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Helix – S1E10 – Fushigi

Previously, on Helix: “Level X

Helix | Fushigi

Day 10 starts with a dazed Dr. Girlfriend wakes to find herself strapped to an MRI table, and is briefly upset to find that everyone knows about her tumor now. Upon the commencement of the scan, she freaks out, hallucinating a vector attack.

Dr. Ex-wife and Dr. Frankenstein have their first little heart to heart after she learned he is her father. He still refuses to give her any details on why they have silver eyes, but he is very sorry for stealing all those poor little Inuit kids.

Helix | Woman

The Good Doctor informs Dr. Girlfriend that her tumor is getting worse, and shows a good chance of making its way into her brain. They are both sad, but refrain from cry-boning for the time being.

Dr. Ex-wife fills TGD in on the “Dr. Frank is my dad” front, telling him about the scrapbook and the Inuit children. TGD eschews comforting her in lieu of running off to yell at Dr. Frank. They argue for a moment about who has what rights to be the boss of Dr. Ex-wife, until Dr. Frank diverts the topic with footage of Dr. Sweater heading out onto the tundra with the Narvik virus. However, when TGD wants to rush out to stop him, Dr. Frank insists that Dr. Sweater will die on the ice, and the virus will be lost, so everybody wins, right?

TGD and Dr. Ex-wife wisely doubt sneaky old Doc Frank, and regroup to postulate what happens if the virus gets out. They surmise that Dr. Sweater either works for Ilaria, or is planning to very soon. They analyze the surrounding area, isolating a small satellite listening post, about 50 miles away, as the only likely destination for an artic traveller. TGD and Dr. Ex-wife commandeer a vehicle, and set out for the listening post, to the dismay of Dr. Frank.

Helix | Lab

We briefly see Vector Jesus (previously Badly Infected Brother) drop from the ceiling and frantically search Dr. Franks office for something which he does not find.

Back in the lab, Dr. Girlfriend is confronted by Dr. Frank, who insists she should rest. She refuses, and also refuses to tell him where TGD and Dr. Ex-wife went. He moans about not being trusted, and then aches about the “terrible things he’s done in the name of science”, and Dr. Girlfriend actually tries to comfort him, relating his situation to the doctor who developed the cure for smallpox.

Doctors Good and Ex-wife arrive at the listening post to find the door ajar, and they quickly track down Dr. Sweater who gets all defensive with his pickaxe. The radio crackles to life, making it clear that he is planning to sell the virus to whoever is on the other end (presumably Ilaria). The doctors appeal to his conscience about the virus infecting millions, but Dr. Sweater is having none of it, getting a kick in on TGD, and nailing Dr. Ex-wife with the pickaxe. TGD apparently remembers his Krav Maga lessons, and comes out on top, chucking Dr. Sweater through a window but smashing the radio in the process. They tie Dr. Sweater up, and begin to try to fix the radio.

Helix | Chill out.

Captain Cold, Shady MacGyver, and Son of Frank decide their only real option to keep the villagers from getting wiped out by the next Ilaria team is to evacuate everyone. Brother of Son of Frank notices that one of the snowmobiles is missing, and so is one of the Ilaria team’s bodies. Hoping to keep the element of surprise on Ilaria, Son of Frank heads out to track down the escaped Last Commando.

TGD finds a backup generator, and Dr. Ex-wife gets the radio working, while Dr. Sweater amuses himself by verbally harassing them. His jests are cut short by a few bullets through his chest. Someone outside demands that they give up the virus and they won’t be harmed. The doctors avoid getting shot, and eventually come to the conclusion that they are being pinned down by dun-dun-dun, The Last Commando! Just as they begin to figure out a way to deal with him, the radio crackles to life in a French accent. TGD inches over to respond, but as he reaches up for the microphone, the sniper outside puts several bullets into it, demolishing the radio. The two then use the downtime that one gets under sniper fire to have a heart to heart about their past. Then TGD notices Dr. Sweater’s blood leaking into the floor, and uncovers a trap door!

Dr. Frank returns to his office, finding Vector Jesus perusing his scrapbook. They have a standoff, Dr. Frank offering to help, Vector Jesus growling about how it will all be over soon.

Meanwhile, back in the lab, Dr. Girlfriend discovers an anomaly in Dr. Ex-wife’s DNA, that she thinks will enable her to cure her own cancer. Without checking with anyone else, she begins preparation to inject herself with Dr. Ex-wife’s DNA.

Below the listening station, TGD and Dr. Ex-wife can hear someone singing Christmas carols. They follow the sounds to find a haggard looking bald man with silver eyes and a vaguely Russian accent, (thusly making me wonder if we’ve got a 30 Days of Night crossover in the making) chained in a corner. He asks to be freed, but gives signs that indicate that would not be the best idea. When he realizes the doctors are about to leave him, he offers that he remembers being a scientist, and that he was forced to choose a side. He chose the side of Seven of Nine, and then Dr. Frank locked him down here. He babbles some more about rules, and that there can be no more than 500. That rebirth feels like death, and to live forever is to die 10,000 times, indicating that the silver eyes mutation is an attempt at giving an organism eternal life.

Helix | Basement vampire.

Captain Cold and Shady proceed to act terribly, and then make out.

Noises from the trap door indicate that the Last Commando has found their safe haven, and they deliberate about what to do with the Basement Vampire. Ultimately, TGD grabs a pair of bolt cutters and wanders off to hide the virus, leaving Dr. Ex-wife alone with our new friend.

Dr. Girlfriend’s experiment is going well, but as she begins to record her findings, her tumor gets the best of her, and she passes out, spasming on the floor.

Back in the basement of the listening post, Basement Vampire tells Dr. Ex-wife that he has been chained up there for 29 years. She asks why Dr. Frank would chain him up, and he only relates that he wants to kill Dr. Frank. TGD returns, and again, Basement Vampire demands to be freed. Julia takes the  bolt cutters from TGD, but when she attempts to cut his bonds, Basement Vamp grabs them and knocks down TGD. However instead of attacking Dr. Ex-wife, he moves the cutters to his own neck, chopping into his jugular, smiling as he bleeds out. They stare in shock for just a moment, before The Last Commando catches them from behind. He ties the two up, demanding the virus. They claim to know nothing for just a moment, before The Last Commando is shot from behind by Son of Frank. The three build a bonfire out of the listening post and throw the last of the Narvik virus into it, before they head back to the base.

Helix | Death of basement vampire.

Dr. Frank finds Dr. Girlfriend and induces her into a coma to get her seizures to stop. TGD and Ex-wife arrive, and let Dr. Frank know that they have met Basement Vampire. Dr. Frank claims that Basement Vampire had betrayed Dr. Ex-wife’s mother to Seven of Nine, and so he locked him away forever. He mentions “they” several times in his explanation, so TGD asks him who “they” are. Dr. Ex-wife has put the pieces together that “they” are “the 500” that Basement Vampire mentioned. Dr. Frank admits this is true, and that “they” are the 500 immortals who run the Ilaria Corporation. Just then Dr. Girlfriend begins to crash, drawing everyone’s attention. They all leap to action, but it seems to be no help. Dr. Frank decrees that she only has a few hours left, but that Dr. Ex-wife can save her.

Cut to Vector Jesus, in the air vents, taping pictures of Dr. Ex-wife onto the walls.

Cut back to Dr. Ex-wife, opening her backpack, revealing that she has secretly hid away the last two vials of Narvik A and B.

Helix | Narvik

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