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Haven – S4E2 – Survivors

Previously, on Haven: “Fallout

Haven | Charred Body

Children are playing Frisbee in a sculpture garden(as children are known to do) discover a charred body on Haven’s Founder’s Day.  The body is that of Sally Marigold, her brother Bill died the previous week in a fire that was a thought to be the result of the meteor shower.  Spontaneous combustion trouble?

Another body is found behind the wheel of the town’s taxi service. Nathan and Dwight remain clueless as to who is the responsible person. Jordan shows up all angry in spandex, spitting her usual Nathan hate and grievances towards Dwight. Dwight is two drinks and a sweaty button up shirt away from being “too old for this shit.” He basically tells Jordan to calm her tits, he got this. She backs off for now.

Duke, Jennifer and Wade (Eric Bana and Marc Anthony’s love child) are chatting at the Grey Gull.  Wade explains what has been going on with the Gull since Duke’s kind of death.  Vern tried to buy the bar.  Duke is not happy with this and pays a visit to the Haven Herald after breakfast. The Guard doesn’t want another Crocker in town and would be happy ride them Wade and Duke out on a rail.  He promises Vern he will have his brother out of town by nightfall. Duke and Jennifer go for a walk her more detail as to why Wade isn’t built for Haven, basically he is just too practical.

Duke returns to the Gull to find Wade in the beginnings of a bender. Wade has proof that his wife is cheating on him via NannyCam transmission. His short stay in Haven has become indefinite and Wade’s wife isn’t the only one getting screwed. Poor Duke.

Jennifer is getting to know Haven, she pops into the coffee shop, orders a coffee and some taffy to go. She heads out of the full cafe with her latte, realizes that she forgot her taffy, returns to the shop to find four scorched bodies.

Haven | Jennifer Scream

Nathan and Dwight have clues to the identity of the fire bug, but they need Jennifer’s help. She is in a bit of distress after discovering the charred bodies.  The clues lead them to the fire department.  Their suspect  is firefighter named Don Keaton, his partner was Bill Marigold, although he was not responsible, his feels tremendous guilt. His trouble is triggered by that guilt. He is scheduled to receive an award during the Founder’s Day celebration; this means the entire town of Haven could be burned alive. Nathan and Dwight find Don in the town center.  Nathan does his best Audrey impression to calm down Don and it works. He soothes him by sharing the loss of his own partner, this gives Dwight time to put the poor kid in handcuffs.

Haven | Lexie Audrey

Lexie Dewitt and William exchange more flirty bar banter.  He asks Lexie how she arrived at the bar? She tells a story of robbing her boyfriend, hitching a ride and getting the job at the bar. William is trying to jog her memory to make her remember who she is, who she was, how she feels. She is not up for this conversation and asks why she should trust a man and his gun. William dismantles his gun and rests it on a bar tray. Lexie is temporarily satisfied with that compromise. He remains insistent in drudging up her past and Lexie is not having it, she tells William to take his gun parts and leave. Soon after Lurch and Bilbo show up and try to take off with William.  As they make their way toward the door, Lexie becomes an expert marksman, reassembles the gun and fires a warning shot in the direction of Lurch. She threatens Bilbo, they back off and exit the bar. Lexie finally bites and tells William to help her find out who she is, he tells her that once they begin there is no turning back.

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