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Heroes Reborn – S1E6 – Game Over

Previously on Heroes Reborn‘The Lion’s Den’

Noah is tired of all this pussy-footing around so he gets real to find his answers. He shoves Harris underwater, punches him in the face a few times, and then takes him with to go see Hiro. Hiro! When they get inside, they find out that Renautas has harnessed Hiro’s time traveling powers and using it to transport things to the future. Quentin is impressed by the time machine they’ve built, but Noah is pissed. In order to use his powers, they’ve had to trap Hiro somewhere that time does not exist. He’s trapped in Evernow. Phoebe shows up with her shenanigans. Quentin tries to convince her to leave with him, but she’s only interested in evil, and he dies.

Images: NBC

Images: NBC

Miko’s video game self is still in search of her father. It turns out Renautas actually owns Evernow and Richard the programmer is reprogramming the game to keep her from finding and rescuing her father. The game alters right in front of her face. Richard also explains that the daughter of the father Miko is trying to rescue died in a car crash, so Miko could not be his daughter. Miko is actually a virus, created in the game by her father. Not being able to find the fortress containing her “father”, Miko leaves the game and returns to the real world. Since every place in Evernow has a real life counterpart, her and Ren decide to find the real life version of the Eternal Fortress. They instantly find the fortress, which is also the same place Noah and Quentin are, and she warps back into the game to get inside. She realizes that she has to sacrifice herself in order to free Hiro. Hiro agrees to take Noah back to June 13th.

Heroes Reborn - Season 1

Luke buys a boat, fills a back-pack with cinder blocks, and attempts to drown himself because he thinks he has no purpose. I think he possibly could have committed suicide without the added hassle of purchasing a boat. Malina coincidentally shows up just in time to rescue him. She really could just jump in and yank him out of the water, but she uses a much more complex method of using her powers to create some sort of hurricane-type thing that pulls him up and throws him on to land. Well, I guess in her way, she doesn’t have to get wet. She tells him she’s searching for Tommy. He knows where to find Tommy and now realizes he has a purpose and offers to help her.

Heroes Reborn - Season 1

Tommy and Emma, blah blah teenage crap. He’s a little unconcerned about everything, so he teleports them to France. They speak French and shop for comic books. She gives him the whole “with great power comes great responsibility” speech and happens to pick up the one 9th Wonder comic he’s been looking for. This comic gives him the strength to go back home and do what he needs to do. But first, Emma cuts his tracking device out of his arm and they make out.



Heroes Reborn S1E6
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This is by far the best episode. Plenty of action, and of course, Hiro. But still, this Carlos thing… I try to care but can’t.

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