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Hap and Leonard – S1E3 – The Dive

Previously on Hap and Leonard, ‘The Bottoms’

Starring: James Purefoy, Michael Kenneth Williams, Jimmi Simpson, Bill Sage, Christina Hendricks, PollyAnna McIntosh, Enrique Murciano, Neil Sandilands, Jeff Pope, Henry G. Sanders | Director: Nick Gomez

Images: SundanceTV

Images: SundanceTV


Hap’s old feelings for Trudy start to bubble up to the surface, dulling his wits during a very serious venture. At the same time, Leonard begins to remember why he and Raoul broke up. While Collins keeps pining away for the dismissive Trudy, Hap recalls the moment when their troubles began so many years ago. The destitute duo go diving for the money and come up big, only to be shanghaied by a trio of faded-out flower children. Greed is good, folks.


The prevailing theme in this week’s episode appears to be regret, as nearly every character grapples with the consequences of their current situations. Hap, Leonard, Truly, Howard and yes, even Chub all have lofty goals for their cut of the million waiting for them to fish out of the tributary. Though their paths may be as dissimilar as they can get, the one thing they all share is a hope for the money to breathe new life in their tired bones.

“A mull takes as long as a mull takes.”

Ironically, not much mulling occurred in “Dive” as everyone flew by the seat of their pants after realizing how close the loot was in their grasp. The testosterone-fueled quarrels between Howard and Hap that have become commonplace are present, yet weaved throughout are flashbacks to further expound on Collin’s and Trudy’s on-again-off-again-where-ya-been relationship. Evidently, Hap recalls these moments with rose-colored glasses; Trudy never appeared to be a doting, selfless partner to young Collins. In the second he received his draft order, the wheels in Trudy’s head were quickly turning to figure out how this situation could be turned in her favor.

preview-full-Hap s1e3 Trudy

Nearly twenty years later and she’s worse off than she’s ever been. Of course Trudy would go to the one man she could always rely on (then leave battered and bruised in a ditch). During a particularly telling moment when Hap was tending to his truck, Trudy offers him a lemonade and remarks how sexy Hap looks when broke, tired and sweaty. He casually replies “You just like to see a man on his knees”, never giving his own words a second thought. Foreshadowing… you have to love it.

As for the other half, Leonard knew he made a mistake as soon as he woke up. Raoul was doing his best to create a harmonious environment for the oft-contentious couple. A little spicy eggs here, a bit of coffee there… then some light jabbing about how everyone in Leonard’s family – including the man himself – are a bunch of selfish, callous jerks who push away the people that care about them. Yeah, that’ll make Leonard stay inside his house all day and forget about diving for a million dollars.

preview-full-Hap s1e3 Leonard


“Why wasn’t the spirit of the ‘60s sustainable, Hap?”

“I’m no expert, but I’m pretty sure the marijuana had something to do with that.”

Thanks to Soldier and Angel’s murder spree (can those two be in an episode for more than three minutes, maybe? Please?), sheriffs are crawling all over Marvel Creek like freeloading cousins at a family reunion BBQ. This is when things go off the rails for Hap, Leonard and Company. For most of the series, our beloved pair of tramps might have sardonic quips at the ready to make fun of Howard’s preachiness and patchouli, yet they always knew where the closest exit was in case they didn’t want to pick up what the world’s smallest hippie commune was putting down. Thanks to nosy bible thumper Prescott Jones (Jay Potter), the police swarmed Howard’s compound and all their (haphazard) plans turned to smithereens. When Hap suggests they all hunker down at Leonard’s for the night, it proves the two aren’t really on their A game due to their respective kinda-sorta relationship troubles.

preview-full-Hap s1e3 Chub Paco

It wasn’t all that surprising when they were double-crossed by Howard, Paco and even Chub (no, not you too!), nor is the group’s plan to establish an organization to combat consumerism with cash money seem entirely sensible. It’s been clear as daylight that Howard has been blowing smoke up his own tooter while incarcerated; his proselytizing just so happened to make true believers out of Chub and Trudy along the way. The addition of Paco is peculiar because of his ominous history and distaste for nonviolent tactics. It’s obvious these aren’t your typical peace lovers if they’re aiming automatic weapons at your face.

Now with no woman, no money and no way out of a bad situation, Hap and Leonard are back to square one in “Trudy”, airing Wednesday 10/9c on SundanceTV!

Hap and Leonard S1E3
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Much of “Dive” may have been a tad predictable but remained effective nonetheless. It’s funny but the only true hippie within the band is Hap himself. All the signs are there: he doesn’t like violence (unless it’s absolutely necessary), doesn’t like killing animals who are only defending themselves, and most certainly has unconditional love in his heart for Trudy. Hap isn’t sullen because he’s given up on the world… the world has given up on its own ideals for a bright and shining future.

The only real gripe I have about H&L is the all too brief appearances by Soldier and Angel. What a pair of monsters those two appear to be (keyword: appear, as we’ve barely seen them in action). PollyAnna McIntosh is quite the physical presence and we all know everyone will be face-to-face very soon. It’s just so dang frustrating to see the most colorful and eccentric characters in this series for only mere moments each episode.

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