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Hard Sun – S1E6 – Sun Day

Previously on Hard Sun, “Not the End of the World”

The sun has a tail!  How did Neil deGrasse-Tyson miss that? The season finale begins with a disappointing flashback between Hicks and Bulter.

“I saw you, Alex! I saw what you did, in a video, on that laptop you just lied about!”

Hicks yells and soon Alex is dead. Killed by Hicks, because of that thing.

Do we have to wait until a season two to learn why Hicks killed Butler? Do we care? Later Mari Butler is so upset to be told that Hicks isn’t the killer, she goes straight over to Simone Hicks’ and spills the tea on their love affair. Mari is so blind with rage she doesn’t even bother to make sure Simone’s daughter doesn’t overhear her telling Simone about the affair.

We get more vague dialogue when Renko visits Daniel. Paraphrasing only slightly here, she says the way he thought things were between them wasn’t how it ever was. Whatever that means. The worst part of their mother/son interaction occurs when she tells him from now on he is not going to hurt anyone ever. If all he needed was his mom to tell him to stop, wouldn’t he have stopped being violent after he tried to set her on fire and was arrested?  It doesn’t make sense on the show, and in a broader sense is belittling of mental illness.

Renko and Hicks finally realize they need to join forces to rid themselves of Grace Morrigan. They plant the gun used to kill Alex Butler at her house and coerce a convict to claim he knew of a plot by Grace to kill Alex Butler. This plot is absurd. Here are my top three reasons why it wasn’t plausible based on the framework of the show:

  1. Grace would have a security system and cameras. She would have known Renko planted the gun.
  2. She is a working mom! Working mom’s time isn’t their own. They always have to be somewhere with someone. There is no way she didn’t have an alibi for the night of Butler’s death.
  3. Last episode, her crew was hemming up Renko and her son, this week they are going to take Grace out? Makes no sense.

(Photo by Mark Johnson/Hulu)

As in other episodes, a new crazy killer has emerged. Turns out DS Mooney has been tracking a potential serial killer for awhile now. In true Hicks style, he goes off on his own to try and catch the guy. Lucky for Rooney, Charlie and Elaine rescue him right before he is lobotomized. The subplot has a very The X-Files look and feel.

(Photo by: Miya Mizuno/Hulu)

We end the season staring into the Hard Sun. The Powers That Be lied to Grace. We don’t have nearly five years. The Hard Sun is here.


Grace again proved to be the most interesting character on the show. If I could make a second season, I’d insist the entire season be Grace’s backstory and the season finale would show how she escapes unscathed from Renko and Hicks.


What the heck is Hard Sun?  Could it be some twist on this?

So does MI5 have regulations or what?  

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"Sun Day"

Cast: Agyness Deyn, Jim Sturgess, Nikki Amuka-Bird | Written by: Neil Cross | Directed by: Richard Senior

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