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How to Get Away with Murder – S2E7 – I Want You to Die

Previously on HTGAWM, ‘Two Birds, One Millstone’

We’re getting closer to the night Annalise is shot as the events of this episode begin four days before that fateful night.


Prosecutor Hard-On

Sinclair gets a court order to test Nate’s dead wife’s blood. This brings Eve back into the picture as she represents Nate and tries to stop the testing – since Nate TOTALLY killed his wife at her own request. Thanks to a crush one of the nurses has on Nate, Eve manages to get the blood results altered and it looks as though his wife died of natural causes.

Annalise thanks Eve for her services by spending yet another night in her arms. I still cannot get over the fact that I’m watching Viola Davis and Famke Janssen make out on primetime TV. I love it. But this scene is a big deal for another reason. Eve asks Annalise, again, why she is so invested in Wes.

“It’s him,” Annalise says without further elaboration.

I’m telling y’all. Him = “my son.”

Bonnie’s Business

Bonnie can’t forgive Asher for his part in a girl’s gang rape. He lets it slip that he knows she was raped by her father, which sends her right to Annalise to blast her for opening her big mouth. Annalise insists it was only done to help Bonnie and convince Asher not to testify, but Bonnie doesn’t believe her. She tells her mentor she wishes Sam had lived and she was the one killed instead. Damn.


Wayward Son

Oliver has been itching to help Annalise and crew on an official basis, and gets his wish when Frank enlists his help with finding the sketchy missing son. Of course, this guy is already hacked into Oliver’s computer and sees when they set up a sting operation, using Connor to draw him out on a date. Annalise puts the brakes on that plan, but not before the sketchy son breaks into Oliver’s apartment and confronts him.

Oliver bet’ not die!


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