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Heroes Reborn – S1E7 – June 13th, Part 1

Previously on Heroes Reborn, ‘Game Over

Zachary Levi needs to stop walking around sounding like Dax Shepard. Some of us don’t look at the screen while we’re typing and it’s confusing. Just saying.

Back in time, on June 13th, Noah and Hiro have to find a way to stop the explosion. That shouldn’t be too hard; it’s only at least 6 separate bombs detonated simultaneously. Noah wants to just call in a bomb threat but Hiro is adamant that they not step on any butterflies. Which is silly, because stopping a bomb that killed hundreds, maybe thousands of people, is a pretty big butterfly they’re trying to step on. Calling in a bomb threat is not that big of a deal in comparison. But what do I know. Noah and Hiro go to Primatech to look for Claire. As they’re searching the rooms, Past Noah and Erica show up. Hiro and Future Noah hide behind a book shelf, “like Harry Potter”. Past Noah chews out Erica for her lax security at the summit. Erica reveals herself to be the bigot we already know she is and then fires Past Noah for being too into evos. Future Noah is all, “I gotta save me!” but Hiro is all “No! Butterflies!”

Heroes Reborn - Season 1

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On the outskirts of Odessa, Mohinder is meeting up with Angela Petrelli on a dirt road. He stands on the side of the road like some wayward hitchhiker. She warns him that Renautas is bad news and that they made a mistake getting involved, but Mohinder doesn’t care because they’re funding his research. Angela has had a vision and she knows of Erica’s plans to destroy everyone. Erica also plans to kill Mohinder at the summit to silence him. Mohinder doesn’t believe her. He’s always been a fool. Mohinder storms off and heads to the summit where he’s scheduled to give a speech. When he gets there, one of the many Harris clones takes Mohinder to Erica, who, true to Angela’s vision, has him shot and taken out to possibly die in the explosion. Hiro shows up to save him, but again thinks of the butterflies and leaves him there instead.

Heroes Reborn - Season 1

Back at Primatech, Angela shows up to tell Future Noah that Claire had been rushed to the ER. Hiro will stop the bomb, while Noah saves the cheerleader. By the time they get to the hospital, Claire is already dead. But a nurse tells them, “We were able to save the children.” Noah and I are both all “Wait, what? Rewind.” I mean, I literally had to rewind. Claire has died in childbirth. Angela doesn’t look shocked, but she had a vision of the babies. The babies, by the way, are like 4 months old already. I wonder if they’re some kind of Robin Williams in Jack type of thing. Noah cries over Claire’s body in the morgue when Hiro shows up and admits he didn’t stop the bomb because there were too many. Too many butterflies. He tries to take them back to the future, but his powers are being blocked by Phoebe who Erica is forcing to block out everybody’s powers. They witness the bombs exploding.

Heroes Reborn - Season 1

Back at the hospital, Future Noah remembers that the babies are what he had been forced to forget. Angela knows these babies are going to grow up and save the world, so her and Noah come up with a plan to hide them until they’re 15. She agrees to take them back in time to raise them until then. Hiro thinks they’re crazy, but agrees to take her back to 1999. But first, they must name the babies. Nathan after the son Angela lost and Malina after Noah’s mother. See where they’re going with this?

Somewhere in the future, or the past, or I don’t know when, Tommy/Nathan’s mom gives an older looking Tommy/Nathan a cupcake to celebrate his birthday. He says he is ready because his dad taught him everything he knew. They don’t explain who “Dad” is. Could it possibly a character from the original series or some guy Claire had hooked up with? Or maybe just his mom’s boyfriend who he’s referring to as Dad? So many questions, none of which get answered this week. Ew, what if the twins are Matt Parkman’s babies.

The fat guy with the hat and the pennies and the flower on his chest who has been in every episode… he shows up at level 5 to meet with Past Noah. His name is Casper and he works for Renautas. They talk about things none of us know anything about so this scene doesn’t really make sense. He’s supposed to wipe Noah’s memory but instead helps him escape. They witness the explosion and then go to the hospital where Future Noah tries to kill Erica, but Past Noah sees him and tries to stop him.

To be continued….


Heroes Reborn S1E7
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It was fun to see some old characters. And the top of Claire’s head. I miss Claire, but I saw her on Law and Order: SVU today, so it all works out. I loved the twist with the twins. I really like the direction this is going.

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