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Happy Valley – S2E4

Previously on Happy Valley, “Episode 3”

Thanks to sloppy work by two part-time officers, Catherine is called in to interview a prostitute who was attacked and raped by her john. A partial plate reveals her attacker is Sean, the driver who works for Ann’s father. He’s arrested for the attacks and the murders, but he denies involvement in the latter. In a sick twist, Wadsworth is present when the charges are read and he knows full well Sean is isn’t guilty of at least one of the murders because he did it.

Images: Netflix

Images: Netflix

There are links between Sean and the other women, but none between him and Vicky, Wadsworth’s ex-mistress. Surprisingly, Clare’s current beau does have a connection to Vicky: He also had an affair with her and she blackmailed him as well when he broke things off. Clare agrees not to tell Catherine, but urges him to step forward when she learns Vicky’s murder doesn’t fit the others. Unfortunately for Wadsworth, this is his partner’s belief as well, and she puts this bug in their boss’ ear.

Frances takes it upon herself to leave an expensive present for Ryan, but when Catherine sees the card (signed from Tommy), she loses it. She grabs the expensive racing set and tosses it in the trash, sending Ryan into a fit.

“I am mental. I am mental when it comes to that bastard.” – Catherine

While Catherine typically handles herself well professionally, Tommy Lee Royce is her trigger. She knows he’s trying to come between her and Ryan, but she can’t see past her anger. Ryan eventually forgives her, but later she admits that quietly doing away with the toy (and perhaps buying him another just like it) would have been the best course of action. Still, now she has to figure out who Tommy has on the outside doing favors for him.

Later, Frances interrogates Ryan on the sly and hints that the gift was his father’s way of asking for forgiveness – an idea Ryan floats by Catherine and she, of course, shuts it all the way down. Frances tells Tommy about her plan to continue to try and put positive thoughts about him in Ryan’s head, but Tommy wants Catherine dead.

Happy Valley S2E4 - Frances and Tommy

While the main action in this episode revolved around the murders and Tommy Lee Royce, there were a few other interesting developments. First, being stood up by Wadsworth has taken a toll on Ann. Catherine notices she seems off and her father later admits Ann has a drinking problem. Also, Goran’s suicide is officially ruled a murder and Catherine suspects Halifax’s versions of the Sopranos, the Knezevics.

Ann has been through so much that I don’t want to see her relapse, especially not over Wadsworth. And I’m not totally convinced Sean is guilty of any of those murders.

Happy Valley S2E4 = 8.8/10
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