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Heroes Reborn – S1E3 – Under the Mask

Previously on Heroes Reborn, ‘Brave New World/Odessa’

I miss Sylar and his shenanigans. Just thought I’d throw that out there in case Quinto is reading.  

A blonde girl named Malina, who kind of looks like one of Kristen Bell’s daughters all grown up, walks across the snowy lands of somewhere in the Arctic with an invisible guide. The guide tells her to concentrate harder because the world will need her powers soon. I’m guessing this is the equivalent of Matt Parkman’s spirit walk in Africa. I wonder if she’ll eat bean paste and bat guano.

HRG and Quentin stop to hot wire a pick-up truck. Quentin wants to go to a hospital, seeing as how he’s been shot, but HRG just wants to take him to a convenience store. Get him some beef jerky. Maybe buy some band-aids. He takes him to the hospital after all. As Quentin is being treated, HRG is recognized by a doctor who remembers him from June 13th. HRG does not remember the doctor. He wants some answers so he takes a security guard hostage and forces them to show him the security footage from June 13th. In the footage, HRG shows up at the hospital. He goes to the morgue where Claire’s body is on a slab and then walks out of the hospital with Molly Walker. The time stamp on the video keeps jumping around and HRG realizes that Hiro was messing around with time. Of course. Saving the cheerleader was his thing.

Heroes Reborn S1E3 HRG Morgue

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Joanna and Luke are still on the road in their stolen vehicle. She’s all, “Who should we kill next?” and he’s all, “I wish I was anywhere but here.” And then the car breaks down, in the middle of nowhere. You know, this would be a good time for one of them to figure out they have a power that starts the car.

They stop at a diner to eat and he tries to convince her they should give this up and go back home. She refuses. We see some flashbacks of them with their son. Then somehow he heats up his knife and overcooks his steak. How has he gotten to this age and not once known he had this power? He pretends to be cool in front of his wife, but as soon as he’s alone, starts to panic, and then explodes. Good, I was getting sick of that guy.

Heroes Reborn S1E3 Hot Knife

Let me just say that I don’t appreciate sub titles. Cause now I gotta look up from what I’m doing to read.

Anyway, Miko, is in the Renautus building with Hiro’s sword and she’s kicking everybody’s ass. Miko is stopped by a man named Harris. And by stopped, I mean he punches her in the face. And then in the back. Then he takes the sword and tells her it’s not hers. He questions her about how she got in the building and where she got the sword. She just makes little origami birds and demands to know where her father is. Harris tries to chop her arm off, but Ren, who is really just this series’ version of Ando, infiltrates the building and distracts him. Miko takes advantage of this to grab the cleaver from Harris and chop his arm off, and her and Ren run for it. Meanwhile, Harris’ arm grows back and another Harris grows from the arm laying on the floor. He can regenerate! Awesome!

Heroes Reborn - Season 1

Molly Walker is dragged in handcuffs, and a slinky dress, on to a private jet. She’s being taken to Midian. Erica, the CEO of Renautus, is waiting Molly’s arrival for the launching of Epic. The girl who kidnapped her and brought her there just happens to be Erica’s daughter. The company has adopted the same “one of us, one of them” policy Primatech had. Quentin and HRG sneak into the building and try to get Molly to come with them. She runs away from them, is caught by one of the Harris clones, and is strapped to a chair. She screams as probes are attached to her backstage during the unveiling of Epic. Powered by Molly, Epic is able to locate all Evos on the planet so they can be found and properly disposed of. This is some Hitler shit.

Heroes Reborn S1E3 Epic

I am not at all interested in Carlos’ story-line. To sum it up, he’s hunting down those who are hunting down Evos to find and/or get vengeance against whoever killed his brother. And then a priest saves him by turning him into smoke. He tries to carry on in the footsteps of El Vengador, but he makes a very bad hero. I’m just not invested in this part at all.

Heroes Reborn S1E3 Tommy

Back in Illinois, young Tommy is cool now and being invited to school parties. Against his mother’s orders, he leaves the house and goes to the party. He doesn’t enjoy the party, but he does enjoy the company of Emily, whom he offers to walk home. Their walk home is interrupted by his mother accosting ‘The Protector’, the man who has been watching Tommy and sending him warning texts. You remember, the warning texts he did not follow. Mom forces him into the car and takes him home. Tommy’s mom says they need to get out of this town just as another car hits them. To be continued… will they survive the crash? I think so. I feel like they’re setting Tommy up to be an important character.

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