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Heroes Reborn – S1E9 – Sundae, Bloody Sunday

Previously on Heroes Reborn, June 13th, Part 2

Mohinder, who died last week, or rather, back on June 13th as we’re back in present day, has returned from the dead to lecture us via voice-over about choices defining who we are.

And then Carlos is in a car with a tube up his nose. Really, what is it with this show and having tubes stuck up people’s noses? His handcuffs are still on, but they’re unlocked. I still don’t know what’s happening with this story line and I still don’t care. It might be important later, but probably not. Dearing takes Carlos to a place that seems like some sort of halfway house for evos. He’s taken them there to rescue his nephew and warns Carlos to stay away from the director, who turns out to be that blasted Matt Parkman. By the way, he was also in a commercial during the break. It’s like NBC can’t enough of that guy’s giant head. Why do they gotta push him on me like a drug pusher? Parkman has been using his powers to keep all the evos in line.

Images: NBC

Images: NBC

Taylor is kidnapped by a pair of masked menaces. She is taken to an abandoned warehouse (really where do they keep finding these?) where The Haitian is alive and well. The Haitian is the current leader of this group called Hero Truther and they’re trying to take down Renautas. They’re trying to find information on their old leader, who was none other than Micah Sanders, who has been kidnapped and is in the same facility that Carlos is right now. Finally, Carlos stories starts to actually fit in with the rest of the show. Carlos finds Jose, but Jose doesn’t want to leave because the evos are all brainwashed and don’t want to leave. Parkman captures Dearing and then turns Carlos crazy with memories of being in Iraq. Well, I guess Parkman is evil now. As opposed to last episode when he wasn’t. What happened to you, Matt? Who changed you?

Heroes Reborn - Season 1

Nathan/Tommy and Emily are a thing now, and they walk down the street holding hands and kissing and he gives her a gift. Noah tracks Nathan down to tell him the truth of all the was wiped from his memory. He lets him in on the little secret that he is vital to saving the world. But the girl? The girl is distracting. Teenagers in love can’t do anything sensible. Noah wants Casper to wipe her memory but he doesn’t because he’s all about first loves. He just eats some ice cream instead.

Joanne, possibly one of the worst characters ever on this show, shows up. Casper tries to wipe her memory but she doesn’t fall for the spinning penny trick and kills him instead. Nathan shows up, as do Luke and Malina, and oh my god, the impeccable timing of this show. Everybody always just happens to be on the same place on earth at the same time at just the right moment. And Nathan just happens to right now at this moment learn how to freeze time. Nathan and Emily zap away back to the hospital where his mom is, but they run into backstabbing Quentin. They try to zap away again but Phoebe using her powers to stop everyone else from using their powers. Nathan goes with Quentin and Phoebe to keep them from hurting Emily and Noah. Nathan is taken to have dinner with Erica and she’s all, “I hope you like to eat dead deer.”



Flash forward to almost 8,000 years in the future and Miko, whom I thought was dead, but I guess everyone is immortal, is walking through a barren desert.

Heroes Reborn S1E8
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This was not as good as the previous few episodes have been, but I’m glad that the story lines are tying together. And also, Micah! I never even considered whether or not he’d come back. But I hope he doesn’t bring Ali Larter with him.

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