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Gracepoint – S1E9 – Episode 9

Previously on Gracepoint, ‘Episode Eight’

Emmett is in the hospital and “needs an operation”. I don’t know what he’s sick with, but I get the idea that an operation isn’t a simple fix for it. Ellie is a moron for making that suggestion. This detective life ain’t for her. She needs to be in somebody’s kitchen making sandwiches. Even Emmett points out she ain’t qualified for his job.

Emmett up and leaves the hospital against everybody’s wishes and at the same time Creepy Priest is making his googly eyes at Beth again. I can’t believe that girl doesn’t pick up on this. Why isn’t he creeping her out? And while we’re on the topic, why isn’t Ellie looking at her own husband? Geez, the women on this show. Anyway, Beth is very worried about having her baby considering the fact that her other baby was murdered and that her husband was screwing some other tramp. I don’t blame her. You can’t really trust anybody.

Gracepoint - Episode 9 Priest Hug

That’s no Godly hug. He’s trying to look at her ass.”


The supervisor gives Emmett until the following morning to solve the case and then he will be removed from his position due to his failing health.

Ellie has Susan Wright in for questioning and mentions how she gave the skateboard to Tom and also that it has her fingerprints on it. Well, of course her fingerprints are on it. She carried it over to your house. Why wouldn’t her fingerprints be on it? Stop asking stupid questions. Susan don’t care about all these questions and accusations. She just wants to know where her dog is. Ellie is all, “Your dog gonna die if you don’t tell me the truth.” Susan claims she saw Danny’s body on the beach. She smoked some cigarettes while looking at his dead body, then took his skateboard. Then she tells a horrible story about how she used to be married and unbeknownst to her, her husband would have sex with their oldest daughter. Once he tried it with the younger daughter, the older one ended up being killed by him for trying to stop it. Her husband went to jail, spread rumors that Susan knew about the abuse and didn’t stop it, and her younger daughter went into foster care. She was pregnant during all this and that baby was taken away too. Then her husband hung himself in his cell. Damn. No wonder this woman is cray-cray. She explains the reason she stood on the beach watching Danny was because he looked peaceful and she was wondering if her daughter looked as peaceful after she was murdered. This show is getting heavy.


Gracepoint - Episode 9 Susan


Mark accuses Beth of having an affair with the priest. He’s got some balls to get all pissy after he was fucking around on her. It’s okay for him, but not for her? Not that she’s cheating, but she’d have every right to in my opinion. Tit for tat, Solano. Beth suggests counseling, but Mark isn’t into the idea and also is still raging about the priest. I don’t like this guy at all.

Tom asks Creepy Priest for his computer back. Remember last episode he caught him smashing it? Priest won’t give it back and so Tom threatens to tell that he hit Danny on a camping trip. Ooooh, really? This is being extra creepy with the kid. Maybe he did kill Danny. Maybe I’ve been wrong all along. That’ll be some salty shit.

Gracepoint - Episode 9 Priest and Tom

This may or may not be the face of a murderer.

Ellie is convinced that Susan saw more than she says she saw. Susan finally admits she saw a boat come in and saw the person in the boat drop Danny’s body on the beach. She claims it was Vince who dumped the body. Vince is that asshole who stole her dog. The police arrest him. I will be very disappointed if he ends up being the killer. I won’t even feel salty, I’ll just flip a table. It may well be him though, so I guess I’d better clean off my table so I don’t make a mess when I flip it.

Vince lies to Emmett saying he doesn’t know Susan even though he has her dog and even though we’ve seen him go visit her and give her money. Emmett doesn’t know this, but he still doesn’t believe that Vince doesn’t know her. Besides, in a small town like this, who doesn’t know everybody? Vince has Danny’s name tattooed on his arm. Which is weird and also looks stupid. After some pushing by Emmett, Vince finally admits that the reason Susan was harassing him, and the reason he paid her to leave him alone, is that she claims she’s his mother, that he’s the baby they took from her. Hmmm. More twists and turns. This show is like a mirror maze! The real reason she took the skateboard was because she knew Vince had made it and thought if she returned it to him, he’d have to talk to her. Cause thus far, he has refused to. She’s still convinced that he killed Danny, because in her words, he’s “his father’s son”. I feel bad for this woman. I can’t even look at her sad face. I have to look away.

Gracepoint - Episode 9 Vince

Update: Remember last week someone called in and said a light was on in the hut? And then they chased that person away before Emmett had his little episode? Well, that phone call came from Danny’s missing smart phone. Hot damn! Can’t they trace that thing with GPS though? Why do the people in this town act like technology ain’t a thing?

Creepy Priest turns Tom’s laptop over to Emmett. Maybe they’ll remember now that technology is a thing and have that hard drive searched. Rumor from the priest is that Tom and Danny had been drifting apart in the months before his death. That might be so, but that is one shady priest. Just the faces he makes. I’ll proudly wear the shame if it turns out he’s the killer and I was shouting for his innocence. But I’ll also proudly wear the triumph if it turns out he’s not the killer and I was right all along.

Vince threatens Susan that if she doesn’t retract her statement, as soon as he gets out he’ll slit her dogs throat and then come after her. Damn, man. Leave the dog out of it. Why people always gotta bring dogs into things?

Emmett’s sneaky ass asks Ellie if they can borrow Tom’s computer and if she can bring it in tomorrow, even though he knows full well he already has Tom’s computer. Ellie goes home and gets in a fight with her husband because she can’t find the computer and he won’t help her look and she says he never does anything and she’s shouldering everything on her own. Apparently, she has a sister. This drugged up chick from earlier episodes is her sister. Somehow I missed that. Anyway, their argument is interrupted by a phone call from her sister, wanting money. Ellie goes to her place and her sister admits that the night Danny was murdered, she saw the Solano plumbing van parked off the road and a man in a wool hat carrying something wrapped in a tarp. She didn’t see his face, but Ellie knows who drives that van…

…… Then it cuts to Vince sleeping in his cell right before the episode ends. It’s likely he does drive that van as he works for the company. But is he the killer? I have NO IDEA who the killer in this mindfuck is anymore, but my suspect list is narrowed down to: Joe Miller, Tom Miller, Creepy Priest, Vince, and with the whole van thing, I’m no longer convinced Mark isn’t the killer. We’ll find out next week. I can’t wait!

 Gracepoint - Episode 9 Solano Van

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