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Homeland – S3E2 – Uh… Oh… Ah

Carrie Getting Hauled Off

Previously, on Homeland: “Tin Man is Down

On this week’s episode of Homeland, You So Craaazy, we start off with a miffed and mussed Carrie knocking on the Berenson’s door looking for answers. Unfortunately, only Saul’s wife Mira is home and left to deal with Carrie blazing through her house like a blonde Tasmanian devil that really should be taking it’s lithium. Mira shows her concern for Carrie’s state, but Carrie basically leaves her with what feels like a warning.


“He had his chance.”

“He had his chance.”


A taxi pulls up at the CIA and we’re introduced to Fara, played by Nazanin Boniadi. Dressed conservatively and wearing a hijab (head scarf), it’s like they rang a big bell and pointed out the Muslim. As she walks into the building the camera even plays a sneaky trick by panning down to her large bag. Holy shit you could totally fit a bomb in that thing! That combined with getting side eyed all the way through security and this show just found it’s racism!

Nope, it turns out she has every right to be there, you sons a bitches; and she’s been hired as a Transaction Specialist in order to help the CIA recover information off of a recovered laptop from last week’s retaliation killings. Saul and his team, including Peter Quinn, are trying to link the bank roller of the Langley 12/12 bombing to Iranian mastermind Majid Javadi. So turn down the stereotypes and let the nice lady do her job.


“She doesn’t look like me, Sir…should I kill her?”

“She doesn’t look like me, Sir…should I kill her?”

Counter Strike

With her name, career, and reputation once again on the line thanks to the CIA (why does she want to work for these assholes?), Carrie decides that she needs to get her side of the story out ASAP and calls a reporter for a meeting.  Considering she basically knows that the CIA leaked the original story of her banging Congressman Brody while being all bi-polary, it’s unclear as to why she would go to the very same newspaper to spill her guts. Word from the editor gets back to Dar Adal immediately and Carrie gets to explain maybe 3 sentences of her side before the police swoop in with a Psychiatric Detention Order. Commitment hearing, hear we come.

Moments later, Carrie has been hospitalized in a gown and handcuffed to a gurney. Don’t piss in Dar Adal’s Cheerios, kids. The doctor who has been assigned to represent Carrie at her hearing is trying to run down her medical records and all he gets is a double dose of Carrie’s wide-eyed twitching.

Carrie Gurney


Back at the CIA, Saul swoops into Fara’s office for an update. Fara has already managed to source all of the financial information on the laptop, but nothing originates in Iran. Not the answer Saul is looking for, but he politely pats her on the shoulder and tells her to keep up the good work. Then he hands her a sweet.

Actually, no…he rips right the shit into her on a completely un-Saul like rant.

“You wearing that thing on your head is one big fuck-you to the people who would have been your coworkers except they perished in a blast right out there. So if you need to wear it, if you really need to, which is your right, you better be the best analyst we’ve ever seen and that means don’t tell me there’s nothing.”

Fara, reduced to tears actually does have another plan and a lead to some Middle Eastern transactions and bankers in New York. Poor Fara, she would have liked Season 1 Saul.


“I will flip this fucking table!”

“I will flip this fucking table!”

The Brodys

A weekly family therapy session with Dana andJess yields not a lotta healing going on. Dana is a little blasé about those scars on her wrists, and seems more offended her mother remodeled the bathroom she attempted suicide in. Now she’ll have nothing to show her friends, God! Dana spots boyfriend Leo in the hallway and mouths that she misses him. Making all attempts to avoid her mother at home, Dana pretends to take a bath, but uses the alone time to sneak out of the house and back to the hospital to try and see Leo.

She sees him, all right. After calling his cell outside his window they manage to chase one another around the ins and outs of the facility before Leo kicks open a laundry room vent and lets her inside. A sweet teen embrace and then BAM, sex on a table! That wasn’t first timer’s sex, either. Considering the blind security eye around that joint and I’m not surprised.

Commitment Issues

It’s the morning of Carrie’s commitment hearing and her father Frank and sister Maggie are gathering information in support of her case. Saul shows up as the least welcome guest ever, trying to convince them he is on Carrie’s side, but that someone needs to reign that broad in or else. Saul also spills the beans that not only did Carrie run to a reporter with CIA secrets, but the no meds thing may not be working out for her. His work there is done.

At the hearing, Quinn has shown up to be a character witness, to Carrie’s dismay. When Carrie’s father and sister show up it’s clear Saul’s little talk got under their skin because instantly the conversation turns to her hopping back on the lithium train. The scene quickly turns into a Claire Danes consideration reel and she huffs and puffs and pulls her hair out about feeling crushed and broken, but with three Emmys in a row not 1 minute before her hearing starts.

The judge asks her one question, her name, and she loses her shit and tries to escape the room. Hearing… adjourned?

Carrie Freakout

Dirty Money

Saul and Fara meet with the New York banker to try and untangle the web of transactions he had over the years with different Iranian trading companies. Quinn slips into the meeting almost undetected. Saul produces evidence that shows they have been concealing the true sources of their funds, which is a legal no no. Saul wants to original wire transfers with the real names and Fara jumps in for the assist calling the banker out of his stuffy suit. The meeting is killed dead and the suits take their ties and go home with no word of providing the CIA with anything. Wait…can they just do that? You can just tell the CIA, “I don’t wanna.”?

Dana…I’m Just Not That Into You

Dana and Leo are busted early the next morning curled up naked in a bunch of sheets. Although, I’m convinced the security guards only happened upon them because that’s where they go to hide out instead of doing their jobs.

After Jess collects Dana, they launch into the most ridiculous Mother Daughter talk ever. No mention that her daughter just got snagged naked in a room after sneaking out; just a “You could do so much better!” chat. Ugh. Mother of the Year Points to Jessica for referring to the facility as a “nuthouse”…was that in all the reading she did about healing?

Dana ends her story this week by looking through old photos of her family and father in the garage. She then takes out his old mat, lays it down, and begins to pray…probably for really stupid shit.

“I’m sorry you went to the Funny Farm!”

“I’m sorry you went to the Funny Farm!”

Quinn Steps In

Quinn confronts Saul about Carrie getting hauled off at the commitment hearing. He’s making note that he might be the only one Team Carrie this round of shenanigans, and that he can’t abide by what the CIA has done to her. Saul asks him to not be ye of little faith, but Quinn declares that after this is all wrapped up, he’s out.

Later, Quinn waits for the dirty New York banker outside a D.C. restaurant. Quinn reveals to him that he knows one of his clients, last episode’s bank roller in Caracas, was shot and killed along with his young son. A threatening Quinn suggests that it would be wise that they provide the CIA with those original wire transfers or Quinn will have to go all Quinn on them. It works. The very next day Fara has access to all the right numbers and accounts.

Oh, Claire…I Mean, Carrie

The episode wraps with Saul visiting Carrie in the saddest of all hospital rooms, the mental ward’s television room. Seriously…you can always smell that room through the television. Carrie, refusing her meds has been drugged and left slumped in a chair. Saul leans in to apologize, but Carrie has just enough speech and motor skills to say one thing, “Fuck.You.Saul.”

Carrie Saul Couch



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