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Heroes Reborn – S1E5 – The Lion’s Den

Previously on Heroes Reborn, ‘The Needs of the Many

Malina and her mysterious spirit guide have traded in the snowy lands for the type of road you’d possibly get kidnapped off of while out on a jog. Malina worries about how she’s supposed to save the world, but Spirit Guide tells her that when the time is right, she’ll be ready. Spirit Guide leaves Malina to wait for her in some kind of abandoned farm. Again, the type of place you could expect to be kidnapped. I’m not sure I’d want someone this cavalier about dangerous deathtraps to be saving the world I live in.

One of the Harris clones shows up and a shoot out ensues. Malina uses her powers, which is basically just pushing them away with air. I suppose that’s useful. Marina and Spirit Guide get away, but get cornered by Harris and the Jedi girl we saw at the end of last week’s episode who happens to be Quentin’s sister, Phoebe. Spirit Guide gets shot. Before she dies, she gives Malina an envelope that contains “the answers”. Malina manages to escape, but does not open the envelope.

Images: NBC

Images: NBC

Tommy was indeed captured by the agents who cornered him in the hospital. You know, the hospital with no blood, and apparently no security. Tommy is processed, questioned, and has a tracking device put in his arm all Hunger Games-style. Then it is revealed that he was adopted. Tommy teleports out of there. I’m not sure why he didn’t do that before they took his blood and put a tracking device in him, but that’s a teenager for you.

He teleports back home, where a nervous landlord is putting up an eviction notice because he’s does not rent to evos. He teleports to the hospital to demand answers from his mom. Pruitt, the penny man, shows up and stops her from telling Tommy anything. He tells Tommy how important he is to saving the world. Tommy is not ready to face his destiny and so he teleports his angsty teenage self away.

Back at Renautas, Quentin, Taylor, and Noah discover a seed bank. This is how Renautas plans to repopulate the world after they kill off all the evos. Taylor is pissed about her mom being an “evil bitch” and calls her mom pretending to be sorry and wanting to meet at their house to talk. They meet up to talk, but surprise, Quentin and Noah are there too.

Heroes Reborn - Season 1

When Renautas took over Primatech, Erica had considered Noah one of her biggest assets, but then he quit. Noah demands to know if Erica killed Claire and Hiro. She claims to know nothing about Claire’s death, but that Hiro had died at the summit with everyone else. She tells Noah to blame Mohinder and then refuses to tell him anything else. Their little talk is interrupted by Harris. Miko breaks through the glass, somersaults through the pieces, and doesn’t get a scratch on her. She steals the sword and takes off. I’m still not feeling this whole Miko/Ren story-line. It’s too Hiro. And not that I don’t like Hiro, but it’s been done.

The distraction gives them a chance to tie up Harris and demand answers. The distraction also gives Erica a chance to get away. She meets up with a scientist who shows her that solar radiation will destroy everything in about a week. The scientist is perturbed, but Erica says, “What did you expect? Starting over is never pretty.” I guess Erica’s plan was to literally kill everybody.

Heroes Reborn - Season 1

Luke heads back home, without his wretched wife. He crumples up some bills, watches some home videos, and then cries in his son’s room. We find out that he used to be a doctor and wants his partner to buy out his half of the practice. Then he burns his own house down. Well, I guess that’s one way to atone for your sins.

Heroes Reborn S1E5 Luke's Fire

Carlos comes back to the garage to find that Jose and The Priest are missing. He goes to the police station. Or maybe that guy is a mall cop. Either way, he doesn’t take Carlos seriously and neither does the Captain. A shipment of E.P.I.C. goggles have conveniently just arrived. The other guys in the precinct put them on, and discover that the Captain is an evo. There’s a fight and the Captain is dragged out, I assume to slaughter.

I’m not sure how they plan on disposing of billions of evos, but I don’t want to think about it.

As they’re taking him wherever they are taking him, I’m assuming to Renautas, they are thwarted by Carlos in his costume. Carlos kidnaps the Captain from his first kidnappers and throws him in his trunk.

Heroes Reborn S1E5
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The show really picked up pace this week and I enjoyed it. The Carlos storyline looks like it might be tying itself in and becoming relevant, but I still don’t care for the whole Miko/Ren thing. It’s too much like what we’ve already seen with Hiro.

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