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Heroes Reborn – S1E4 – The Needs of the Many

Previously on Heroes Reborn, ‘Under the Mask

Mohinder Suresh’s voice joins us to wonder out loud about how we find our purpose, while Tommy and his mom hang upside in their flipped car. But no worries, Tommy just teleports or disappears (or whatever you call what he does) himself out of the car. Then he disappears his mom to the waiting room of a hospital. Tommy arrives later at the hospital where Emma and Brad show up with their support. These are nice friends. I wasn’t sure about the Brad one at first, but he’s okay. Tommy’s mom is stable at this point, but she needs a transfusion of O-negative blood, which they are out of. How does a hospital run out of blood? This is like that time I went to the post office and they were out of stamps. I was like, “Really? Stamps? You’re the post office.” If you can’t count on the post office to have stamps, or a hospital to have blood, can you really count on anybody?

They test Tommy’s blood, but he is not a match. There is no available blood in Illinois apparently, so he transports himself and Emma to a hospital in Indiana, steals some blood, and brings it back. The nurse warns him that his blood test was flagged by the government and he needs to run, but before they can even leave the hospital, they are surrounded by agents with badges.

Images: NBC

Images: NBC

Joanne knocks on the door of a man’s house, when he answers, she confirms his identity, and then immediately shoots him in the forehead. She calls it a “pretty shot”. Luke reluctantly agrees, even though he doesn’t agree with shooting a man who had a wife and kids. The dead man’s dog walks in, lays on his owner’s body, and cries. And I officially hate Joanne and this entire show. I don’t like sad dogs. Luke needs to perhaps shoot her and end this nonsense, cause she ain’t giving up. Oh, and by the way, Luke did not die during last week’s explosion and there is no explanation about it at all.

Heroes Reborn S1E4 Luke Joanne and Dog

Luke tries to convince Joanne that they should just give this up and go back to their happy marriage. She refuses cause she’s still on vengeance. He reveals his powers to her and she’s all, “I did love you but now I gotta go.” Geez. What happened to for better or for worse? So much the better for him though. He cries in the car. Sad, sad tears.

Malina, still marching through her icey tundra, finds a butterfly in the snow. She dusts off its wings and it flies away, along with hundreds of other butterflies. I call shenanigans! Butterflies can’t live in the snow. This is like that time Matt Parkman brought a giant ass tortoise on an airplane from Africa, in a tiny little cage, feeding it limp ass lettuce. Or maybe that’s somehow her power. Malina finds out the truth about herself during this little spirit walk. It turns out she’s been hunted since she was a baby by Renautas, who wanted to destroy her like they are destroying all evos. Her spirit guide wants to fight them back with “life”, whatever that means. Malina makes a tree grow out of the ground as explanation of this. Maybe she controls all of nature.

Over in Tokyo, Ren is buying himself and Miko plane tickets “to America”. More specifically, to Colorado. Maybe that’s what the Japanese think of America. That you just go to America and you are anywhere you want to be. Ren records a video to Evernow fans letting them know that he and Miko will be at the gates of Renautas the following day. When they show up at Renautas, all the waiting fans recognize her immediately even though she looks exactly the same as every other Katana Girl cosplayer who is there.

Carlos upgrades his costume, but The Priest is not impressed. Neither am I. They need to drop this storyline. Carlos’ nephew Jose finds his secret underground bat-cave. The Priest shows up and Jose reveals his power to him, just as some dudes show up to kidnap them both.

Heroes Reborn - Season 1

Noah and Quentin wait outside Renautas, eating sushi, until Taylor walks by. Noah pulls out his gun and demands she help them get into her mother’s research lab to save Molly and maybe find Quentin’s sister. She refuses to help, but Noah convinces her that her mother probably isn’t telling her everything. With the seed of doubt planted, Taylor confronts her mother. Her mom is all, “I don’t really care that you’re a whore, but why would you bang an evo?” I’m paraphrasing. Erica insists she’s not a bigot, but she clearly is. Her hatred of evos knows no bounds. She lies that she wants to create a better planet for her daughter, but really this is just more Hitler-like bullshit. Get rid of the evos to save their species. Taylor is disturbed.

Heroes Reborn S1E4 HRG and Taylor

Taylor returns to Renautas the following day to find she has been denied access to the building. But it’s cool, she just kills the guards and sneaks Noah and Quentin in with her. They are stopped by a trio of Harrises, but HRG just kills them by shooting a fire extinguisher which explodes and turns them into dust. It was pretty cool. They find Molly, along with dozens of other evos, strapped in chairs. He frees Molly, but she won’t leave with him. Instead she pulls out his gun and shoots herself so that her powers can never be used against anybody again. Before she dies, she tells Noah to forget the past and save the future.

Heroes Reborn S1E4 Molly

Before Molly died and E.P.I.C. went down, they detected a presence in Canada. Possibly Malina. Erica sends Harris there, along with The Shadow. Mohinder narrates over a shot of a young girl in a dark cloak, who I assume is The Shadow, spinning a ball of darkness.

Heroes Reborn S1E4
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Now that the story-lines are all set up, the story is starting to move forward. I mean, I could still do without the Carlos and Katana Girl story lines, but I’m enjoying everything else.

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