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How to Get Away with Murder – S2E3 – It’s Called the Octopus

Previously on How to Get Away with Murder, ‘She’s Dying’

A night of drinking and going over notes and strategy for the siblings case leads Annalise to a drunken talk with herself about how screwed they are with this case. She gives up and falls into bed when she hears a noise. When she investigates, it’s a rat in a trap in her basement. She calls Wes over to take care of it.

Annalise’s topic in class for this episode is crimes of passion, so of course their new case involves an orgy club’s ring-leader, Tonya, who had a client die while they were having sex. When a former client testifies that sex with her eventually got pretty rough, Annalise convinces Tonya to give up her client list to see if that was out of character.

Connor and Michaela go to a party of one of the clients, Alicia, later that night. Michaela discovers Alicia and Tonya switched cars the night in question and it throws a wrench in Tonya’s story. Annalise confronts Tonya, who admits to giving her lover nitroglycerin so that, once mixed with his Viagra, he’d have a heart attack. She didn’t intend to kill him, but wanted his wife to find out about his activities so she’d leave him and free him up for Tonya.

Annalise gets pissed, but still defends her. In court the next day, Annalise tries to change the charges from involuntary manslaughter to intentional premeditated first degree murder, shocking everyone. Annalise verbally attacks the wife of the deceased man, suggesting that she became jealous and slipped him the nitroglycerin causing the heart attack. The judge and jury rule that Tonya is innocent thanks to this, even though it was Tonya’s fault.

Meanwhile, a picture leaks of Caleb and Catherine, about to kiss, thanks to the prosecutor in their case and Asher being her mole. Incest rumors fly and the Hapstall’s housekeeper confirms these rumors.


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When Wes sees Levi’s picture on Michaela’s phone, he realizes that he’s Eggs. Wes confronts him outside of her apartment building. Turns out “Eggs” is Rebecca’s nickname and Levi is actually her foster brother. He’s only interested in finding her and suggests that Annalise is the reason Rebecca is missing and likely dead.

Annalise acquires a job opportunity for Nate, as a way of making amends for screwing him over. She goes to his apartment and says she misses him and deserves any name he can call her. He tells her he’s “not saying no, but I need more time.” When she leaves, Nate turns to Wes and says, “I’m in.” Seems they’ve made a deal to take down Annalise together. 


Oliver & Connor: Connor fixes Oliver breakfast to celebrate day 20 of his prep medicine, leaving only one more day before he’s protected from Oliver transmitting HIV to him. Conner also tells Oliver about going to the sex party and not hooking up with anyone. Oliver was pretty impressed with him and very excited that it seems like he can trust him again.

Laurel & Frank: Laurel has been pissed off by Frank with his demand to get to know him or this “thing” between them is over. Laurel ends up spending some quality car time with Frank and genuinely wants to learn more about him. Frank is hesitant because he doesn’t want her to know all the bad things from his past.


Bonnie & Asher: Asher goes over to Bonnie’s for some hanky-panky, but as he approaches the door, he gets a text from a number not stored in his phone saying “Thanks for tonight”. Seems like he could be cheating on her. Bonnie sees a picture of a girl on Asher’s phone as she walks up behind him and calmly confronts him about knowing that he’s cheating on her. Asher later approaches his big-wig father and asks him for help, when he asks with what, he shows him the picture of the girl that was on his phone that Bonnie saw, like something had happened to her and he’s involved.

Time Jumps

A bloody, and probably dying, Annalise hears her phone vibrating. She tries to reach for it, but misses the call. It was Nate calling to see if she’s okay.

The group is running away from the scene as they see a car coming, they duck and hide, but it’s Nate, telling them to get in the car. Was the phone call to help his alibi?


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