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How to Get Away with Murder – S2E8 – Hi, I’m Philip

Previously on HTGAWM, ‘I Want You to Die’

Images: ABC

Images: ABC

The New Bonnie

Laurel gets an unofficial promotion to The New Bonnie since the old Bonnie is out sick a.k.a. up in her feelings and wishing Annalise dead while sitting naked in her shower.

I’m About Sick of These Siblings

The might-be murderers siblings were at their most annoying here. They take turns making a horrible plea deal with Sinclair, despite Annalise’s advice not to. Speaking of Sinclair, she loses lots of moral ground in her vendetta against Annalise: she sneaks a bug into Annalise’s office and uses what she overhears to pressure Katherine and Caleb into those deals.

The bug is discovered thanks to smart thinking by Asher, but when Annalise wonders if Asher might be The New Frank, Frank saves the entire case by bribing a technician (using $50K from the suitcase o’ cash) into rushing the DNA results on Phillip.


Turns out, Philip is the product of incest and since his mother only had one brother… it looks as though Annalise could totally spin it that he killed his mother, his father, and his father’s wife. Sinclair has no choice but to drop the charges.

Phillip is Creepy AF

Thankfully, Philip didn’t kill Oliver, but he did threaten to go to the police about what Annalisa and her team have done in spying on him. When Philip actually makes a statement at the police department, Nate alters his records to say he’s schizophrenic with a history of false reports so they don’t take him seriously.


By episode’s end, everyone is getting busy: Frank and Laurel, Annalise and Nate, Connor and Oliver, and (finally) Michaela and Caleb. Unfortunately, the sheets are still wet when Caleb decides to share with Michaela the hidden murder weapon and his thoughts that Katherine may have killed their parents.

And, surprise: Katherine is in cahoots with creepy-as-fuck Philip.

Wes, the only one not getting busy, makes the connection when he spots one of Katherine’s paintings in a picture of Philip’s apartment.

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The way Annalise continues to get results from her team by pitting them against each other is both impressive and disturbing. Since it seems Connor is the only one no longer under her thrall, it’s making me wonder if he’s the one who shoots her next episode. But that would be too easy for this show.

I still have some questions: Is Nate sincere in this episode? I don’t think so. Still don’t trust him. If the police searched the house, why didn’t they find the murder weapon in the vent where Caleb hid it a week ago? It seems silly that they wouldn’t search the whole house, especially after not finding it in the basement where they expected it to be. Is Wes Annalise’s son or nah? I’m going with yes.

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