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How to Get Away with Murder – S2E5 – Meet Bonnie

Previously on HTGAWM, ‘Skanks Gets Shanked’

Annalise has the group try to muster up something, anything that can get the Hapstall’s dead aunt’s testimony thrown out, in hopes it can save Caleb and Catherine’s case. Due to the surveillance footage found not being put into the discovery file, the testimony from the aunt will be allowed into the trial.

Asher takes steps to protect himself with his intel. Just when it seems he will rat out Annalise and/or Bonnie for the death of Sam, a conversation with his father makes him second guess his actions.  The group grows concerned for their well-being due to Asher’s absence and everyone always being so secretive. Annalise blows up, telling them all what Bonnie told Asher – that she was the one who killed Sam – in an effort to protect them all.

Images: ABC

Images: ABC

Wes and Levi go the graveyard to question the groundskeeper about what Frank wanted from him the night Rebecca disappeared. Levi shows his true colors by pulling a gun on the guy. Michaela runs into Wes and Levi talking on the street. Wes tells the group Levi’s “Eggs 911”. A big argument breaks out and police pull up. They have a warrant to search Levi’s car. They open the trunk and find drugs, for which he’s arrested for.

Wes swiped Frank’s storage locker key after the groundskeeper said Frank wanted to use his locker. The group goes to check it out after Levi is arrested. They open it to find Sam’s suitcase and inside that, a ton of cash.


Relationship Updates

Connor & Oliver: Oliver asks Connor if Annalise would ever consider paying him for all his hacking he does for her. Conner tells him that he doesn’t want to work for Annalise and that there’s a chance he may go to prison, but he can’t tell him why.

Laurel and Frank: They get it on in the basement after the stress and fear of getting caught caught up with Laurel. Knowing all the chaos that’s currently going on with everyone, Laurel still continues to take up for Frank

Bonnie and Asher: Bonnie begs and pleads with Asher not to go further with testifying. Just when she thinks she’s failed, she calls Annalise crying, telling her to blame it on her, let her take the fall.

Secrets Revealed?

Annalise comes to Bonnie’s rescue and shows up at Asher’s house to show him a very disturbing video of Bonnie being abused by her father when she was a little girl. Could this be part of what Annalise “saved” her from?

Time Jumps

Bonnie runs from the mansion and jumps into her car, where Asher is waiting. She stops at a gas station to clean blood from her clothes in the bathroom. She returns to her car to find Asher gone. He shows up at the police station and says he needs to make a statement.

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Finally, we get a crumb of what happened to Bonnie to explain why she’s the way she is. Asher continues to live up to his nickname “douche face”, and Michaela is pushed to her limits with the whole Levi situation. I feel like she’s got a lot of ruthless and manipulative qualities like Annalise; could this be her tipping point to unleash her badass side?

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