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Helix – S1E12 – The Reaping

Previously, on Helix: “Black Rain

Helix | The Reaping

On Day 12 of this neverending season, we start with The Scythe, who on closer inspection appears to be a member of One Direction. (I only know the name of one of those kids, so Scythe, you are now One Direction Harry.) One Direction Harry is not happy about being here, as he chats with his bosses via text, and gets his orders (which you might think he would have already), which are to retrieve the Narvik virus and cure, recover Dr. Frankenstein alive, and kill everyone else.

Helix | One Direction Harry

The majority of the base personnel, all our Doctors included, are huddled in the Cabin in the Basement.   Son of Frank returns from searching for the last group of scientists, to relay that One Direction Harry’s crew of Daft Punks found them first, and thusly they are all squishy on the floor of the elevator. Doctors Ex-wife and Girlfriend have a chuckle about their newfound immortality. Meanwhile, The Good Doctor relays to Brother of The Good Doctor (previously Vector Jesus, previously Badly Infected Brother) that they will attempt to lure the Ilaria team out and neutralize them.

Captain Cold, Shady MacGyver, and Brother of Son of Frank are leading the remnants of the Eskimo Nation out into the snow. Later, Brother of Son of Frank confronts Shady about banging his sister, which he is not a fan of.

One Direction Harry and the Daft Punks review security footage while tracking the Doctors, who are apparently in Dr. Franks office. One of them happens upon the footage of Dr. Frank killing 7of9, and we discover that she was One Direction Harry’s mother. While simultaneously watching his mom’s snuff tape, he also follows the Doctors crafting their fake plan to recover the Narvik virus and destroy it in the incinerator. Meanwhile, a peculiar box in the room begins to shake as if something is inside it. One Direction Harry orders the Daft Punks to calm “her” down. One takes a syringe and injects it into an opening in the box. The Box then calms down.

Helix | Doctor Ex-Wife's Mother

Biohazard alarms go off as Dr. Frank and TGD head out into the snow, supposedly to retrieve the virus.

Dr. Frank attempts to explain that all along his only intention was to give the gift of immortality to the world. TGD does not believe him. As they retrieve a cylinder from one of the underground canisters, One Direction Harry and one of the Daft Punks ambush them. When demanded of the virus, a smirking Dr. Frank offers the canister, but then tosses it out into the snow. The lone Daft Punk immediately rushes to get it, and the ice beneath her feet collapses as she falls into darkness. As the Doctors raise their guns, suddenly One Direction Harry is nowhere to be found.

Helix | Smirking Frank

TGD, Dr. Frank, Dr. Ex-wife, and Son of Frank meet back up and the group, to TGD’s chagrin, decide to return to the Cabin in the Basement and hide. Back in the security room, One Direction Harry and the remaining Daft Punk fume, apparently upset that the dead Daft Punk turned out to actually be daft. Finally deciding it might be useful to actually listen to the video of his mother’s murder, they discover the existence of Dr. Frank’s daughter (who is Dr. Ex-wife, if you haven’t been paying attention).

As the Doctors and Son of Frank are taking the elevator back to the lower levels, suddenly it stops and the lights go out. Then just as suddenly, it starts again, but when the lights come back on, the service hatch is open, and Dr. Ex-wife is gone. After a brief freakout, Dr. Frank convinces the other two that their best play is to continue to the Cabin, as chasing after them will only endanger Dr. Ex-wife further, again to the chagrin of TGD.

Back in the cabin, the group argues the benefits of waiting vs. attacking. Dr. Frank insists that One Direction Harry will show up with demands when he is ready. On cue, a canister comes tumbling down the stairs. Inside are a bloody note to Dr. Frank, and Dr. Ex-wife’s finger. The note demands Dr. Frank give himself up. Son of Frank gets all feisty, wanting to keep Dr. Frank from walking into Ilaria’s hands, but eventually it is decided that they will use the distraction of Dr. Frank to mount a rescue effort. Son of Frank hatches a plan to use a gas system to render One Direction Harry and the Daft Punk unconscious. It requires, of course, that something dangerous has to be done manually. TGD and Ex-Vector Jesus volunteer to go into the ducts to perform the manual reset.

Morning at the Eskimo camp. Captain Cold is pissed at Brother of Son of Frank, because it appears Shady has left in the night.

Dr. Ex-wife wakes to find herself strapped in a chair in an isolation chamber, with a detonation collar around her neck, while TGD and Brother of TGD shuffle around in the air ducts, arguing like brothers to remind us that they are indeed brothers.

Helix | Explosive necklace

Back in the Cabin, Dr. Girlfriend is giving everyone a pep talk to keep them calm, but when she looks to Son of Frank for support, she finds that he is missing. Then shortly afterwards, finds that the remaining virus and cure are also missing. This is quickly clarified when we see Son of Frank marching up to the security room with canisters in hand.

In the vents, the arguing brothers manage to get the vents open, but when they radio Dr. Frank to turn on the gas, he hesitates, then walks straight into meet One Direction Harry. Dr. Frank begs to trade himself for Dr. Ex-wife. One Direction Harry forces him to beg on his knees, then turns on the lights in the isolation chamber behind him to show Dr. Ex-wife in her collar. But then he turns on the lights in a second isolation chamber, showing that he now also has Son of Frank, who is also wearing a detonation collar! One Direction Harry reveals that he already has the virus, but to atone for killing his mother, Dr. Frank must now choose one of his children to die so that the other may live. ODH gives his word that the other will be spared and starts a 30 second timer. As Dr. Frank refuses to make the choice, Son of Frank makes it for him, professing his love, and forgiving his father, as he sets off his own collar in an explosion of gore.

Helix | Death of Son of Frank

Dr. Frank attacks One Direction Harry, in a rage, knocking the controls from his hands, and deactivating Dr. Ex-wife’s collar, just as TGD and Brother of TGD burst in and neutralize One Direction Harry. However, just as ODH hits the floor, our attention is directed to a monitor showing the remaining Daft Punk opening The Box. Inside, a woman is strapped to a chair, and as the lid raises, it is revealed to be Dr. Ex-wife’s mother!

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