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How to Get Away with Murder – S2E1 – It’s Time to Move On

Kicking off semester 2 of Annalise Keating’s class, Wes begins to push his favoritism limits with Annalise, Michaela and Laurel are passive aggressively and physically cat fighting while Annalise struggles to find a new case to represent. While the group is still wondering about Rebecca’s whereabouts and if she’s going to rat them out for basically taking her hostage, Annalise figures out who her real killer was: Bonnie. She gives Wes a BS story about her running away, but says they are keeping tabs on her, so he will calm down and focus on his work again.

Images: ABC

Images: ABC

A case presents itself and Annalise is determined to have it, but the defendants, a pair of adopted grown children who are accused of murdering their parents, already have an attorney. Annalise being the most manipulative, badass, genius that she is, orchestrates it (a doctored video discredits the victims’ sister who claims to have seen her adopted niece and nephew in their parents room during the time of the murder) so that they eventually fire their current representation and hire her.


Last season Nate finally called the number Annalise gave him: it’s to an old friend (Famke Jensen a.k.a. Jean freaking Grey from X-Men!) of Annalise named Eve, who she’s had a falling out with. She’s a well-known death row attorney and is having trouble believing that Annalise and/or Nate didn’t kill Sam. Nate tells her that he’s being framed and she refuses to represent him because she doesn’t have all the facts and refuses to be lied to.  Annalise begs her to represent him, because she’s his only hope. PLOT TWIST! Eve and Annalise were lovers before Annalise left her to marry Sam.

Romance Updates

Aiden and Oliver are struggling to deal with Aiden being HIV positive. Aiden comes to him while Oliver is working his hacking magic, stark naked, in need of “assistance.” It offends Oliver because he’s having a hard time accepting he is HIV positive, and feels Aiden isn’t taking it seriously. Aiden realizes he’s screwed up and in an effort to fix it, decides to sublet his apartment and move himself into Oliver’s.

Bonnie and Asher aren’t a secret anymore to the group. While Bonnie is finally warming up to the whole idea of them being a thing, Asher is being the standoffish one now and blowing her off.

Laurel and Frank don’t seem to be an item, but that could change. They always manage to come back to each other, but they are still doing the dirty, so there’s that.

HTGAWM - S2E1 - Group at house

Notable OMG moments

Frank stuffing Rebecca’s body into a suitcase to “take care of it.”

Annalise realizing Bonnie killed Rebecca by suffocating her. She calls her a monster. That’s rich coming from Annalise.

Annalise and Eve kissing after we find out they dated back in college.

The aunt of the siblings on trial is found dead in her car with her throat slashed.

Suspicious Moments

Out of nowhere, Annalise takes the group to a night club for drinks and dancing. Was she being genuine and wanting them to let loose, or making them have an alibi for the night while Frank covers up the aunt’s murder?

Wes and Annalise dance together, almost like there is something going on there…

HOLY SHIT moment

As Annalise’s narrative from the beginning of the episode repeats itself, “Statistically, if you are going to be murdered, the killer will be someone you know. An acquaintance, a friend, a family member, your lover. Why is that?” we see a large mansion (the home of the siblings on trial), we hear shots from inside. Wes runs out, very scared, leaving a bloody and struggling to breathe Annalise on the floor.

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