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Gracepoint – S1E7 – Episode 7

Previously on Gracepoint, ‘Episode 6’

The show begins with Emmett looking at a newspaper article with a picture of himself and a caption that reads, “Is this the worst cop in California?” So Gracepoint must be located in California. And also, maybe he is the worst cop in California. It seems like they’re not doing a whole lot, but it’s hard to tell how much time has really passed. He tells Ellie to start bringing in everyone and asking questions and finding whoever vandalized Jack’s home, and to do it before all the overtime they’re allowed is taken away. Ellie says Emmett might be in the top ten worst cops in California and I can’t tell if she’s joking or not. That “face of no expression” that she has. And also, who is she to talk?


Gracepoint - Episode 7 - Newspaper Cover


Emmett wants to go to Jack’s funeral to see if Danny’s killer might show up. He wants to see who looks guilty or worried. He should be looking for the person hiding in the background not looking suspicious. You are a terrible cop!! Benson and Stabler must be spinning in their graves.

At the funeral, everyone looks guilty because Jack is now proved to be innocent and those bitches chased him to his death. Creepy Priest is like, “Y’all were a bunch of jerks. This is your fault. Danny’s your fault too. Bitches.” But he doesn’t say bitches, cause he’s a priest and all, but he should have. After the funeral, he directly tells Emmett that he failed Jack because he didn’t give him the protection he told him he needed. Emmett collapses (He’s sick, but they’ve been vaque about why or with what.) and then goes to sit by Tom to recover. Tom has been sort of surly and suspicious this entire series. Maybe cause he’s a kid who just lost his best friend but let us not forget all the texts he deleted from his phone during the first episode. Emmett grills Tom a little bit but then his father – my suspect number 1 – shows up and puts a stop to that. Of course he did. Of course he did. Ellie asks Tom if he’s okay considering it’s a funeral and his best friend is dead, to which he replies that she doesn’t know anything about him anymore. That boy hiding something.

Gracepoint - Episode 7 - Tom and Ellie


A mysterious man is walking through the woods. I think maybe we’ve seen him before. The Backpacker, I believe he was called. And then we cut to Tom riding his bike with his dad pushing a baby in a stroller. Wait, they have another kid? The hell. Anyway, the younger kid has dropped his toy so Joe let’s him go on ahead to school while he goes back to get the toy. Tom won’t kiss his dad goodbye. Odd or normal? Hmmmmm.

So, finally, Emmett gets information from Danny’s phone carrier. It turns out all calls and texts to his phone were automatically being forwarded to a smartphone, which has been turned off and can’t be traced. I guess they can’t tell who that phone is registered to. They don’t say and nobody mentions it, so I’m gonna guess they don’t have that kind of technology in Gracepoint. The conversation is interrupted by a phone call from Tom’s school that he never showed up for school even though when Tom left him that morning he was only a few blocks away. Everyone goes into panic mode, of course. Ellie goes to check out a teacher who called off that day while Emmett pulls out kids from class to question them … while Joe stands out in a field yelling Tom’s name.

The lady who owns the dog, remember the one who told Tom to come visit her? Is buying brownies, or brownie mix, but says they’re not for her. I bet Tom is staying with her. Ellie and Joe don’t know this of course and so they yell at each other for a bit. Then Joe goes out to help a search team.

To add to this mystery wrapped around a mystery tucked inside of a mystery, Emmett’s daughter shows up. She’s like, “OMG, why are there whales here?” I hate teenagers. I’m not sure why she’s here or what the point is. It seems she’s only there to find out he’s secretly sick and to push that pointless storyline. I mean, isn’t there enough going on? Halfway through the episode she’s gone, so really kind of pointless. But, anyway. Everyone is freaking out about the Backpacker’s creepy ass, but I think he’s just some creepy ass backpacker. During the interrogation he keeps looking at Tom’s picture and saying, “That’s a good looking boy.” He seems sort of awkward and semi-mentally unstable. I don’t think he took Tom or killed Danny though.

Gracepoint - Episode 7 - The Backpacker


That guy who can hear messages from dead people goes to the Solano house and tells Beth that Tom’s “been hurt” and that “he’s bleeding”. I don’t think this guy is for real, not when Danny “talked” to him and not now. He just crazy. Let’s stop with this guy. Oh yeah, and Vince goes to Dog Lady’s house and wraps his hand around her neck and threatens her and then gives her money to leave town. What? I don’t know either. But what a douche. I hate that guy.


Gracepoint - Episode 7 - Vince and Dog Lady


The search team find Danny’s bike in the woods.The previews for next week show fingers being point at the dog lady and the priest. Give up on the priest, damn it!


Gracepoint - Episode 7 - Tom's Bike


I’m gonna feel salty if it turns out it was the priest.

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