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How to Get Away With Murder – S1E10 – Hello, Raskolnikov

Michaela Connor and Laurel

Returning from the mid-season break, let’s take a quick look back at the first nine episodes: Annalise Keating is one badass lawyer, who also happens to be a Law professor at Middleton University. Each year she picks a handful of students to aid her in trials for a very coveted internship. Within that internship a trophy can be won for outstanding performance at Annalise’s discretion, and can be used as a “Get Out of Jail Free Card” for an exam. A case is presented where Annalise’s client, Rebecca, is innocent. With lots of confusing and sometimes irritating flashbacks to the interns trying to cover up a murder, we eventually learn Annalise’s husband knocked up a sorority girl student of his, and it’s her best friend (Rebecca) who is on trial for her murder. In an effort to prove her innocence, Rebecca tries to get evidence from the Keating house and altercations ensue. The interns end up killing Mr. Keating with the magic trophy (ironically, a statue holding the scales of justice) to save Rebecca from being choked to death. When one intern, Wes, goes back to get the murder weapon, he finds Annalise aware of what has happened.

This week, we learn that Annalise is mostly in this to protect herself, but because the interns have done so much for her, she’s going to protect them as well. Let’s rundown the events:

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  • Annalise knows and only Wes knows that she knows
  • Annalise reports Mr. Keating missing after their fight and lists him as the prime suspect in Lila’s case
  • The prosecuting attorney is a bitch, but that’s not anything new
  • Bonnie got her job back, and on a separate note doesn’t plan on sleeping with Asher again
  • AsherPolice interview all the interns along with Annalise about Mr. Keating’s disappearance. All their stories match up with one small discrepancy about Conner’s car, but so far it only seems like a small red flag.
  • Annalise presents footage of Lila and Mr. Keating at a women’s clinic appearing to be in an argument, a receptionist, also on the video is called in as a witness. She confirms Lila was there for an abortion that she clearly didn’t want and Mr. Keating was not happy about this at all.
  • DNA results for Lila’s unborn baby state that Mr. Keating IS the father.
  • With some lawyer magic, the cell phone records Rebecca was after are obtained legally, and confirm that Mr. Keating was at Lila’s sorority house the night she was murdered, and this was within the time frame of her presumed time of death
  • Rebecca’s charges were dropped! YAY!
  • Conner, Michaela, and Laurel start to freak out that they are going to get caught and agree to go to the police and confess.
  • Laurel rats them out to Wes and he gets Annalise to swoop in and convince them not to.
  • They all show up for their final exam, to which is an essay. Find a way to have all charges dropped for 4 individuals in a situation incredibly similar to what Conner, Wes, Michaela, and Laurel are going through right now. Pretty clever, seeing as this is how she uses her class to help build defense with clients, but the class is doing it unknowingly.
  • Michaela gets fitted for her wedding gown, she’s lost weight.
  • Laurel attempts to make peace and get back together with Legal Aid guy.
  • Rebecca gets Wes a tiny poor college student Christmas tree and they open that bottle of whiskey left at her door at the beginning of the series.

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Well,then. A lot happened. Lila’s case isn’t over, but Rebecca is out of the woods in connection with it. Hopefully all the flashback scenes will stop now and we will find out what happens next week when How to Get Away with Murder semester 2 begins!

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