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How to Get Away With Murder – S1E12 – She’s a Murderer!

Previously on HTGAWM, ‘Best Christmas Ever’

Last week we left off with the bomb that Sam Keating’s body had been found in a landfill. This week, the group scrambles together, paranoid about being caught. Let’s take a look at what else happened this week…


  • A police officer comes by to inform Annalise that her husband’s body was found.
  • Hannah dramatically insists Annalise is at fault and demands she be arrested. The officer does not comply.
  • Annalise gets a burner phone to speak to Nate about what is happening and tells him not to get a lawyer, that it will only incriminate him more.
  • Annalise decides to continue teaching her students through this ordeal and tells the substitute the Dean appointed to leave. She changes the lecture of the day from what the syllabus states to an impromptu lesson on the 5th amendment. For those who didn’t pay attention in school, it protects against a person being compelled to be a witness against himself or herself in a criminal case. i.e. “I plead the 5th”. As a way to inconspicuously communicate with the group, she states “When in doubt, keep your mouth shut.”
  • She also takes on a new client, to keep herself busy. A client that has used her many times in the past, with Italian mob background. During a random weight check of a sea vessel hauling shipping containers, a weight didn’t match up and a large amount of heroin was found.
  • The group discovers from security footage that authorities were already coming in to make arrests before the one shipping container that was selected “randomly” was even weighed. This implies that there is a rat. We all know what happens to rats in the mob. Now they just have to figure out who it is and hopefully turn the case over on entrapment.
  • While Wes is checking his mail, he runs into his landlord and asks about a forwarding address of the previous tenant in his apartment. The landlord mentions that he should ask his girlfriend about it because she called the police on him and he hasn’t been back since the police carted him off.
  • Hannah doesn’t give up on trying to have Annalise arrested, so she goes to the police department and lets herself into the room with all the pictures of Sam’s body on a board. Hannah asks the detective that if she can testify that Annalise had previously threatened Sam’s life, would that give probable cause and be enough to issue a search warrant to search Annalise’s home.
  • Bonnie tries to have the warrant dropped, but the judge issued it after Hannah’s testimony.
  • While police are searching the house they find the scales from the trophy behind a bookcase, close to where Sam was bashed in the head. Bonnie quickly grabs the trophy and mentions that they must have fallen off.
  • Hannah approaches Annalise outside her home as the police were searching. She continues to antagonize her to which Annalise replies to her “Incest is best, put your brother to the test”


  • While the police do their search, they do not find anything. Annalise cleaned up the blood incredibly well.
  • Conner gets confronted by Annalise after she overhears him talking about how she’s the one that needs to act normal and he can’t trust her. She informs him that she is his only option. He may still go to prison, but his odds of getting away with everything has much better odds trusting her.
  • Nate and Annalise have a phone conversation. Nate updates her on things he knows about with Sam’s case about the evidence of a wooded area found with the body.
  • During Annalise’s heroin mob case, the person that selects the containers for weighing magically disappeared two days after the heroin was found, stating that he had to go take care of his sick father. Pictures found on social media accounts by Laurel, show differently. Annalise brings him in to court and has him testify. During Annalise’s examination, the man confesses that he was promised a green card for him and his wife if he picked that one specific container on that one particular vessel. The person that promised him this was the prosecuting attorney on this case.
  • Bonnie learns about new evidence of carpet fibers and Sam being struck in the head with a blunt object, most likely made of steel or metal. Bonnie may be soft spoken and meek, but she’s not stupid. She pieces the scales being off the trophy, the trophy being missing for a while, and the fact the carpet that had always been in the room where Sam was murdered, was now missing. She tells Annalise that Hannah won’t give up easily and she needs to cooperate with police to get attention away from her.
  • Detectives come to Annalise’s door, telling her they found evidence in the woods and they need to talk. Annalise grabs her coat and goes with them to answer their questions.
  • Police find a ring in the woods. It’s Sam’s ring, with a fingerprint on it. Nate’s. Annalise had Frank set him up.


  • Rebecca comes to tell the group the police found a ring in the woods. Michaela obviously starts flipping out. A few minutes later they all see on the news that it was Sam’s ring and Nate is being charged with his murder. Michaela looks the others and says “She’s doing what she said she would do. She’s protecting us”
  • As Nate is being brought into the police station, Annalise follows and Hannah confronts her. She accuses her of knowing that he did it and saying she didn’t and that this is all ultimately her fault.
  • The episode ends with Annalise climbing into bed, in tears. She calls her mother to tell her she needs her.

Well, okay then. A lot happened and even more is about to happen. A whole new can of worms can open with mothers getting involved. Moms love us and want the best for us, but they can also cause a whole lot more frustration and stress. We have to wait until next week before we see what else unfolds.

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  1. My mouth literally fell open during the last moments of that episode.

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