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Heroes Reborn – S1E10 – 11:53 to Odessa

Previously on Heroes Reborn, Sundae, Bloody Sundae

Images: NBC

Images: NBC

Luke wants to help Noah and Malina find Tommy. Noah’s like, “Whhhhhyyyyy?” like Luke is Jared from Subway. He tells Luke to leave them alone. Noah and Malina head off on the road together. When Noah realizes Luke is following them, he confronts him. Luke pushes for Noah to let him help, but Noah still looks at him like he’s Jared from Subway and leaves him behind.

Back on their road trip, traffic has stopped as a huge storm is brewing in the distance. The wind picks up and a car is thrown directly into Noah’s path. A mysterious arm appears to zap him out of the way just in time. I’d like to think it’s Hiro’s arm. It couldn’t be anybody but him or Tommy. Malina uses her powers and a lot of yelling to calm the storm. The people whose lives she just saved thank her by pulling guns out and threatening to shoot her. Luke saves her by tossing around his fire powers. Before they leave together, all she can find of Noah are his broken glasses.

Heroes Reborn - Season 1

Tommy wakes up in a bed at Erica’s where the back of his neck has been tagged. Like Hitler tagged the Jews. This woman. Phoebe is still around so Tommy cannot use his powers to zap himself out. She tells him about the upcoming doomsday and that her company has created a colony in the future so humanity can “reboot” after the apocalypse. Noah has destroyed the connection between present day and that future, and only Tommy can fix it before everyone is destroyed. Phoebe lets up her power long enough for Tommy to zap Erica, Quentin, Phoebe, and himself into the future. The same desert future we left Miko in at the end of last week’s episode. The desert is barren and empty, because, according to Erica, Tommy hasn’t decided to save anyone yet. She says it’s proof that Tommy and Malina did not stop the apocalypse, but they still can. Erica calls this city Gateway.

Miko is also in Gateway, but not the desert version. She is in a properly developed city. She enters a facility and finds a bunch of Evos strapped down, including a version of herself. Her father finds her and tells her that the Master of Time and Space is there and she must find him. He then tells Ren, via Evernow, to travel to the future to help Miko.

Erica convinces Tommy to send Quentin and Phoebe back to the future, which he does. Then Miko shows up, kicks everyone’s ass, tells Tommy it is her mission to free him, and they zap off together.

The Hero Truthers gather outside Sunstone Manor and come up with the plan that the Shapeshifter should take the form of Erica and him and Taylor can go inside and rescue Micah. Inside Sunstone Manor, Matt Parkman is still evil and does some evil things and why is he here? Parkman is like that houseguest who won’t get the hint and leave even though you’ve already said four times you have to work early and need to get to bed. We all have that friend, right?

He has Farah restrained and is trying to get Malina’s location out of her. His powers don’t work on her, so he brings in Carlos, who Farah is in love with, and holds a gun to his head until Farah admits where Malina is. But, I mean, how would she even know? She’s currently on a road trip with Noah in who-knows-where. Malina herself probably doesn’t even know where she is. All rest stops look the same, ya know.

Heroes Reborn - Season 1

Taylor tells Fake Erica (who can barely walk in heels) that being controlling and condescending are key to pulling off the disguise. Unfortunately, Matt Parkman can read Fake Erica’s mind which speaks in a male voice. Parkman catches on quickly, so Taylor tasers him and leaves him with the shapeshifter while she goes in search of Micah. Harris walks in to find two Matt Parkmans and immediately shoots one. The real Matt asks Harris how he knew that one wasn’t him. Harris says, “Oh, I didn’t.” Harris isn’t the least bit remorseful that he randomly chose who to shoot and Matt hears him thinking about how disposable he is. I respect you so much right now, Harris. Matt interrogates a grown-up Micah, who is unrecognizable without his wet hair, and locked in a glass box. He is obviously starting to doubt Erica and demands Micah use his powers to find out if Matt and his kids are on her list of people to send to the future to save. Micah does and Matt is on the list.

In other areas of Sunstone Manor, Carlos overpowers his guard and rescues Farah. They run into Taylor and finally Carlos becomes relevant to the main story arc. They search the facility with guns until they are confronted outside by a wave of Harris clones. They split up and run.

The show will return on January 7th, so we’ve got plenty of time to forget everything we’ve just watched.

Heroes Reborn S1E10
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I feel like this is a good stopping point for the fall season. Everything’s kind of reached a point where you can pause it and not really get confused even if you do forget everything. I’m glad Carlos finally tied in, but him and Miko are still boring characters I don’t much care for.

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