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Review: Harley Quinn #2 (Convergence)

Previously in Harley Quinn #1

Harley QUinn #2 Cover

In just two issues, Convergence has sold me on reading more Harley Quinn. (If only DC would offer an unlimited membership to their catalog the way Marvel has.) Here, Harley Quinn has proven herself to be the wily character I’ve heard about. The issue also plays with time and viewpoints in a creative way, and that’s always fun to see in literature.

Captain Carrot has been sent to face Harley Quinn (at a carnival, which seems fitting considering he’s a cartoon rabbit and her origins were inspired by a Vaudevillian performer), the winner earning their universe continued existence. What he doesn’t know is his opponent isn’t a hero and he may very well be outmatched. His world sends in Iron Pig to warn him, but he runs into Harley first. Carrot rushes to help his friend, but he’s too late. All he finds are the remains of Iron Pig’s clothes and puddles of oil, some of which Harley Quinn used to paint ‘Rabbit Season’ on a nearby fence. Carrot vows to avenge his fallen friend.

Rabbit Season - Harley Quinn #2

Then we jump back an hour earlier when Carrot first encountered Harley. He doesn’t want to fight, but she’s all about fighting. The two face off with Carrot doing more running than anything else. On his home planet, his allies look for a way to help him when one makes a telepathic connection to Louie, who is telling Poison Ivy about what Harley was like when they met. Well, she was a hot-ass mess when they met, fully evil. This is when the plan to send in Iron Pig is hatched.

We learn Harley never got to hit Iron Pig. Security robots tasked with removing non-combatants grip him up (he’s cut in the process hence the oil) and take him. Harley sees this as the perfect opportunity to get some payback since she assumes Iron Pig was there to cheat by helping Carrot fight. She leaves the message on the fence and Carrot believe his friend is dead.

Carrot and Harley continue to fight, taking it to damn near every corner of the carnival. It only ends when they both crash a rollercoaster. The whole time, Harley had been pretending to have superpowers and even a magical hammer – it was just her mallet. Now, she apologizes for tricking him into thinking his friend was dead. They munch on carrots as they wonder why they were chosen to represent their worlds.

Just when you think Harley may actually call a truce, she admits to having super strength and the ability to resist all poisons. Captain Carrot realizes she gave him a poisoned carrot. Harley has saved her world.

Captain Carrot Eats Carrot

Score | 9.5/10Back at home, Catwoman gives Louie the goldfish Harley “won” at the carnival. Harley isn’t ready to see him yet or to be around people in general. She did pass Catwoman a note for Louie, but Catwoman didn’t give it to him. She tells Harley he’s not ready for: Smell You Later xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

In the end, Louie is left with nothing but a goldfish, and Catwoman, Poison Ivy, and Harley prepare to face what’s next.

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