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Haven – S5E16 – The Trail of Nathan Wournos

Last time we were in Haven left us with the sad realization that Kyra, a.k.a. Electricity Girl, had died on the journey back from the hunt for ather (black goo that causes the Troubles).

This episode, however, picks up with her angry fiancee, Tony, calling for justice. After a conversation between Nathan, Audrey, Dwight, and Charlotte in which we find out Kyra isn’t dead. She’s trapped under a rock surrounded by ather, but it’s being kept a secret to avoid the mob mentality that is bound to be unleashed since some believe ather can also cure the Troubles. To keep everyone under control it’s decided that Nathan will be put on trial, while Dwight and Charlotte go to rescue Kyra.

Haven - Season 5

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Vince and Dave are asked to help oversee the trial, and Tony will head up the prosecution. Meanwhile, outside of Haven, Duke is reluctantly helping his friend Hailie get the hang of her Trouble, which allows her to go through solid things: cars, walls, fences, etc. He says her mother told him “she didn’t go through the wall, she became the wall.” Does that sound like some sort of ancient proverb to anyone else?

Hailie’s Trouble comes with a very dangerous side effect: If she rematerializes too quickly she becomes a dangerous permanent part of whatever she’s going through – it’s how her heel got sliced, and it’s how her mother died.

As the trial gets underway we get a taste of how angry Tony really is. They decide to go with an Athenian Tribunal and Tony doesn’t think the punishment of banishment is enough – he calls for death. Tony has somehow collected a list of all the ways Nathan has endangered the community, or at least a list that when read allowed at the same time with no explanation at all could sound like ways he’s endangered the community.

Nathan sends Audrey to finish solving the darkness Trouble to keep everyone safe, including Kyra who could end this trial madness. Audrey’s search leads her to a super douche named Faber, who has been murdering bearded men in search of the Trouble. One of the almost victims is Grayson, a very kind deaf man with a supersonic scream. My favorite part of this scene is Fabor’s little rhyme “you might get a shot off, maybe two, before we get. our. way. with. you” what a kind way of saying, “You’re out numbered, bitch!”

Lucky for Audrey, Grayson’s scream brings the murdering douchebags to their knees, and McDuff (WWE hottie) comes down to take them to The Sandman. Hailie decides the best way to practice her Trouble and get the money she owes is to rob a bank – it must be a Sunday, because the Bank of Halifax is super empty.

Here’s what I love about Audrey and Nathan, they are two very altruistic, and in love people so while Audrey is willing to activate other Troubles and supersonic scream everyone to keep Nathan safe, Nathan won’t deny that he’s become a different person since he fell in love with Audrey, someone who he wants to defend. One of this show’s strongest aspects are the relationships it portrays. These people are family, they fight for one another.

After talking to Nathan, Audrey decides to ignore her promise to Nathan and talk to Grayson anyway. Then they spot Tony, who had a beard at one point and owns a yellow bandanna. Audrey confronts him about the darkness and is able to help him overcome his inability to accept the darkness in his own life, effectively solving the darkness Trouble just in time.

Meanwhile, Nathan lays out his dedication to healing Haven of the Troubles. He admits to making mistakes, and… hold on, I can’t, I just fell in love with him all over againdamn you Nathan!

No, but, seriously, this is where the writers really pulled out all the stops, and it’s all brought back around to what Haven is really about: the relationships, human frailty, and how the only thing that can heal us is hope and love. Hailie and Duke are caught by a cop just as they are leaving the bank. Hailie is shot and the blood spatters onto Duke, turning him into angry Trouble guy… he tells Hailie to run.

Haven - Season 5

In Haven, the votes have been tallied and just as Vince is about to read the verdict, Kyra, Dwight, and Charlotte walk in saving Nathan from having to hear it. Hailie runs into a shipping yard and Duke follows her into a box where she locks him in. Audrey finds Grayson Sandman’d in a room and is put to sleep herself by Nostradamus… I mean, the Sandman.

Haven - Season 5

As this show comes to an official end, I’m loving the way they’re tying up loose sends. I’m happy that the writers are doing this right, bring it back to what makes this show great!

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