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How to Get Away With Murder – S1E11 – Best Christmas Ever

Previously on HTGAWM, ‘Hello, Raskolnikov’


As last week’s episode ended, we were introduced to Hannah, Mr. Keating’s sister, as she was informing the police that he did not murder Lila Standgard. This week, the second semester has begun and Hannah brings in her own personal hurricane on Annalise and her interns. Here’s what went down:

Each intern has a little story about what happened to them over Christmas break:

HTGAWMS1E11pic 2Laurel visits her family and they’re obviously wealthy. She’s ignored by her parents. When she attempts to share how school has been going, her family brushes her off and she takes great offense to it. She’s then asked to leave the dinner table.

Wes and Rebecca have an “orphan Christmas” together. Wes receives a Christmas card addressed to the old tenant of his apartment. Rebecca tries to take the money out of it, but Wes insists they send it back to his Grandma.

Michela has too much to drink at a Christmas party with her fiancé and thinks that he is hitting on – or sleeping with – a co-worker he was talking to. Her little “episode” made Aiden realize that he wants to push back the wedding, which causes Michela to have a meltdown. Returning back to school, she tells the other interns her break was absolutely perfect.

Conner visits his family and spends his time playing with his nephews and has a talk with his sister about Oliver and how he is seeing him. Conner’s sister is shocked and replies “my slutty little brother has a boyfriend…”

Annalise spends her Christmas break in a hotel drinking constantly and eating room service. She ignores Nate’s calls and reluctantly returns home to face Hannah, Sam’s sister.

Other highlights:  
  • Annalise takes on a new client who appears to have Stockholm Syndrome, and has finally realized she needs a way out of her abusive relationship. Her husband has been holding two girls hostage in the basement while he rapes them regularly. One of which is pregnant again after having a stillborn baby previously.

HTGAWMS1E11pic 3

  • Conner’s car is conveniently stolen. You know, the one with all the forensic evidence of Mr. Keating in it?
  • Wes is having PTSD nightmares of the murder
  • Hannah follows Annalise to Nate’s house. She’s nosey and pretentious.
  • Annalise gives Hannah all the evidence that she presented to the court against her brother Sam in hopes she will back off of Annalise’s case about Sam.
  • The new client later reveals that she drugged the girls so that they wouldn’t remember being raped.
  • Annalise discovers that the baby that was said to be stillborn was, in fact, alive and currently 4-years-old. Crazy Pants has been raising her at another location, leaving her with a stuffed giraffe to talk to when she’s left alone for long periods of time.
  • Annalise withdraws from being her lawyer and leaves her to go to prison for as long as possible.
  • Hannah meets the interns out on the front porch of Annalise’s house.


  • Conner continues to make attempts at getting back together with Oliver. He even gives him a hat his grandmother made, and watches a cheesy movie with him in hopes he will give Conner another chance.
  • Oliver is obviously still into Conner because he suddenly kisses him while he was doing dishes. He didn’t even take the time to wipe the suds off his hands. Now that was a passionate kiss.
  • Wes gets a CD of ocean sounds to help him sleep.
  • Rebecca shows Wes a news stream of the anchor informing everyone that a body was found at a landfill and that it has been confirmed that it is the body of Sam Keating.


Well shit has hit the fan, folks. All that paranoia is about to come full circle as the police get more heavily involved in Annalise’s and her intern’s lives, trying to find out what happened to Sam and why. Sam’s sister won’t make this process any smoother either. She’s become the character everyone loves to hate, in just one episode.

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