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Hap and Leonard – S1E2 – The Bottoms

Previously on Hap and Leonard, ‘Savage Season’

Starring: James Purefoy, Michael Kenneth Williams, Jimmi Simpson, Bill Sage, Christina Hendricks, PollyAnna McIntosh, Enrique Murciano, Neil Sandilands, Jeff Pope, Henry G. Sanders | Director: Jim Mickle


The body of the slain sheriff is discovered and a county-wide manhunt is underway. Hap is torn between his head and his heart after reacquainting with Trudy. Paco reveals a bit about his former life as a revolutionary. Leonard makes a hasty exit for home after his uncle is hospitalized; he too is reunited with a past love that pines for the old days. Oh, and the river they’ve been searching for? It’s not exactly rushing with water anymore.

Images: SundanceTV

Images: SundanceTV


Only one body has been dropped in H&L so far (if you don’t count the dead raccoon Hap accidentally peed on) but the level of tension has already risen significantly thanks to Soldier and Angel’s presence in Marvel Creek. As the two enjoy their bloody rare steaks at Family Burger, Hap, Leonard, Paco and Chub start surveying areas where the million dollars is possibly submerged. During their scouting, Hap notices how Paco has an intense aversion to law enforcement even though the cops have shown zero interest in him. Already mistrustful of their “partners” and Howard, Hap and Leonard are even more concerned about what they’re mixed up in if one or more of the crew is wanted by the authorities.

While trekking in the woods, Hap admits that he knows some things about the disfigured outsider. Paco confirms that he was leader of the Mechanics, a splinter group of The Weathermen. After the latter were unwilling to commit extreme action in promoting their cause, Paco and a few cronies were ready and able to take on the government by any means necessary. Unfortunately for him, all his efforts literally blew up in his face.

preview-full-HapLeonard s1e2 heave ho

On the opposite side of the trail, Chub (Jeff Pope) provides practically all of the levity in this episode while attempting to become more acquainted with Leonard. Pope continues to convey a genial and innocent nature with the Chubster, however he delivers some cringe-worthy lines about Chub’s excitement in meeting his first “gay”. Naturally, Leonard doesn’t take kindly to his manner of speaking and leaves the portly fellow on his own, which results in a scene that thankfully involved copious of mud on one’s ass.

“Maybe I should leave so you two can put your dicks on the table… next to them toothpicks.”

Naturally, Howard (Bill Sage) doesn’t care for any of their shenanigans and harangues Hap and his lack of initiative in finding the loot. It’s clear all of the patchouli and green beans in garlic chili sauce in the world cannot satiate his frustrations. Howard is slowly becoming undone because of his own lingering thoughts about Hap and Trudy. His lifestyle also doesn’t appear to match his personality in the slightest. Howard is like one of those people who continue to profess their gratitude for discovering God later in life and attempt to convert everyone they meet to Christianity. “C’mon guys, this is really great! You’re missing out on all the love! Don’t leave me hanging here… like Jesus.” I’ll do what I want, Howard!

preview-full-HapLeonard s1e2 Leonard

While the first half of “The Bottoms” was relatively lighthearted in delivery, the latter half has both leads confronting their pasts and how they could lead to their futures. First, Uncle Chester (Henry G. Sanders) suffers a heart attack while scribbling cryptic notes and listening to an old vinyl Sherlock Holmes record. Leonard heads back to Laborde, but not before his old friend Hap assures him Pine will get his cut whenever the money is found. Once at the hospital, Leonard’s visit is interspersed with flashbacks that centered on the weightiness of Chester’s presence during what was definitely the most traumatizing moment of young Leonard’s life.

Also present was a nurse who happens to be Leonard’s ex, Raoul (Enrique Murciano). It appears not long ago, Leonard broke things off suddenly for reasons currently unknown to viewers. Yet it didn’t take both of them long to get back in the swing of things (so to speak). Whiskey and classic country will always do that, I guess.

preview-full-HapLeonard s1e2 Raoul

Taking a late night car ride through old haunts, Trudy and Hap reminisce about the old days, their regrets and how life certainly didn’t turn out as expected. Thanks to some minor sleuthing on her part, Trudy was able to save Hap the indignity of never finding the bag of dough and the pair may have found its final resting place. How else does one celebrate discovering stolen money and escaping the jaws of an alligator? By making 30 seconds of love on a sandy riverbed, of course! Texans…

Hap and Leonard (and Trudy) continue their secretive recovery of cash money in “The Dive”, next Wednesday at 10/9c on SundanceTV!

Hap and Leonard S1E2
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After the steadily paced premiere, “The Bottoms” was a crawling, almost drowsy episode that meandered at times. Purefoy and Williams were fine in their respective portrayals but there was a lack of energy throughout, compared to the impulsiveness of Leonard, Uncle Chester’s surprising rantings and the sheer physicality in “Savage Season”. “The Bottoms” is setting up the eventual chaos that’ll unfold in Marvel Creek; hopefully the four remaining episodes will ramp up the action and insanity that was teased in the final moments of the premiere by Simpson and McIntosh’s pair of eccentric killers.

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