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How to Get Away with Murder – S2E6 – Two Birds, One Millstone

Previously on How to Get Away with Murder, ‘Meet Bonnie’

Annalise continues to try and juggle the situation with Asher testifying, the Hapstall case, and a colleague who has killed her husband in self-defense. Turns out she is transgender and the police want believe she murdered her husband when he found out she wasn’t born a woman. Annalise also discovers that she exaggerated the struggle at the crime scene. Annalise works her magic and gets the charges dropped.

Caleb and Catherine’s case continues, as the group goes over to their home in hopes of discussing any new suspects. Their biological parents are mentioned and Caleb, Catherine, and Michaela insist that route is not to be taken. Oliver hacks his way into the fact that Helena the aunt had a baby boy she put up for adoption, who had everything to gain from Helena and the Hapstall’s murder, and that he likely framed Caleb and Catherine. They found themselves a new suspect.

Images: ABC

Images: ABC

Later on, Oliver takes it upon himself to hack his way into some more answers for the group, but gets a lot more than he bargained for.

Nate withdraws his participation with Wes after his wife finally passes away. He secludes himself despite multiple attempts by Annalise to bring him food and condolences.

Questions and Answers

Tiffany, the girl who keeps resurfacing with Asher, is discovered to have been gang raped. Did Asher participate?

Is Wes’ mother going to show up? Did she truly abandon him at age 12?


Who or what was in the duffle bag that Frank put in his car?

Relationship Updates

Laurel and Frank – After an early morning wake-up session, Frank goes to take a shower, and Laurel frantically snoops through his things to see if there’s any evidence of his involvement with Rebecca’s disappearance. She eventually confronts Frank about what the money was for: shut up money if Rebecca turns up, he says. Frank also takes a new step in their relationship by bringing her to a family dinner.

Connor and Oliver – Oliver tries to figure out what Connor did to possibly be sent to jail.

Time Jumps

Paramedics rush Annalise into the hospital as Frank bursts in yelling “Don’t let her die!” A nurse escorts him outside as he has a very nervous and worried look on his face – until after he passes the security camera, and his expression quickly changes to calm as he gets in his car and leaves, with something pretty shocking in his backseat.

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Frank seems to never let us truly figure him out. One minute he’s sneaky and manipulative, the next he’s bringing his girlfriend home to meet his folks. Wes is slipping further away while Bonnie’s life gets more stressed. Will she reach her breaking point soon and drop the mousey demeanor? Let’s hope so. We know that Liza Weil has the acting capacity to tear someone a new one from her role in Gilmore Girls. Just think about the unstoppable nature of Annalise, Frank, and Bonnie if Bonnie finally snapped. It could give a whole new meaning to Devine Trinity.

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