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Heroes – S1E8 – June 13th, Part 2

Previously on Heroes Reborn, June 13th, Part 1

So, last week I wondered out loud if the twins might be Matt Parkman’s babies. That was a stupid thing to say. It must have just been spoken out of a moment of fear that he’d come back, because nobody in the Parkman genetic line would ever be powerful enough to save the world. If the father is anyone from the original series, it would have to be someone powerful like Arthur, Peter, or Sylar. And she’s not going to bang her grandfather or uncle. And there’s no way a baby would be born from Sylar’s genes and not have those eyebrows. So, I’m thinking the father is probably not going to be some big reveal.

Still back on June 13th, Erica is telling a group of reporters that Mohinder is responsible for the explosion. She also blames him for the murder of his research team, which we already know was actually done on her orders.

Quentin searches the hospital for his sister, while Future Noah tries to shoot Erica. Past Noah stops him. Both Noahs are like, “What are YOU doing?” Quentin drags Erica, who has been shot in the ass, into a stairwell to demand to know where his sister. She says that if he helps her she’ll tell him where his sister is. I wasn’t expecting her to follow through but she does take him to see her.

Heroes Reborn - Season 1

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Future Noah tells Past Noah about Claire’s death. Future Noah and Molly, who has suddenly appeared in the scene, go off to find Hiro to send Noah back to his right time, leaving Caspar, who has also suddenly shown up (did I fall asleep?) to erase Past Noah’s memory. Before this can happen, Harris shows up and knocks Caspar out. He brings along that damn Matt Parkman to read Past Noah’s mind. Damn it. I typed his name too many times and he showed up like Bloody Mary. Matt uses his powers to find out everything that happened to Claire and then he almost cries about it. Did he even know Claire? Did he know her in a biblical sense and I was right the first time about the babies? A penny rolls into the room erasing Noah’s memory before he can tell them where the baby is. Caspar knocks Harris out and Matt lets them leave because he is weak. But in his defense, he never was capable of being a villain.

Heroes Reborn - Season 1

Back in 1999, Hiro, Angela, and those giant newborns have ended up in Odessa rather than Angela’s Chateau in Switzerland. Hiro can’t get his powers to work and they are stuck. I think it’s his ponytail, but Angela says it’s the boy baby. He has inherited his uncle’s ability to take people’s abilities and that’s why Hiro can no longer time travel and why Claire died in childbirth. Angela doesn’t want the baby accidentally taking his sister’s ability too so she decides they need to be raised apart. She takes off with the girl and leaves Hiro with the boy, warning him that they must never come in contact with any other version of themselves.

Heroes Reborn - Season 1

Molly and Future Noah find a house where a graying Hiro is living and raising Nathan. Hiro has been training Nathan to save the world and it turns out Nathan can only hold one power at a time. And in a world full of evos, I guess he’s never seen or touched a single once since his birth and still only has Hiro’s power. There’s some touching bonding moments between grandson and grandfather. But then Harris shows up, like the asshole that he is. But Noah and Nathan use some smooth moves together, and turn Harris to dust. They go together to see Angela, who forbids Nathan from meeting his sister. Angela tells Noah the dreams she’s been having lately of the twins standing under a clock tower in Odessa saving the world. She promises that in a year she’ll make sure Malina finds her brother. Nathan sends Noah back to his own time. Back at the house, a bunch of Harris clones show up. Hiro is anxious to fight them, but makes Nathan takes his mom and Caspar to a safe place. He tells Nathan’s mom, “Save our son, save the world.” Nathan wants to go back to help Hiro, but she stops him and Caspar wipes his memory. This explains why they were on the run at the beginning of the series and why Nathan was clueless about his powers.

When Noah gets back to the future, Quentin is still alive. Quentin calls Erica and tells her about the twins and that Noah will lead them to him. Quentin’s a double agent! But was he always or only since Noah changed the past? So many questions!

The man Luke pulled from the rubble shows up the hotel to thank him for saving his life. Joanne loses her shit because she thinks he saved “one of them” instead of their son. A fight breaks out in the hotel room and Joanne ends up stabbing the evo repeatedly with a knife. She seems to enjoy being covered in his blood and it’s like a scene from a cheesy horror movie. I never liked her.

Heroes Reborn - Season 1

Katana Girl is in Tokyo with her father, chopping up vegetables, when a Harris clone shows up. He tells her “the sword is the key” and leaves with Harris. I don’t know what this is about.

Heroes Reborn S1E8
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I’m still not feeling the Katana girl story-line or the two minute scene with Carlos that doesn’t fit in with anything else going on, but everything else I am loving. This is like first season Heroes all over again. Finally. I’ve been waiting since the first season of Heroes.

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