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Haven – S4E3 – Bad Blood

Previously, on Haven: “Survivors

Dwight sends Vince and Dave on a Thelma and Louise style trip to New Hampshire in order to identify the body of a woman who fits Audrey’s description.  He wants to keep the trip it a secret from The Guard and Nathan until they can confirm the body is not Lexie. They arrive at the morgue to identify the body. The young woman does not have a tattoo on her ankle that is enough for Vince. Dave makes him look at her face. It’s not Audrey, relief washes over Vince.

Since dumping her meds in the drink, Jennifer is hearing voices again. At first she thought Wade was partying like a rock star as a post separation coping mechanism. Duke and Nathan discuss Jennifer’s trouble, it appears that in order to get more information about Lexie’s whereabouts, it was Duke’s job to convince Jennifer she didn’t need her meds anymore. People of Haven you, are kind of horrible.

Haven | Jordan Dwight

Several bodies are found drained of their blood. No signs of bites puncture or cuts. During the investigation of a crime scene, Jordan and Dwight see a reddish-brown blob travel into the sewer. Jordan knows of a man with a family known for having a blood related trouble.  Mike, the police station janitor. Dwight, Jordan and Nathan visit him at his secluded home, he admits that his trouble activated after his wife died. He cut himself shaving and tried to clean up all of the blood. He didn’t realize any had gone down the drain.  He is pissed off at Nathan and resisting arrest, he tries to lay hands on Jordan, not smart, is immediately knocked out. Jennifer and Duke are at the Police Station she is discussing her trouble, the blood blob is coming down from the light fixture. A drop hits Duke and is absorbed into his skin, his trouble is revealed to Jennifer, she is more concerned than freaked out about it.  The Scooby Gang shows up with Mike the Janitor in tow, the blood blob is focused on Nathan.

Haven | Duke

Nathan is who Mike hates the most and the blood is hell bent on seeking revenge.  Jordan temporarily contains the blood, but it is ultimately Duke who saves the day by absorbing the blob.  Later he explains to Jennifer what his trouble has done to his family and while it may look painful the sensation of absorbing troubled blood feels like a heroin high.

Jennifer confirms that she is not hearing voices from the barn, but hearing distinct conversations between a man and a woman. Audrey is alive, but where? Nathan and Duke speculate whether the barn was actually destroyed, maybe she is still lost inside.

Lexie has the gun drawn and aimed at William. She wants to know who she is and she wants to know now. He refuses to give her a less than cryptic response. She lets the pistol do the talking and orders him out of the bar. She tells him it is his last chance. He disagrees and walks out of the bar. Seconds later la he reappears at the end of the bar with a cold frosty longneck.

Haven | William

Lexie’s friend is complimenting on how handsome the man is at the end of the bar. Lexie sports a quizzical look and is audibly trying to sort out what just happened.  After shaking off what seems like deja vu, Lexie packs up her belongings and heads home for the night, only to return to the entry of the bar and happily greeted by her co-worker.  Still confused but she is beginning to put things together. These people aren’t real, the patrons and music disappear.  In order to figure out not only who she is but where she is, she has to let go of her friend and she finally disappears. Lexie wants to know if she is dead. William tells her no, but she needs to discover who she is before this safe place she has created is destroyed.

I’m glad they finally allowed Lexie to be more free thinking this episode, I don’t think I could have taken another episode of: who am I? why am I? There are only 13 episodes let’s get this show on the road.

The Bar, The Barn, I see what you did there.

Episode 4 will hopefully provide us with more answers about Audrey’s whereabouts and what she needs to do to return to her corporeal self.

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