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Hemlock Grove – S3E7 – Todos Santos

Previously on Hemlock Grove, ‘Pendant’


We continue to explore the madness of Olivia Godfrey’s mind this episode, immediately addressing the cliffhanger we were left with in episode 6. Pryce is not dead. Although not for lack of trying on Olivia’s part. I’m not really a fan of false cliffhangers, but it felt within the realm of the possibility that Olivia could and almost did kill Pryce. After finding out she did not kill him, she continues with her day, discarding Isaacs’s body with neither care or finesse. But when she returns to her apartment and bids a final farewell to Isaac, we are introduced to Isaac 2.0, a hallucination created from her mind that names itself Chango. She’s been able to defeat every heartbreak and threat that has come her way for centuries, but the one person she has not been able to defeat is herself.


Chango and Olivia go through the day doing the exact opposite of what the token was supposed to mean to Olivia; an exercise in self-control. Instead, her entire day paints a picture of a woman with a lack of self-control and used to getting her own way. From keeping Isaacs phone and using the information on it to threaten Aitor, to visiting Pryce for an update and continuing to threaten him. The funniest part of her day, though, is when she goes to an Upir function to find a host to allow her consciousness to be transferred. To the viewer, she is becoming unhinged and to those around her she seems crazy.

Honorable Mention

Roman sends Shelley a ton of supplies at the Rooster pit. These two are definitely siblings, fighting with the understanding that they still have each other’s back. She also gets to meet the sister she never knew she had when Annie comes by and introduces herself. I just want Annie to stay away from Shelley, because she just seems like a different type of Godfrey crazy.

Bad planning

Meanwhile, Peter continues to fall into a hell of his own making. I don’t understand why he just doesn’t tell Dee the truth about Andreas’ death, because not doing so is just creating a whole host of drama for him. Milo meets up with him and in his usual rude manner tells Peter to keep a handle on Dee before she gets the both of them killed, by him. Which leads Peter to once again try and get the Gypsies on board with his plan, but they just refuse to play ball, and some of them are just plain stupid. I guess Andreas wasn’t the anomaly in this group; Peter is. When he again cautions Dee to back off, she is hurt, angry, and accuses Peter of distancing of himself from her. He meets up with Roman later and he lets him know he wants to tell Dee the truth, but Roman is vehemently against that. And I just wish Peter would stop taking advise from people and just act.

A day at the office

The scenes between Roman and Pryce were half funny and half wretched to me. During a board meeting, Pryce asks Roman if he’s sleeping with Peter due to their close bromance and it seems to me that Pryce looked a bit happy when he found out he wasn’t. During this ridiculous conversation, an employee that we’ve known for about five minutes, Trevor, walks into the room and the shift from mild mannered scientist to gun toting maniac was something to behold. Pryce and Roman immediately duck underneath the table to avoid the hail of gunfire as the entire group of board members are killed. Roman thought it was a good idea to stand up and confront the gunman. And just when I thought I thought we would find out if Roman could heal from a gunshot wound to the heart, a guard shoots Trevor in the head.

dr pryce and trevor

Although I thought something was odd in his mannerisms, I was surprised to see Trevor was being controlled by Spivak through a wormy looking implant. Pryce quickly goes into Dr. Frankenstein mode in order to find a way to retrieve the last of Trevor’s memories. Later, amplified by Roman’s brain, they are able to pull up a vague idea of where Spivak is, followed by an unproductive conversation that Spivak kind of wins by being snarky.

destinyThe day for Roman regrettably continues to get worse. After almost getting killed, confronting his mortality head on, being mocked by Spivak, he gets home to find Annie waiting for him. Does she have keys now or is Roman so rich his door is always open? Dee arrives in the middle of this and launches her own attack on Roman for his role in Andreas’ death. Dee throws a pretty smooth punch at Roman and he returns in kind, but he’s way stronger. She falls back and hits her on the edge of a table and her head starts to bleed.

Annie crouches over Dee and begs for Roman to call for an ambulance and he answers by snapping Dee’s neck while looking like a child who knows that he’s done something wrong but doesn’t know how to stop. This scene seemed so unlike Roman and Dee. Although I’m fine with the outcome we’ve seen Roman snap in the past, but never to this extent and I’m not sure whether or not Pryce’s experiments earlier that day had something to do with this display of violence. What I do know is Peter walks into an empty home looking for Dee.

Hemlock Grove S3E7
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Dee’s death was a shock. It sucks she died in such a way at the hands of Roman over the worst guy this season, Andreas. When she had that vision in the beginning of this season I was hoping she would be around for the takedown of Spivak, which is starting to seem bleak at best. Olivia’s descent into madness continues to amuse me and I’m so happy we get more of Isaac even if it’s as a hallucination. Although we didn’t get a lot with Shelley and Aitor this episode I do hope he doesn’t leave due to Olivia’s threats.

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