was out having a shifty ass affair and he didn’t want to fess up about his shiftiness because his wife would leave his shifty ass. People are still looking at that priest. But it ain’t him. Then everyone was suspicious of the fisherman, bearded guy who’s name I don’t know, but he seems genuinely innocent. I think his name is Jack. Danny’s phone was found in his boat, but the detectives recall someone mentioning Danny having a smart phone, but his parent’s never bought him one and that one has yet to be found.

I really have no interest in this reporter/journalist chick. I think she’s annoying and an unnecessary character. Anyhow, she finds out that Jack has a statutory rape conviction in his past. Doesn’t mean he killed the kid. Statuatory rape could be a simple as an 18-year-old having sex with a 17-year-old (which is pretty much what happened in Jack’s case). Doesn’t equate to the murder of a young boy. And if this boy was murdered by an adult, no doubt it was sexually motivated. I mean, there was no sexual element to it that they currently know of, but I’ve seen a lot of crime shows. Boys that age usually end up dead for that very reason. Chloe’s boyfriend tries lying that Jack touched him and at least four other boys. His ass is so lying. I suspect this is a plan hatched up by Chloe. That girl’s ass is shady.


Gracepoint - Episode 6 - Jack


Oh, and also, Beth is pregnant.

Mark – We have to keep it.

Beth – No, I don’t have to do anything.

Damn, girl. Serves his cheating ass right though. Beth goes to Gemma’s bar and throws glasses at her and scares at the priest, threatening Gemma never to come near her family again. Damn, girl. Serves that hussy right, though. Sleeping with a married man.


Gracepoint - Episode 6 - Beth Angry


Further evidence is found. Cigarettes at the crime scene. The boat with Danny’s DNA in it was burnt. The boat belongs to Ellie’s brother-in-law, who lives far, far away from Gracepoint. The plot thickens.

Poor innocent Jack, being chased out of town by these people. Vince tries to kick his ass, someone breaks the windows in his house, and writes pedophile on the floor. Tsk squared. There’s no evidence against him and nothing to indicate he did this. Small-minded people, I tell ya. But that’s small towns for ya. To make a long story short, he was dating a 16-year-old, charged with statuatory rape by her father, but then marries her, they have a son, the son dies in a car accident, and the grief tears the marriage apart. And now this. I feel for the guy.


Gracepoint - Episode 6 - Pedophile


Oh, for fuck’s sake. As I’m typing this, they find his body on the beach.

Gracepoint - Episode 6 - Ellie and Carver


I’m further convinced now that the killer is the person who has had the least amount of screen time (ya know, except for when he suddenly decided to take his heathen ass to church), the least amount of lines, and has gotten the least amount of police attention… Ellie’s husband. She couldn’t find her own ass with two hands and a flashlight and convict it of a crime. She’s gonna feel salty when they catch him. I mean, this is the same woman who wouldn’t look further into Danny’s sister and her cocaine possession because she “might be sleeping”. Girl needs to step down from this job.

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  1. I’m onto them! I know all the truths!

  2. I hope Ellie’s husband is caught sleeping with the dog lady in the trailer.

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