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How to Get Away With Murder – S1E14 – The Night Lila Died

Previously on How to Get Away With Murder, ‘Mama’s Here Now’

Last week we left off with Wes and Laurel at the mental hospital where Rudy is being kept, and Rebecca looking up the GPS location of Wes’ phone, seeing that he was there.


This week we start  at the mental hospital. Wes and Laurel are having a freak out moment, thinking that Rebecca maybe did kill Lila. Laurel reminds him he’s reaching, and it could just be he kept saying “wet” because he saw her get out of the shower. Also, Rebecca was the one who was attacked that night – she was the only one who had no participation with getting rid of the body, and that’s exactly what she will tell the police if she gets pissed about them trying to pin this on her.

HTGAWMS1E14pic 3We get a flashback scene of Rebecca and Lila the afternoon before she was killed. It shows an angry Lila telling Rebecca she didn’t want to deal anymore, and that she’s getting back together with Griffin. Rebecca tells her he’s not good for her and “Darcy” may not be the greatest, but at least he doesn’t make her feel dirty for having a normal sex drive. Lila blames all the bad stuff in her life recently on her friendship with Rebecca and storms out. Rebecca is obviously upset and you see Rudy peeking out his door into the hallway watching the argument happen. Rebecca snaps at him when she sees him watching and he quickly shuts the door and goes back in his room.

Back in present day, Wes returns home and Rebecca hugs him. She says she feels like something is wrong and asks what it is. He tells her he’s been stressed and distracted, that’s all. She asks if he’s being honest and he tells her he’s always honest with her. She knows this is a load of crap, but goes along with it anyway.

We go to Conner and Aiden in the middle of a make out session, when Aiden stops it from going further. Aiden insists that Conner get tested. 1 in 5 gay men have AIDS and some don’t even know it. (I had no idea that the rate was THAT high!) Let’s not forget Aiden is also under the impression that Conner was a drug addict.

Back in the court room, Nate gets denied bail. Bonnie and Frank attend the hearing while Annalise is in the hallway waiting on a client. Bonnie tells her the judge is punishing him for how he’s making the police department look.

Annalise’s next client approaches and it’s a priest. He’s killed another man of the cloth and truly doesn’t want to go to jail because he doesn’t feel what he did was wrong. Annalise tells the judge he wants to retract his plea and she didn’t explain his options well enough due to her own personal crisis (dead husband, framing her boyfriend for it, protecting her students from being charged with murder and destroying their lives…).

In another flashback, it shows Rebecca at Griffin’s fraternity house, selling PCP. She starts coming on to him and they go up to his room. She sends him to get her some water and she picks up his phone and texts Lila from it, posing as Griffin, telling her he really needs to see her and to come over.

Some of the interns start questioning altar boys of the church. One says a boy who spent a lot of time in the dark room working on photography, killed himself. The interns assume the priest in question was raping him. Going back to Annalise’s office, Annalise questions the priest. He tells her the boy was his friend and he confided in him about his troubles: Father Bernard was sexually abusing him. This is why Annalise’s client killed him, and said he would do it again.

Wes and Laurel continue going over Rebecca’s old file from her first interview, trying to piece things together. There’s a flashback scene of Lila walking in on Griffin and Rebecca getting it on, and her flipping out at them both.

At the church – via a flashback –  Annalise’s client tells them Father Bernard came to confession and confessed his actions on the boy and that’s when he killed him. He said he knew he could report him, but the church would only transfer him and he would find another boy to molest. So he took care of it himself. Annalise desperately tries to get him to tell the courts this, but he resists because of the sanctity of the confessional. It’s just not something he is willing to compromise.


Annalise has someone beat up Nate pretty badly in jail, in an attempt to get him bail. This backfires and Nate ends up in solitary confinement. Annalise tells Bonnie to take Asher out of class and employ her next plan.

Frank and Bonnie have Asher go over and speak with the judge overseeing Nate’s case. Meanwhile, Frank is taking pictures of them.

Annalise tries to take another approach to her client’s case. She approaches the woman the priest is in love with. Although, they have never acted on these feelings because of the vow he has taken. Annalise then convinces her to take the stand and tell the court the priest was with her on the night in question, and that they were being intimate.

Wes tries to time the walk from Griffin’s fraternity house to Lila’s sorority house and tells Laurel the times match up. Laurel tells Wes that he’s being crazy and he needs to drop it.

During the prosecution’s questioning of the priest’s love interest, she’s questioned about intimate details of the night in question and during her responses, the priest stands up and confesses to first degree murder. He tells the woman he doesn’t love her, and he just wants to pay for his sins.

Outside the court room Conner gets the call to find out that he is HIV negative! Also those photos Frank took of the judge and Asher paid off. They were sent to an attorney on the case and he presented them to the judge as a conflict of interest. The judge stepped down from the case and Nate was released on bail. Annalise visits him outside his house and begs him to call the number of the lawyer she gave him if he wants to win and prove his innocence.

Michaela overhears Laurel and Wes talking about Rebecca and inserts herself into the situation. Next we see Rebecca coming home to all the interns waiting outside her door. Michaela says they need to talk.

HTGAWMS1E14pic 4

HTGAWMS1E14pic 5Michaela confronts her about killing Lila, blaming her for destroying all their lives trying to defend her. Rebecca simply tells them she found the security guard from that night. That he was fired oh so conveniently a few days later on the grounds of stalking sorority girls. He now works at a store as a security guard in Delaware, which would explain why he would have not seen all of this on the news. Rebecca just says “Don’t make me call him.”

Frank confronts Bonnie and Asher about their relationship. He tells them he doesn’t know if he will tell Annalise or not.

Finally, the episode ends with Annalise coming to Wes’ Apartment, with all the interns there. They look scared and freaked out. Laurel opens the bathroom door for Annalise to discover Rebecca tied up and gagged with duct tape in the bathroom floor.

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