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How to Get Away With Murder – S1E15 – It’s All My Fault

Previously on HTGAWM, ‘The Night Lila Died’ 

All of Annalise’s interns are blurting out their accusations against Rebecca inside Wes’ apartment. Annalise walks into the bathroom and shuts the door to talk to Rebecca alone. She takes the tape off of her mouth and calmly tries to talk to her. Rebecca proceeds to scream for help. as loud. Tape goes back on and they take her back to Annalise’s house. Annalise tells the interns they will each present a case against Rebecca as if she were in court. Put her on trial.


A flashback: Lila calls Sam, telling him she tried to have sex with Griffin so she could try to say the baby was his, but he wouldn’t do it, due to his devout faith. She tells him she refuses to have an abortion and says she will tell his wife. The next flashback scene is one we have already seen, where Lila approaches Annalise’s house trying to tell her about the affair and that she’s pregnant. Bonnie gets her off the property with her strangely intimidating ways and tells Annalise it was some girl looking for Frank.

The interns are frantically searching through everything in Rebecca’s case trying to build the best case against her, including her psych evaluation with Sam, which Annalise taped. The interns come up with nothing, except a bunch of speculation that would never hold up in court. A knock on the door distracts them and it’s an attorney working on Nate’s case. Annalise agreed to make a statement and due to certain circumstances, had the meeting at the attorney’s office. Bonnie goes with her. She asks Annalise about what happened between Nate and her that night. Annalise admitted to having sex with him once and then she went home, and noticed Nate was following her. When she got home she claimed Sam was in the driveway, getting into his car, drunk and began screaming at her. Nate held him back and had Annalise go into the house. Obviously this is complete bull, but Annalise knows how to dish it, let’s just hope she can back this up.


Flashback to Lila and Sam on the phone. Her on the roof of her sorority house, Sam at a coffee house. Lila talks about her and the baby just disappearing, because no one wants her. That she just walked in on Griffin having sex with someone else (Rebecca) and she’s just had enough. All those pregnancy hormones are really working against her in this moment. She hears Griffin screaming for her, so she hides on the top of the water tank until he leaves.

Back at Annalise’s, Conner talks to Rebecca about phone records and gets on the subject of trust in relationships when she sees Oliver is calling his phone. She no longer trusts Wes and tells Conner that he could have killed his mother. He claims she died when he was 12 of suicide, but now she’s rethinking that, seeing as how he really did kill Sam, even though it saved her life. In the middle of all of that, Asher knocks on the door and Frank answers, telling him to go home. The group overhears him asking Frank if he is going to tell Annalise about him and Bonnie. He barges in and goes into the office only to find it empty. All the interns have gone into the basement with Rebecca. Michaela realizes Rebecca texted someone named “Eggs” from her phone, saying “eggs 911 lawyer’s house”. Frank tapes her to a post in the basement and tells the group to go upstairs.

Flashback to the sorority rooftop. Sam sees Lila and talks to her about their situation. She insists she’s having the baby. Sam tells Lila he doesn’t love Annalise anymore and he loves her now.

Back in to present time: Laurel talks to Frank about Asher and Bonnie and how contradictory it is. Michaela leaves to have lunch with Aiden’s mother. At lunch, his mother pretty much begs her to reach out to him and marry him anyway. Michaela explains Aiden is gay and she will not be marrying him because he doesn’t love her.

htgawms1e15pic3Annalise confronts Rebecca in the basement, trying to get her to talk. Rebecca mocks her and it pisses Annalise off. She goes upstairs and demands Wes stop moping around and be a man, and go make his girlfriend talk. He complies and Rebecca starts to talk about what happened with Rudy. She admits she did give him PCP and something else called Purple X. He wasn’t one to take drugs. Turns out he had a really bad reaction to it and started clawing at the walls, digging those infamous claw marks into them. Blood was all over the claw marks, as if he was clawing off his fingernails. Wes asks why she was wet. She tells him she was in the water tank. She went to find Lila and she heard people, so she hid. She isn’t a member of that sorority so she wasn’t supposed to be there, especially at that hour. She hid in the water tank and she found Lila’s body. She freaked out and knew no one would believe she didn’t kill her, so she panicked. Wes tells the group and of course they’re all calling bullshit. Annalise tells them all to drop it. She’s done with it. Nate calls Annalise and interrupts the chaos. She meets Nate and they talk about the statement she gave the attorney. He’s aware the reason she came up with the story was to give a reason for his prints to be on Sam’s ring. She tells him she’s doing everything she can to get him proved innocent.

Back at Annalise’s office, the interns come up with a scheme to pin Sam’s death on Rebecca. Annalise shuts them down and goes to let her go, only to realize she’s already gone. Wes is really upset about the entire situation.

There’s lots of little scenes jumping timelines, but basically we see:

  • Nate calling the lawyer Annalise gave him the number for.
  • Annalise holding Wes, telling him that they both need to believe the version of the truth that makes the most sense: Sam killed Lila.
  • The lawyer working on Nate’s case who interviewed Annalise earlier, visits Asher, asking questions about Annalise.
  • Michaela and Laurel at a bar, Laurel gives Michaela her ring she’s been missing. Laurel tells her she found it in Conner’s car. She knew Michaela wouldn’t go to the police as long as it was missing.
  • Rebecca on the roof. She yells for Lila with no answer. She hears a phone ring and it is Lila’s, on the ground below the water tank, with an unknown number calling it. She climbs up the water tank and looks inside when she sees the cover is loose. She finds Lila’s body and freaks out.
  • Conner at Oliver’s apartment. Oliver is crying, turns out he is HIV positive.

We are back on the roof and Sam is telling Lila he has to leave to go end it with Annalise. He then calls someone and says he needs that favor and the person on the other end owes him. Then we see Lila having the life choked out of her and the camera slowly pans up to finally reveal who really killed Lila Stanguard. Are you ready for this? FRANK! FRANK KILLED LILA!


Finally, Annalise walks down to the basement and asks Frank, “Was it you?”

He replies “No, I’m not that guy. Honestly I thought it was you.”

Annalise barks back saying “Because I’m that guy?.”

As we have zero time to process what just happened, the camera pans over to beneath the stairs to reveal Rebecca’s lifeless body.

HOLY CRAP, you guys. What a way to end the first season! As if people who watch this weren’t already hooked on it, this cliffhanger will definitely have everyone and more coming back in the fall. My mind was blown, but honestly, it makes a ton of sense. My questions now are if Annalise was in on Lila’s murder at all. Why Frank owed Sam? Who freaking killed Rebecca (my money is on Frank or Wes)? What’s going to happen with Conner now that his boyfriend is HIV positive? How deep is Laurel in with Frank and what’s she going to get tangled up in because of it? What is Asher going to say to the lawyer and how will it affect Nate’s case and Annalise’s credibility? How will Michaela react to Laurel having her ring this entire time? How is the team going to effectively pin this on Sam and save Nate when neither of them actually did this? How in the hell are we supposed to wait until (likely) September to find out any of this?!

We already knew Ms. Shonda Rhimes was a genius from Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal, but let us all take a moment to give it up for this woman! She makes some seriously good television!

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