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Hellcat Climbs Her Way to the Top in Solo Series


This December, writer Kate Leth (Adventure Time) and artist Brittney Williams (Lumberjanes) will reacquaint Marvel fans and casual readers alike to the courageous and temerarious heroine that is Patsy Walker A.K.A. Hellcat!

Patsy_Walker_aka_Hellcat Cover


Ms. Walker has had an accomplished career as an integral member of both the Avengers and Defenders, with a dedicated fan following spanning decades. Hellcat, however, has experienced little time in the spotlight as a solo adventurer. For Leth, her sole ambition is to not only give Hellcat more depth as a character, but flaunt her profound skill set and enthusiasm for adventure.

“I want to continue the thread of her being the kind of girl who calls you up out of the blue and you always say yes, because it’s an adventure,” says Leth. “She’s a superhero martial-arts wiz that can sense mystical energy! She learned how to fight on the moon, so you KNOW she’s good at what she does and has the history to back it up.”

Patsy_Walker_aka_Hellcat Character Designs


Throughout A.K.A., Hellcat will confront a number of shadowy personas and intimidating villains, but she won’t be without her back-up. A number of Marvel’s heroines – from the powerful and popular to the charmingly obscure – will make appearances to assist Patsy during her arduous exploits.

“With this series, Kate and Brittney are going to provide a unique spin on the superhero, providing readers with a Patsy Walker who is both supremely relatable and supremely awesome,” says editor Wil Moss. “And look for guest appearances by all of Marvel’s top female heroes, including She-Hulk, Kate Bishop, Captain Marvel and maybe even the Unbeatable Squirrel Girl!”

Patsy_Walker_aka_Hellcat alt cover


Sharpen your claws and ready your wits because this cat didn’t come out to play! Patsy Walker A.K.A. Hellcat will be released in stores and digitally this December.

Also, be on the lookout for a variant cover drawn by none other than the legendary George Perez.

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