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Grand Theft Auto V: Three New Character-Specific Trailers

Grand Theft Auto 5

Rockstar Games has released three trailers for the upcoming continuation of their popular Grand Theft Autoseries. Check them out below.

Rockstar Games has said Grand Theft Auto V will be their largest, in terms of in-world scale, to date. The trailers would seem to indicate the game will also take a run at having their largest plot, as well. The game allows the user to play as one of the three showcased characters, switching back-and-forth, throughout the course of gameplay. Looking at the trailers individually, they each present a unique perspective.

Michael is a middle-aged family man looking to better his life by whatever means are needed; he’s a little like Walter White, with less cancer and more being a prick. Franklin is a young, inner-city gang member who represents the lifer; the guy who has been living the criminal life since he was in diapers… yeah, he’s a little like Jesse Pinkman. Then there’s Trevor who’s your basic hillbilly drug dealer trope; he would seem a bit like Walter White, too, but this time with fewer IQ points.

It would seem the point Rockstar is going for would be that there are many different entrances to crime; they’re not only showing the varied perspectives of criminal behavior but also the cultural diversity of the game’s setting, Southern California (well, “inspired by” Southern California). Although, there does seem to be an absence of at least one prominent Southern California culture, but I guess you can’t fit everything into one game, even though it certainly look like Rockstar tried.

Grand Theft Auto V hits store shelves on September 17. That same day, parents with nothing better to do will hit Facebook, Twitter, and message boards to bitch and moan. That’s always fun, isn’t it?

Be aware that these are trailers for a Grand Theft Auto game, so expect potentially NSFW things—depending on your employer’s standards.


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