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Hulk #4

Previously, in Hulk #3

Hulk #4

Much of the events in “Deconstructed, Part 4” feel like a rehash of the prior issues. However, the end more than makes up for it. Both Jennifer and her shut-in client, Maise, have been deconstructed completely; there were both at the brink of death. So far, Jennifer has managed to keep her green side at bay as she works through the stressors of returning to work and grieving Bruce’s death, but Maise may not be as fortunate.

As the police investigate the patrol car that has been parked outside her building for two days, Maise seeks more reassurance from the being hidden in the shadows. As always, it promises to protect her. This is such a stark difference to the young woman we learned about last issue. Once you see how full of life and love she was, you realize just how truly broken she’s become.

Maise's old life

As I mentioned before, there’s something off about Maise’s building, and a neighbor admits as much to Jennifer while she roams the halls looking for Maise’s apartment.

“This is the only safe place left in this terrible world. You should leave soon. It might not be safe for you.” 

Just as the police outside find the bodies of the missing detectives, Jennifer breaks the bad news to Maise that Tick had already sold the building and the new developers are going to tear it down and redevelop it. Maise’s fury finally unleashes what’s been waiting in the shadows, and Jennifer might have to lose control to defeat it.

Jennifer tells Maise

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