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How to Get Away with Murder – S2E2 – She’s Dying

Previously on How to Get Away with Murder, ‘It’s Time to Move On’

This week, the siblings learn their aunt was murdered. Catherine hides the fact Caleb went for a run when Annalise asks where they were all night and they both replied at home. Asher and Bonnie investigate and learn no one on their staff saw the siblings at home either. Frank obtains the warrant from the sibling’s arrest, stating Caleb’s DNA was found in the car.

When things don’t add up, Annalise sends Wes in to do his puppy dog act with Catherine to see if she’s lying. Bonnie tests Caleb, who is in a separate room, with a b.s. story of surveillance footage of him a block away from where his aunt’s car was found. He passes her test by telling her he runs the same path every night and maintains that someone is framing them. Connor finds a deleted police report of DNA results from the aunt’s car where no DNA was found, along with a second report, which was created 6 hours later, stating Caleb’s DNA was found. Annalise presents this at the arraignment, which end in her favor.

At Nate’s trial, the DA accuses Eve of having a history/ relationship with Annalise and tries to get her thrown from the case. Annalise gets called to the stand as a hostile witness. The DA  indeed gets hostile, asking questions about their sexual activity, (essentially slut shaming her) and if she knew Nate’s wife had just been diagnosed with stage 4 leukemia.

Upon continued harsh questions and accusations, Annalise stops the DA in her tracks and delivers one hell of a speech, defending herself and demanding that this be about evidence for Nate’s trial, not a witch hunt for her, because she is not on trial. While everyone else is blown away by this speech of bad-assery, the DA keeps her cool and responds with “quite a temper you have there. Seems like you could absolutely be capable of murder.”

Images: ABC

Images: ABC

When Eve gets her turn to question Annalise, she doesn’t hold back. She jumps on board with the D.A. and accuses Annalise of Sam’s murder. Once the judge makes her decision, she can’t figure out who exactly is supposed to be going to trial, so she throws it out, allowing Nate to go free!

Rebecca’s belongings are going to be tossed by the landlord. Before can throw them out, Wes looks through them and finds a picture of Rebecca with some friends. One of the guys in the picture is the same one who’d hit on Michaela at the courthouse. She eventually goes out on a date with him. All signs are pointing towards this guy being Eggs, the guy Rebecca texted 911 to from Michaela’s phone. Possibly his motive for trying to get ahold of her phone to begin with. This could – and probably will – lead to a lot more stress on the group.

Somewhat Inappropriate but Funny Quotes

Connor: “What are you doing? He’s hot!”
Michaela: “Yeah and he’s probably only in a courthouse because he’s a criminal!”
Connor: “Well you don’t have to take him home to meet the parents, you just have to sit on him”

Relationship updates

Connor tells the group about Oliver being HIV positive in order to change the subject when Asher the room. When Oliver drops by Annalise’s house to give Connor his set of keys, Asher opens his big mouth. Oliver explodes on Connor for telling people about his illness. He also insinuates that how he contracted HIV would hurt Connor if he knew. Later, Connor convinces Oliver to tell him how he contracted the disease. It was from a one night stand to rebound from Connor after he cheated on him. Connor now completely blames himself because Oliver wouldn’t have done that if Aiden never cheated on him to begin with.

When Laurel passes her exam without cheating, like Frank offered to help her do, she comes to his apartment for a victory bang. He shuts her down after leading her on, claiming that she’s making him out to be a gigolo, and if she wants any more future activity with him, she’s going to have to get to know him, like a real relationship, not just meaningless sex.

Eve goes over to Annalise’s house to talk to her about what happened in court and reveals that she still loves Annalise. They have sex and she stays the night. When she leaves in the morning, she asks Annalise to consider coming to Columbia to teach and be with her. Nate just so happens to be camped out watching Annalise’s house and sees Eve leaving in the morning.


Idiot Wars: Michaela Vs. Asher

While Asher is causing his own mess with the D.A. and puts his foot in his mouth for the millionth time when talking to Oliver, Michaela wins this week for biggest idiot. Her initial response to the guy who is likely Eggs should have been the one she stuck with, but because she’s Michaela, she goes out on a date with him, likely letting an enemy closer to her and the group.

Lingering Questions, Still Not Answered

During an emotional talk between Bonnie and Annalise, Annalise continues to patronize Bonnie for her mousey and passive aggressive ways. Bonnie defends herself again, saying she killed Rebecca for Annalise  because she’s never forgotten what Annalise did for her. That she saved her. SAVED HER FROM WHAT!?

Time Jumps

Next: back to the sibling’s mansion, Annalise bleeding on the floor and Wes running out terrified. This time he runs to the rest of the group, minus Connor. Connor is inside, trying to stop the bleeding on Annalise, completely freaking out. The group returns to convince him to leave with them.

The body of the D.A. is on the ground outside, having been pushed from the balcony above it seems.

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